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After many months of planning and preparations, we’re launching the crowdfunding campaign for Utopian Colony (formerly Utopian v2) on Indiegogo. The goal of the campaign is to raise funds to complete and launch an early version of Utopian Colony in Q2 of this year.


The Journey from Home to Colony

One of the main points of the Utopian presentation at Steemfest 2018 was that Steem is Utopian’s home, and not only because Utopian was transformed from an idea to a business on this blockchain. The Utopian community has grown mainly from the Steem community, allowing Utopian to explore ways to crowdsource open source in ways that would not be possible without this uniquely versatile community.


With a vision to empower open source innovation through incentivizing contributions to open source projects, and with the delegated stake invested in Utopian on the blockchain, in a little over a year Utopian has supported over 5,000 contributors who have made over 70,000 contributions to over 9,000 open source repositories. But that’s only the beginning.

Operating Utopian on the Steem blockchain for over a year has allowed us to learn many lessons from the contributors and projects who joined Utopian. With the insights gained, we’ve designed and began the development of Utopian Colony - a fully featured collaboration and collective funding platform for all digital professionals. With features like user and project profile pages, task bounty exchange, tipping system, as well as tools for project owners to make better decisions about accepting contributions - Utopian Colony strives to serve all the the needs of the open source community.

It is our hope that Utopian Colony will not only bring a mass of new users to the Steem blockchain, but also add value to it.

About The Indiegogo Campaign

We’re offering some really cool perks for supporters, including early access, cool profile badges, and some great promotional opportunities for projects and contributors alike.

All campaign details are published on our Indiegogo page, and we welcome you to be the first to review it and submit any question you might have about Utopian Colony and the Indiegogo.

Get the word out!

Whether you contribute funds to the Utopian Indiegogo Campaign or not, spreading the word and exposing more people to the campaign will help us to reach the campaign goal. We invite you to blog about it, post the campaign on social media, tell your friends and family and anyone who loves open source and wants to support a truly Utopian project.

To get the latest updates on the campaign, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to the Utopian Colony Newsletter. If you have any questions, comments or ideas for us to implement in making this crowdfunding campaign a record-breaker - please chat to us on the Utopian Discord Server.


Utopian was born on Steem, and we believe that the inspiring community on this blockchain will be, as always, incremental to the success of the Utopian company vision.

The Utopian Team

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I'd like to get a banner of my badge to replace my current "cover image". Can I get that in "banner" format with the little spacemen to the left or the right ?


If you know what witnesses are and agree that people commited to keeping this blockchain ticking play an important role ...

(by simply clicking on the picture - thanks to SteemConnect)


Hey sorin.cristescu. Sure this is definitely something we can produce. Thanks for your support!


WOMAN; you fall in love with the features that make you happy, and they try to take that feature from you.


Thank you so much!

Who else is going to join my exclusive club?
4th investor, 1st of Project Early Access!

My beautiful badge:


Thanks a lot @helo!

Just left you a 5$ gift :)


WOMAN; you fall in love with the features that make you happy, and they try to take that feature from you.

Got the Visionary Badge. I love that one!

Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 18.51.27.png


Glad you like it. There are some awesome illustrators on this blockchain!

Can a simple person like me make money with this project?

great blog

I could share this on Twitter to 11,000 people if you like ??

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That would be awesome @offgridlife!

Good luck with the campaign, I hope it's a succesful one!

I’m joining Utopian community as a contents creator, I believe in the future of open source projects and Utopian is a platform that connects digital professionals. Good luck in the ongoing campaign.

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in a little over a year Utopian has supported over 5,000 contributors

5.000 x 5 $ = 25.000 $ ...

I shared on FB and Steemit, of course. I will also make a donation in the following days. Hopefully, others will follow as well. You supported so many authors and you deserve.

Good luck!

The best of luck for @utopian-io, you have set a good standard for open-source projects.

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Seems to be next best thing since utopian inception. Looking forward to it...and will involve in its campaigning..always with utopian👍

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Hey guys!

Pro looking video! Best of luck with the campaign!

Nice work! Will definitely support because I believe in the cause behind Utopian.

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Thanks for your support @eastmael

This is a wonderful project @utopian-io, that help in a powerful way to the knowledge and to develop skills in the chain of blocks, the developers will be happy to participate here.

Have you contributed to Utopian Colony by getting a perk on the Indiegogo campaign, sharing or following? Let us know your feedbacks in the comments!

Great work in pushing for Open Source Development!

As a company that is built around an open source tool, we can see how @utopian-io will potential make an impact towards society at large if we dare say so.

Looking forward to the development and release of Utopian Colony!

Good luck, you have good idea! More projects like yours, it can help a lot ;-). It´s 35000 USD enough?


It's enough to complete the beta development yep!

Good luck, it may be a succesful one!

Personally I love your vision. Cheers and wish you success:))

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Good luck! I backed it!

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Thank you :)

hope it's a succesful one!

