Utopian.io Weekly - [June 29th 2018] - Increased Rewards for All, Optimized Voting Formula, Translations is Ready to Grow & More

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Never stopping and never slowing down, the Utopian.io team has even more updates for you this week. What have we been up to? Optimizing the reward system, increasing your maximal rewards, working on expanding the translations category and more!

In this update:

  • Increased maximum rewards across all categories
  • New exponential voting formula
  • Focusing on community & team conferences
  • Expanding the Translations category and adding more languages with DaVinci
  • Welcoming new members to the VIPO Club
  • Fresh sneak-peaks at the development of the new Utopian.io frontend
  • Community activities and collaborations

Do Your Best! Announcing Higher Maximal Rewards

As always, our aim is to strive for a continuous rise in the quality of contributions submitted to Utopian.io, and incentivize the community to bring impactful value to the FOSS ecosystem. To encourage you to be the best Utopian you can be, we’ve decided to raise the maximal voting power to be used across all Utopian.io categories.

Increased maximum rewards

CategoryOld max voteNew max vote
task requests46

Along with the raise in maximal reward voting percentages, we’ve also optimized the voting formula used by the @utopian-io bot.

New Exponential Voting Formula

For those of you interested in the exponential formula we decided to use to calculate the final vote, we’ll present it here.

vote = pow(score / 100.0, EXP_POWER - (score / 100.0 * (EXP_POWER - 1.0))) * max_vote

With this algorithm in place, combined with the rise in maximum rewards, we expect to see contributors striving to be their very best, and always aiming for the top.

Weekly Open Conference

Transparency, openness and collaboration are key drivers in the growth of Utopian.io. In the past, we’ve attempted to separate our bi-weekly updates to the community from our weekly team management talks. To try and get everyone at the same place at the same time to get updates and offer insight, we’ve decided to focus on our weekly Utopian.io team conferences, and invite you to join us weekly on Friday at 5PM CET (GMT+2).

As always, we are open to your input, and these weekly conferences are your chance to communicate to the entire management team of Utopian.io at once.

Translations are Expanding!

The Translations category under the management of the DaVinci initiative is a stellar success. With a team of language managers, pre-authorized translators, and under the leadership of the DaVinci team and our own @rosatravels with @jmromero, it’s really no wonder that the category instantly returned to being one of the most active on Utopian.io.

In light of this, Utopian.io and @davinci.witness will start accepting applications for translation teams for a number of additional languages. Be sure to check the blog post on the @davinci.witness blog for instructions on how to join the team.

Utopian v2 Sneak Peeks

Our development team has been hard at work creating Utopian v2 for you. With a rich feature-set and scalable backend, Utopian.io in its next form promises to be an innovative and revolutionary frontend to the Steem blockchain.

Here are a few shots of the UI as we construct what we hope will be the base of the New Open Source Economy.

Note that the project is still in development and the interface may change.


The homepage layout has been updated to better fit with the content.

Recent contributions and task requests

You will find the most recent task requests right on the homepage. Of course, it will be easy to list other contributions and task requests.

Connect your Github account with Utopian

Submit your project to Utopian

You will be able to have your own page for a project. It will be as easy as filling a short form with basic information about your project, including visual assets.

Project page

Your page could look like this one. All information at one place will ease the navigation throughout the project contributions and finding a task request for a project will be simple.

New contribution page

In this section you may see a simplified version of what is yet to come. Don't worry, you will get full-featured editor.

Welcoming SteemApp and Hede.io to the VIPO Club!

Our exclusive list of Very Important Project Owners continues to grow, and this week we’ve added a few particularly inspiring projects.

Credits: SteemApp team

The first project team to join us this week was SteemApp - a mobile app for Steem on Android and iOS. This mobile app has been in development already, but with their interest in Utopian.io, the project owners decided to open their code to the community, and look for contributors who can join the beta testing of the product. You can read more about the project and find out how to contribute in their announcement post.

Credits: Hede team

In addition, we are proud to welcome to Utopian Hede.io, a project that aims to become a repository for dictionary and wiki-type content on the Steem blockchain, based upon personal experience on a particular topic.

The project owner reached out to the Utopian team for consultation on their project announcement, and we are excited to be part of this ambitious initiative on Steem. Additional information can be found in their announcement post.

We hope to see your contributions to these projects across all Utopian.io categories, helping them grow and flourish.

Collaboration with @sndbox

The Steem-based initiative @sndbox is collecting donations for a Steem promotional activity at The Crypto Renaissance exhibition in New York. Among others, this exhibition will include a wall dedicated to Utopian.io, and their latest post included a draft of this display.

Credits: @sndbox CC BY-NC-ND

MSP Waves Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show Wants to Give You More!

The expanded and extended two-hour show with @jedigeiss, @buckydurddle and @techslut is turning into a hit. With the audience growing and more listeners tuning in, we want to give back to you in the form of free giveaways.

What giveaways? That’s up to you! Tell us in the comments what kind of geeky, open-source-themed or educational gifts we can raffle out to our growing audience of avid Open Source radio fans - YOU.

First Time Contributing in Utopian.io?

Learn how to contribute on our website

Utopian Witness

Vote for our witness!


These news are incredible! Utopian has improved very quickly in a short time and I think Utopian will continue to improve more strongly. Utopian will always improving!

Hey @sargoon. Thanks for the compliment :)

how to i log in utopian? i am go to utopian.io and then press log in and they ask me choose one. i choose steemit and this open me steemit site.

Utopian has no front end anymore, now you post through steemit or busy with the correct utopian tag. you can see it in the guidlines

Thanks for the all information.

For giveaways, maybe airdrop would be nice since maybe many people listening from different timezone and place 🙂
🤣And it would be nice if in the future there is some bonus like espoem sticker or some of the moderator beard xD

The First rule of espoem is: you do not talk about espoem.

I'm delighted with the good information!

We are glad that you are. :)
You may want to follow @utopian for more update.
Thank you.

Great info

Very great information post Sir..#utopain-io tag is best... upvote done sir.. please give me upvote Sir... Congratulations...

Glad to see tutorials are getting a boost 😎

WoW incredible!

Good day @utopian-io
I would like to know if all works are still being considered. I made a post about 3 days ago and it seems like it wasn't viewed by any moderators. Are all works moderated or only some selected.

Hi, my apologies for the delay with the reply. All contributions that are fetched, which means that they used the correct tags, are reviewed by moderators. If the issue has persisted, please contact us in Discord.

I'm very glad to be part of Utopian and its team, having gotten accepted in the Translation team will help me tremendously in becoming a better translator and in learning more about open source projects!

Love the initiatives and the overall energy of my co-contributors! :D

That's nice to hear that you like being in the translations team.

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For the radio show rewards if the cost of the disc was covered I could make them a dc disc of their choice??

Hi, thank you for the suggestion. We will think about it.

thanks for sharing that. i invite u to see my post,u will like it.

I joined @utopian-io. Thanks friend information

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