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Even though everything is well outlined in the video, I'll add the tools used, and cite the copyrighted stuff.

Also here's an img\text tutorial, in case that's more convenient.

1: join flagtrail Discord server, here.
2: register your account via the following command (just type it in #general chat in the server)
?register your-steem-user-name voting-weight-limit minimum-mana max-sp-for-engagement

help and setup command.png

So a proper command will look like something like this

?register imacryptorick 35 65 5000

Which means, my account will use up to 35% voting weight in flags (about 1.90$ at current prices).

No votes will be cast if my voting mana is below 65%.

And I will not flag anyone who has 50,000 SP or more.

Next you need to grant @flagtrail posting authority via the following steemconnect link
Simple, yes?

Tools, and resources used in the video

@reazuliqbal's Discord flagtrail bot

@penguinpablo's steemnow


April 6th 2019 posting statistics

April 27th 2018 posting statistics

STEEM's price chart

@curie's steemlookup

Value - Extract vs Create

Resteem to #CleanSTEEM!

resteem to cleansteem.png

@steemflagrewards abuse fighting history from 2018-07-11 to 2019-04-02. During that time, SFR dealt with # over 13,700 instances of abusive voting on STEEM (mostly plagiarism, copy-paste, spam & bid-bot-abuse)

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Howdy @imacryptorick,

Outstanding work! I know from experience that creating and editing a video tutorial is not trivial task and am thankful you took the time.

The flag trail is making a great difference in affecting the viability of abuse on this platform. As we bring more users aboard, Steem abuse will become an increasingly risky and losing venture.

Getting the word out is pivotal as well as future innovation. I know that @reazuliqbal has been working on future improvements on the repository as well. Efforts like this will truly help to clean Steem.

I'm diggin' that hashtag by the way!

GitHub Repository for all interested

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Thank you for your review, @anthonyadavisii! Keep up the good work!

I've been using flagtrail for about 2 months now, would be amazing if more people would join in!

P.s, its great you have delegated 5k SP to @steemflagrewards. That will help them out a lot!

Nice work Rick and Reaz!

Awesome!! Loved how you explained it in simple and easy to understand language. Thank you so much for making it. :)

A sign of my dedication to fighting VP abuse.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.04.06 -

I hope your delegations will follow

Ohh Thank you for showing more people to join the SFR trail. The bigger we are, the less incentive Spammers will have to Abuse bid bots.

Can you give everyone an update regarding the upcoming SFR token? @anthonyadavisii


Hi @imacryptorick,

I currently have adapted our approval code for the credits and have designed the function that will distribute SFR credits upon payout of a post any of us flagged.

The next step is moving that into a bot that will run that job once a day ideally via a cron job and send out a report. We will be using the newly created @sfr-treasury account for transfers and @sfr-token-issue to load it's wallet every month for security reasons.

The final component that will be essential before go live is the voting (and potentially downvoting) bot. It is recommended we set up a public discord bot that SFR users can issue commands such as $upvote .

A big concern I want to ensure is addressed is accountability of voting / ensuring the bot is used responsible. I think having a screening process will be an absolute must. Maybe following the flag trail at some minimum could be something to consider as a criteria.

I know if we scale that having our mods reviewing flags and concurrently reviewing content that users want upvoted may not be feasible but I absolutely want more care to be given than a typical voting service.

It could be instead the mods perform spot checks and any abuses would likely result harsh enough conseqeunces that users would not dare.

If only that were the norm for the bid bots, we would see much fewer abusers with significant influence on this platform but doesn't mean we can't set the example ourselves.

Anyways, I am working on playing catch up on our GitHub repository tonight and publishing an update capturing the changes thus far on a Utopian antiabuse contribution.

We've made significant strides but got a hell of a way to go.

Tagging @steemflagrewards for visibility of other interested parties.


There should be a safe and efficient way to prevent abusers from redeeming SFR tokens.
We'll talk more about it on Discord

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Beautiful explanation. It’s been long over due. Actually periodic reminders would be healthy too.
FlagTrail is an excellent tool for fighting abuse. I can’t wait for Ned to add it to the list of helpful advertising banners. 😳😬😐

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Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

nice post very intresting to me

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lo que mas me gusta , es como redactas y organizas tus publicaciones:)