Great that youre doing a crowdfund. You most definitely deserve all the attention you can get...


For a project that rewards marketing/promo efforts you should have realized that those perks are hardly going to interest many people.
Id love to be wrong, but i think you should have thought this through a bit more.
Still, good luck.


I appreciate your feedback @lordbutterfly. Which perks do you think will be more interesting?


I cant give you that answer since i cannot know what the final version of Utopian will look like (havent even seen the alpha).
My suggestion would be to add more on-platform perks of value similar to the Project spotlight.

As i said i cant know what the final product will look like, but something of tangible value should exist for contributors as well as supporters of your cause.

Hello the utopian-io team :D, or maybe I should say hello to elear :p

I truly appreciate what you are doing with utopian and every single thing you make possible with your platform. But I'm sorry that I can't help you financially.
So the point of my comment is that I want to help you the way I can, and this way is translating this post and posting it on my blog (keep reading I won't steal your content ;) ) I think that most of the best post and project of the Steem community is not accessible to non-englis communities and that's why I want to share content with them by translating post on my blog.

If you accept here are the 3 options for the rewards sharing :)

  • Full earning, if they choose this option every SBD generated by the post will be sent to the author of the post.
  • Powering UP, this option allows us to post the translated post with 100% SteemPower as a reward
  • Sharing, with this option the author of the original post tells the percentage of SBD he wants to get from the reward, the rest will be divided into SteemPower and earnings for the translator of the post.

If you accept please reply to this comment with which option you like best and if you don't accept please tell us why :D

You can know a bit more about us here

I love your team. Good luck. I wish I the best, I hope I can be a part


Thanks a lot!

I wish you good luck with you campaign.


Fingers crossed!

Good luck as a contents creator, I believe in the future of open source projects that connects digital professionals Nice work! @utopian-io


d accordo

Good luck for your success you will definitely become successful on Steem blockchain

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commited to keeping this blockchain ticking play an important role ... great blog I believe in the future of open source projects and Utopian is a platform that connects digital professionals @utopian-io

I like this

Hello friends can follow me like

Can join this community by whatsapp

I study Informatics sheared the campaign to my semester groups


Thanks for sharing!

I am in and result will be with you within 30 days.

good game

Can we support you using STEEM on fundition.io?


Right now, no. Because it's an all-or-nothing campaign, we would prefer money go through Indiegogo, so it counts towards the goal. Once we reach the goal, this may change.


Right now we would like to reach the minimum goal on Indiegogo to get as much traction as we can and bring as much interest as we can from the outside. When we reach the minimum goal we are considering opening access to perks via STEEM and definitely want to talk with Fundition :)


Cool :)

Great job guys...😍

This is an amazing idea! According to the video on the homepage it has already been a success!

If I am not a digital professional is there any reason to get involved?

I don't think I can do much for the community except donate money!😄

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nice mate

Hello everyone, it like every was just waiting for this post. I begin to wonder if anyone can tell anything about Partiko.
Any information about it will help.
Thank you.

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wow I think your work is great I hope to get to do the same to you, and get enough votes ..

Best work! Good luck !!

Good luck with your campaign! I'm sure you will get a great success!

I strongly support fundraising for the latest Utopian-IO news

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Once again it is wonderful to see the growth of the Steem blockchain. Utopian-io has been there for a long time being the best at what they do, and the inspiration for others to follow there pattern of excellence.

Sorry ,I' didn't like to get a banner of my badge to replace my current "cover image". Can I get that in "banner" format with the little spacemen to the left or the right ?
If you know what witnesses are and agree that people commited to keeping this blockchain ticking play an important role .and trey it , i think y will like it


great reply

nice posting :)

This is awesome! Good luck with the campaign!

good the job @dahri

Hi @utopian-io, I really Like This blog And you are doing a great work.

very good post

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we must proclaimed utopian to the cloud

Resteemed and support @utopian-io. Will definitely contribute to the fund once I get the credit card issue fixed. Wishing you great success in this camapign.

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C'est formidable comme perspective.

My Dtube for promoting utopian-io crowdfunding campaign.


Great vision. Good kickstart

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Mil éxitos en tu nueva meta....

very reasonable

Thank you very much for what you do❣️

Sure, we will support @utopian-io on Indiegogo, it's has been a great platform for #Steem so far. #UtopianColony, #OpenSource, #OpenSourceCommunity

Congratulations @utopian-io!
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I just shared with SM Twitter. Good luck!


muy buen trabajo me gusta y ayudare a compartir este buen proyecto en todas las redes saludos desde venezuela

How can I join the team

Great post. Thank you

Great campaign @utopian-io team. Have gone through this campaign i liked it. Have posted about your campaign today so that more people can participate and contribute to this amazing campaign. Wish you the best.

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Shared on Twitter and Facebook!😁Good luck guys!!!🍀😉

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Wish You A Very Good Luck Guys 👍
All the best 👍

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