Weekly Top of Utopian.io: September 5 - September 12

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This week, we present another collection of remarkable contributions made through Utopian across five categories. These contributions include bug-hunting, blog, graphics, video tutorial and tutorials. Consider checking them out and using them as an example to improve your own contributions to Utopian.


Staff Picks

Building a Todo/CRUD Application In Flutter With Redux - Part 1 by @tensor [video-tutorials]

This is the first in a new series focused on the Flutter Redux library. @tensor revisits this topic from a previous tutorial to provide further details that were not covered earlier. The tutorial is very thorough and sequential. I like that he provides personal insight into what works for him and suggests ways that learners may avoid pitfalls in trying his ideas. I am looking forward to further tutorials in this series.

Total payout: 57.26 STU
Number of votes: 80

[Steemplus API] [v1.0] [Bug-Report] Not counting SPP for transfers to postpromoter by @mwfiae [bug-hunting]

SteemPlus is a browser extension that facilitates many Steem front-end application with awesome and remarkable features. The project is very popular amongst Steem users. @mwfiae managed to detect a bug in this project and reported it with great detail and steps to reproduce. All significant steps were mentioned to help the project owner easily understand what was causing the issue. consider checking this report.

Total payout: 34.49 STU
Number of votes: 37

Android App Development Series #6 - SteemJ: Voting, Following, Posting, and Commenting on the Steem Blockchain by @ceruleanblue [tutorials]

@ceruleanblue provides a well-written and detailed tutorial on utilizing SteemJ, the Java Steem API library, in an android application. He tackles implementing the functionalities of Voting, Following, Posting, and Commenting using SteemJ. Although the library itself is a bit outdated and faces issues in specific scenarios, yet it remains a valid option if needed. The tutorial provides enough details, coding scripts, screenshots and videos that it should be quite handy for anyone wishing to explore this option.

Total payout: 37.01 STU
Number of votes: 67

Beem-0.19.54: Serialization of transactions in the appbase format by @stmdev [bug-hunting]

Image source

Beem is a simple, yet powerful, library which is used to interact with the Steem blockchain. The program is written in python created by @holger80.
@stmdev found and reported a bug in the most recent version related to the serialization of transactions in the appbase format. His report is detailed and descriptive as usual. consider cheking it out to help you improve in your own report

Total payout: 45.58 STU
Number of votes: 142

3d Model (Roller Coaster Cart) for Voaster Coaster by @karmachela [graphics]

Voster Coaster is VR theme park management/roller coaster builder tycoon game. The project owner requested help from the community with the model of roller coaster cart. @karmachela put a great deal of effort into modeling and details, especially the suspension. The post is well edited and each step is described in detail.

Total payout: 81.17 STU
Number of votes: 45

Work as an Open Source Contributor by @nothingismagick [blog]

An extraordinary piece of work. At the same time, categorizing this post accurately in Utopian was a bit of a conundrum. While the post is related to one main project, we can see its quality and relevance to all open source supporters and contributors. You can find information about the licensing of different kinds of sources such as code, visual assets and text content. You can also learn about different documents you may be required to sign and agree with when you want to contribute.

Total payout: 112.50 STU
Number of votes: 106

Delayed Votes, A Feature I Want But Don't Need by @espoem [ideas]

Busy.org is yet another brilliant front-end application built on top of the Steem blockchain. It has the same aim as the popular steemit.com. However, busy.org possesses more impressive and user-friendly features.
@espoem suggested a remarkable feature to this project which affects the voting system. He described how this feature could be implemented so that users could benefit from curating content. The idea could add noticeable impact, and will affect how most users/curator utilize this awesome project. Overall the contribution is well presented equipped with quality mock-ups. Do you wish to contribute to the idea category? Consider checking this out.

Total payout: 5.34 STU (Not voted by @utopian-io yet)
Number of votes: 37


Utopian.io Post Statistics

The staff picked contributions are only a small (but exceptional) example of the mass of contributions reviewed and rewarded by Utopian.io.

  • Overall, the last week saw a total of 228 posts, with 203 of them rewarded through an upvote by @utopian-io.
  • In total, Utopian.io distributed an approximate of 5175.22 STU to contributors.
  • The highest payout seen on any Utopian.io contribution this week was 117.923 STU, with a total of 123 votes received from the community.
  • The contribution that attracted the most engagement was Particle physics on Steem - let’s start coding on the MadAnalysis 5 platform, with no less than 27 comments in its comment threads.
  • The average vote given by Utopian.io was worth 42.07 STU.

Category Statistics

CategoryReviewedRewardedTotal rewardsTop contributor
bug-hunting1110151.25 STU@josephace135
copywriting2148.49 STU@hiremani
blog3524355.10 STU@actifit
ideas312.47 STU@muhammadarif
development37351054.56 STU@dapeng
translations93912767.61 STU@samuellmiller
graphics1310239.18 STU@zuur
video-tutorials64240.92 STU@tensor
tutorials1413217.04 STU@duski.harahap
social2229.59 STU@jingis07
iamutopian550.00 STU@jestemkioskiem
analysis2245.18 STU@paulag


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Always provide motivation and channel programs that are useful for many people.. Tank you very much @utopian-io


Thanks for the compliment. Looking forward to seeing you contribute to open source projects that you love.

I read this statistics and leard some good information, this information is so helpful for my steemit journey , thankd @utopian-io

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Nice, my post is there too. I suppose the competition is quite low these days, but anyway, it feels good that I can see my post featured in the weekly overview.

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