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Hello Everyone, we are here with another task to help promote @utopian-io's latest Indiegogo Campaign Launch. Please read the guidelines and instructions carefully before your participation. Tag your Steem friends who might be interested in doing this one.


  • All comments following guidelines will get 1% or 2% upvote. (Read Pt. 4 in "TO DO" Section)
  • All blogs/vlogs created to promote the campaign will get upvotes based on the quality and visibility of the content. (Read "EXTRA TO DO" Section) Utopian will be trailing the Oracle-D upvotes to support for additional rewards.


Start date: 02 - Mar - 2019
End date: 09 - Mar - 2019


Follow and Promote @utopian-io's Indiegogo campaign on Steem and other social media websites.

PROJECT/CLIENT DETAILS & Background Research

Utopian Colony is the first crowdsourcing platform to connect open source projects and contributors from all digital professions. The culmination of a year operating a successful proof-of-concept, Utopian aims to launch the open source ecosystem into a new age where all digital professionals are empowered to take part in open source innovation. Help us release an early version of Utopian Colony by Q2-2019!


  1. Go the the campaign page and click on follow button:
    It will turn pink once clicked.
  2. Share using the Facebook button. Each share link is personal and can be done via Indiegogo. Sharing this link directly on Facebook is also fine, but doing it from Indiegogo via the Indiegogo button is preferred.
  3. Tweet about it using the Twitter button. Each share link is personal and can be done via Indiegogo. Sharing this link directly on Twitter is also fine, but doing it from Indiegogo via the Indiegogo button is preferred.
  4. If you follow above points and share only on one social media platform then you will get 1% OD Upvote on your comment. If you share on both platforms, you will get 2% upvote. Share on more platforms to get a chance of higher upvote.
  5. Upvote & Resteem this task post that you are reading.
  6. Upvote & Resteem the campaign's launch post HERE by @utopian-io.
  7. Drop the links and/or screenshots of "proof of work" in the comments to get rewards.

Create Blogs/Vlogs to promote the campaign. Mention the link of the campaign and ask everyone to donate, participate or contribute in the campaign.

Make sure you use the following tags in your blogs:
#UtopianColony, #OpenSource, #OpenSourceCommunity

You can also use this banner at the bottom of your posts:

<a href="">


When sharing on Twitter, please follow these instructions:
#UtopianColony, #OpenSource, #OpenSourceCommunity. Tag @utopian_io in all your tweets.


If you follow these guidelines, and attract significant traffic to your tweet, we will provide yu with a significant upvote!


  • Do a Google search / watch youtube videos about how to tweet effectively!
  • Make sure there is a picture on your twitter profile.
  • Put a reasonable amount of text in the body of your tweet in order to stop it looking like spam.
  • Make sure formatting is the same for your whole tweet. Changing text and style of tweet makes it seem spammy.
  • Make sure your title is relevant to your tweet - mentioning words in the tweet title that are not relevant to the body of the tweet is confusing and will be mistaken as spam.


  • Do not put too many tags, this looks like spam and can get you banned from twitter.
  • Do not Repeat tweets.
  • Do not mention the same person / project too many times ñ this can be seen as spam and can get you banned from twitter.


Please follow these guidelines for best results and high upvotes:

  • Create only high-quality professional blogs, videos, images, graphics etc.
  • The article must be at least 600-1000 words in length.
  • Share your content on various social media websites and spread the word as much as you can without spamming.
  • Follow the instructions and task specific details.
  • Original content only. Plagiarism will get you banned.
  • Enjoy your task and upvotes.

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Upvoted, restemed, followed campaign, then shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories for Business with Swipe up directly project link.

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Upovted on the above mention two posts and resteemed.

Followed on Indiegogo.
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Shared on facebook.
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Shared on twitter.
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Here is my steem post written using myanmar language.

I hope your campaign to succeed. May the god bless you.

Also, shared on for good measure.

Backed it as Early Project and looking forward to being part of the colony!

…. and shared on FB!

Thanks for doing this. Definitely going to get more "eyes on" the project and Steem as well.

Resteemee, Upvoted and I also followed the campaign i shared it on other social media platform as well here is my proof.

Facebook share :


Instagram share: IMG_20190304_013046_568.JPG

Twitter share :


Go the the campaign page and click on follow button

Share using the Facebook button

Tweet about it using the Twitter button

I'm not using Twitter, I shared the campaign on my Linkedin profile instead:

Upvote and resteem this and the campaign's launch posts - done.

In addition, I've made a small contribution to the campaign, and can't wait to get my badge :)

My contribution :)

It's a great project. I am happy to support you like that.

facebook link :

tweeter link :


Wish you to succeed your project

All set to go. Followed, upvoted and resteem both

My tweet

My Facebook

@fredkese @paajohnny @afolwalex @ammyluv @clicked come around

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Thanks for doing this. Definitely going to get more "eyes on" the project and Steem as well.
I think that the donation is a duty of every participant on the dream platform as I call it, I will suggest the subject to some friends, I also want your consent to translate this subject into Arabic

Tweet link

FB Link




Shared on Twitter & Dropped a $10 Dreamer Donation - I was the 12th Contributor:

Indigogo Utopian Donation Dreamer.jpg

upvoted and resteemed.
followed campaign, shared on my social media.

Hi this is my contribution to

Hi @oracle-d
here is my post-

also- Followed, shared in facebook and Twitter-

Shared on facebook by indiegogo-

Shared on Twitter:-

Here are my little quota of support:

Steemit blog post

Facebook share

Spreading awareness about the 3 aspect of the Utopian Colony campaign...

Steemit Link.

Twitter Link:

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Here is my share link for Twitter
And here is facebook link

I will post today related Support Utopian's Indiegogo Campaign
Here is proof

My steemit post link
My Twitter Post




It's a good idea to first promote this in SM. Congratulations and success for the utopian development team.

I call on fellow steemians to join in this campaign and support utopian to the cloud @mistakili @tomilolafadipe @femcy @tifebaba
here is the of my contribution Screenshot_20190303-185925.png


this is my tweet on twitter, I hope it is accepted Screenshot_20190303-220708.png

My Dtube video for the promotion:

Facebook post:

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I will like to see how the Steemit community is going to interact with this type of project.

I reccomend you follow @oracle-d they brings this great tasks to promote Steem and rewards them!
@nelsonchalbaud @zaidagrilli @khussan @chuck2u32 @tomlegion

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Resteemed this article. Thank you for supporting Steem community! @utopian-io @Oracle-D

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Upvote and resteem

Tag- @ramela, @rabada2001, @villani, @wilson6, @jenny2

Thanks @oracle-d for this another great challenge. I would love to nominate this fellow steemians to also participate, @k-banti, @tommywa, @cruis, @yusluv09, @elsiekjay.

Here are my captures! On Facebook and twitter!

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Here is the other capture

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Hey, @oracle-d!

Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steem community project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server. Don't forget to use the #crowdmind hashtag and happy crowdsourcing!

I just resteemed this post for more exposure!
All the best!

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@oracle-d Team, We are entering in New Age and everything is becoming Project oriented and these projects are affecting specific subjects in good way and specially the field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is helping to boost the projects. Keep up these kind tasks team. Stay blessed.

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campaign has to do better - here is the proof link for blog

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Promoted on Facebook and my link is

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Link of my blog <<