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We've got a double bill for you this week, friends. That's right, we've got the top posts and relevant stats from two weeks of Utopian contributions! And what a batch it is! We've got excellent contributions from the Analysis, Blog, and Development categories for the first of these weeks, and terrific contributions from Translations, Video Tutorials, and Anti-Abuse for the second. This is a powerful demonstration of the diversity of quality content enabled and supported by Utopian.

Also, as we do every week - and will continue until month's end - we remind you of our IndieGogo campaign. Your support would be much appreciated.


April 4 - 11

Staff Picks

Drugwars - revenue and transaction analysis by @blockchainstudio [analysis]

Whether you have been following @drugwars from the start or would like to catch up with how the game is progressing, this is a must read analysis by @blockchainstudio. The discussion around the findings and the presentation of the data is excellent, and this focuses on game transactions through to unit and building purchases. The analysis shows a leveling off period after a rapid start for the application, and includes ideas to potentially help with the games' continution. A superb job done!

Total payout: 62.22 STU
Number of votes: 285

KURE Community Curation App Update - Kurated Posts Page, Sorting Comments, and Remembering Vote Weights by @krnel [development]

It's not every week that we have a Development contribution score 100, but @krnel's post deserved it. As the moderator wrote: Great article, with loads of images, code samples and explanation of coding choices. The moderator also commended the commit messages and comments in the code, as well as the section highlighting the importance of the changes.

Total payout: 76.62 STU
Number of votes: 447

Actifit ISO: First Ever "Initial Steem Offering" This Friday. Not To Miss Event: Discounted AFIT Price. AFIT + ENG Tokens Bonuses! by @actifit [blog]

Actifit is one of the most consistent contributors to Utopian, and has been staff picked multiple times, as well as being the highest scored on many weeks. For that reason, our bar for them is high. But this post, announcing the first ever initial Steem offering, is huge news, and we felt it richly deserved this accolade.

Total payout: 275.56 STU
Number of votes: 783 Post Statistics

The staff picked contributions are only a small (but exceptional) example of the mass of contributions reviewed and rewarded by

Category Statistics

CategoryReviewedRewardableRewardedTotal rewardsTop contributor
translations353531876.80 STU@alexs1320
blog272020302.70 STU@actifit
development221918548.16 STU@holger80
graphics131311265.50 STU@zularizal
ideas211212100.72 STU@darewealth
tutorials161515238.28 STU@steempytutorials
bug-hunting159996.14 STU@sagorahmed
iamutopian777212.29 STU@favcau
copywriting11127.20 STU@harry-heightz
anti-abuse555197.08 STU@imacryptorick
analysis32279.58 STU@blockchainstudio
video-tutorials11116.64 STU@alexendre-maxim


April 11 - 18

Staff Picks

Call-to-Action Join SFR flagtrail #CleanSTEEM by @imacryptorick [anti-abuse]

This excellent anti-abuse contribution has both video and text guidelines for how you can use your SP to fight abuse. An orca anti-abuse supporter and fighter, @imacryptorick's dedication to STEEM's viability is commendable. Check out his post for how to use the flag-trail and other tools to fight abuse. Notably, this post was scored 100 by the moderator, and was called "outstanding" by the moderator..

Total payout: 55.36 STU
Number of votes: 405

A Beginners Guide to Dart - The Tooling Ecosystem - Part Nine by @tensor [video-tutorials]

This is the final video in @tensor's beginners' guide to Dart. In this video @tensor show us the Pub tool, which gives users the ability to install and use global executables like Stagehand and webdev. He also covers Dart Observatory and shows the default test suite for test driven development. This is a fine conclusion to what has been an excellent series of video tutorials.

Total payout: 25.51 STU
Number of votes: 274

Translation Project: volentix - green-paper by @ilijana [translations]

The translator did a good job of translating 1803 words. The translation helps readers in understanding the technical terminologies easily. While we would have wanted to see more of the translator's personal experience with the translation in the post, it did provide substantial information about thep project.

Total payout: 34.00 STU
Number of votes: 264 Post Statistics

The staff picked contributions are only a small (but exceptional) example of the mass of contributions reviewed and rewarded by

Category Statistics

CategoryReviewedRewardableRewardedTotal rewardsTop contributor
copywriting33240.06 STU@harry-heightz
translations222221500.54 STU@sargoon
analysis33388.18 STU@miniature-tiger
bug-hunting282626238.55 STU@sagorahmed
ideas221616103.73 STU@ammarraisafti
anti-abuse333109.12 STU@anthonyadavisii
blog232323306.34 STU@actifit
development151414358.92 STU@krnel
video-tutorials33348.76 STU@buckydurddle
tutorials111111128.12 STU@pckurdu
graphics777136.41 STU@tobaloidee
iamutopian666168.68 STU@rosatravels
social11115.42 STU@jingis07


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Thank @abh12345 for choosing mine :)

It's a great analysis, well done! :D

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