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2018-07-10 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@felander64Outplacement continues.
2@kingscrown77Join My Official Discord Community to speak about Steemit/Crypto/Investing
3@lordneroo62FreeCAD - Greek Translation (Part 1 - approximately 1025 words)
4@susanli376966Chinese translation of Saiy - Part 1 - 1,239 words completed
5@acrywhif56Byteball translation to spanish
6@georgechuks51MEDIBLOC; An open-source healthcare data platform built on the blockchain
7@andreina8945Buen Plato Nutritivo el de hoy
8@wonsama58[wtrans] translation bot : #wtransme, #wtransup Translate with comments!
9@adelsz38This game I adore.
10@anixon37What this means?? Benefits????
12@swapsteem28Swapsteem is growing! New users joined last week
13@artmom57Jimmy the bunny.
14@ajmaln52New Feature, Logger for Amanuensis
15@anixon37Honey(novel chapter:2)
16@sweettais52"Cookies with basil and apple"
17@anharismail59Logo Design Proposal for PYSearch
18@superoo763[Development] Solving multiple issues on Steemhunt/Web Github repository
19@codingdefined64LetsDisc - Create Question, Upvotes and more
20@realinfo65Healthcheck logo design
21@boddhistats37TOP 200 effective Steemit curators in Utopian-io category for the last week (2018.07.02-2018.07.08)
23@midun60Logo Design For Viano
24@steempytutorials57Part 2: Streaming EOS Blocks With Python
25@anixon37Jesus (poetry,Read from bottom to top. )
26@psikoz45Logo proposal for TABULATE
27@adelsz38الشيخ - محمد حسان
28@adelsz38وثائقي- اعترافات قادة العسكر
29@knowledges63[Task Request] Developing user profile page with some added organizational functions
31@anixon37Welcome new steemians
32@yasujizr59New Logo for Smart Alarm
33@adelsz38حمزه زوبع حلقة الأثنين 9 ـ 7 ـ حازم ابو اسماعيل هو اللى كان فاهم وصاحب بصيرة ؟
34@ontofractal67EctoPgJson 0.1 release: Elixir/Ecto extension for Posgres JSON/JSONB operators
35@ammarraisafti58Add HIGHER FREQUENCY feature and UPTIME feature in CPU Stats app
36@cryptoctopus74Utopian Is Alive and Well, Powering the Open Source Economy
37@anixon37Art drawing
38@rosatravels68Join Translation in Utopian.io - Fully Alive & Stronger - June, 2018
39@steempytutorials57Extracting EXIF (Meta)Data From Images With Python
40@ray14788056Top 5 Underrated hunts in SteemHunt - 在SteemHunt頭5名被低估的產品 2018-07-10
41@neutrinoguy44[byteball.org] .htaccess file is available publicly.
42@foodlovers47Face++ AI - Powerful Facial Recognition Technology
43@jrawsthorne57Development Update #5: Comments, Loading States and Refresh Feeds
45@drmake55SteemMakers and Steemauto Curation Trail Integration
46@aafeng61Chinese translation of Steem White Paper (Genesis) - 1113 words completed (6)
47@haejinfans10The Walking Dead: Our World - FIGHT walkers in real-world AR environments
48@dotman-art50" portrait drawing review - 90% completion
49@dapeng67[New Features on steemr] Functions for a user friendly UI as an interactive follower report!
50@vera-maisyura41Laut yang dalam
51@ammarraisafti58Steemia v 0.0.5 After clicking the user profile icon, happen problem displaying the image in android 7.0
52@luciannagy53"Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe - Live in Wien
53@derwunner28[Feature Request] Integrate possibility to have multiple PHP Versions for Apache
54@area-5559Logo Proposal for Kubeojo
55@adelsz38نصف نهائي كأس العالم
56@learnelectronics55SteemAX Update to v0.4 ~ New Features
57@adelsz38ضيف فيصل القاسم العراقي
58@hakancelik59Huge Updates for coogger.com - Coogger for Communities
59@zuur52Logo Design for Parrot Drone
60@teneresa55My logo contribution for Radar Ionic
61@flauwy69How To Delegate Steem Power With The Vessel Desktop Wallet
62@mayowadavid59Logo Contribution To SecondScreen Merged And Used

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