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2018-07-04 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@kingscrown77Merit - Invite Only Blockchain that Anyone Can Mine
2@tobaloidee63My Logo contribution to JEDI-VIM (merged&used)
3@kirkins65Bug that allows you to see BAT balance of any website
4@dee-y57Logo Design For QuickMute [merged and used]
5@filippocrypto56Translation report part 8: Steem White Paper (Genesis)
6@sambillingham63Finally - Embeddable Upvote Button 💥
7@ontofractal67ExGolos v0.11 released: 0.18 HF support [open source Elixir library for Golos]
8@raycoms65Minecolonies & Chunkloading
9@adelsz37Маша та Ведмідь
10@javisem53Simulador de Circuito.
11@anixon35Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Money?
12@adelsz37مصر النهاردة
13@adelsz37جو شو
14@stoodkev66SteemPlus 2.17.9 : Vote and Mentions Tabs
15@dapeng67[New Features on steemr] Functions for saving the posts and building an independent blog site!
16@optimusprime201738//Technology Series//Web tracking: How to protect personal privacy online(part-01)
17@midun59Logo Design For Colorjoe
18@sadiajahan2239What is the yellow-milk?
19@shyamoli30Colombian hopes on penalties in the last eight England !!
20@joserafaelhf52Soy (Poema)
21@adelsz37محمد ناصر ومقدمة ولا اروع
22@viralasia34Belgium waiting for Brazil!!
23@glasiad33Have you been Financially Brainwashed? Take the Test!
24@anixon35How Jesus Christ save me
25@optimusprime201738//Technology Series//Web tracking: How to protect personal privacy online(part-03)
26@aneilpatel55Feathers - Simply beautiful open source icons
27@soufiani61Small smaller, this one is weird!
28@lishu56Open Source Steemit Infographic
30@utopian-io68Weekly Top of Utopian.io: June 28 - July 4
31@josedelacruz54FOTOSÍNTESIS: El aparato fotosintético.
32@sadiajahan2239Eight remarkable benifit of Green tea...!!
33@realinfo64Meditations logo design
34@rosatravels68I am eSteemian Contest - 3000 Members Celebration
35@optimusprime201738//Technology Series//Web tracking: How to protect personal privacy online(part-02)
36@baranpirincal62Logo Design: BallTale
37@muratkbesiroglu71Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 6: Avima's Morning
38@tdre54Presenting dstillr: A Chrome Extension to Remove Spammy Wallet Messages
39@orianaalej43Churches in Black and White / 📷 B&W Photo Contest - ~Churches~ by @daveks
40@gabriel1133Bitcoin to Hit $50,000 Despite Recent Plummet, BitMEX CEO Says
41@anixon35Does God exist?
42@susanli376966Chinese translation of Verdaccio- part 2 - 1,605 words completed
44@aser111155Many people ask about how one starts Career in cyber security?
45@ozurumba45Steemit Emergency!! Update to v0.19.5 in Progress
46@adelsz37معتز مطر : قانون إخصاء القادة.
47@daiky6962Davinci Application as Indonesian Translator
48@frederichs51Bitcoin Holders and Everything - Greetings. Here I leave the most outstanding headlines in th
49@viki.veg61Steem White Paper Translation [Italian language, 762 words]
50@madefax00744Madefax in Life issues :HARD TIMES CAUSES
51@adelsz37محل حلاقة فيتنامي Vietnamese shaving shop
52@mahdiyari63DBlog.io - Decentralized Blogging Platform - Backend development for the new project
53@andreina8945Deliciosa la Cena de hoy
54@anixon35Simple problem
55@itchyfeetdonica59#115 My Application for the Role of Chinese Translator with DaVinci / Utopian
56@kit.andres62Queryjane - Homepage redesign
57@rufans60eSteem v1.6.0 - Back Button Does Nothing While On Pincode Setup Screen
58@jackmiller62TOP Politics = Transparent, Open & Public Politics! UPDATE 04 July 2018.
59@ajayyy57Sync Your Utopian Posts On To Your Website
60@smhp201639A Short Review of Bollywood Film "SANJU"
61@anixon35A Sunday Travel

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