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2018-06-26 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@c0ff33a65🙌🏽Sublime Sunday🙌🏽 An excuse to post your random, creative or crazy ideas by @c0ff33a ☕️
2@halcyondaze58Heirloom vs. Hybrid Tomatoes...Which To Grow? [Podcast]
3@shikamaru49The Joker.
4@arslanshn54New Logo For CloudScraper
5@difelice500044Streaming with OBS Studio, Open Broadcaster Software Tutorial # 1 Basic configuration and how to use it on Youtube, Twitch and Mixer.
6@josefmedinar543D Ironman Modeling Tutorial (Part 5)
7@olayhemy54Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Blade Player
9@rufans60[eSteem Surfer] [Version 1.0.5] - images saved from token exchange tab are'nt saving on esteem surfer gallery or local folder
10@mightypanda55[SteemPlus] Steem and SBD price should be readable in steemit Night Mode
11@adelsz36الارهاب وجرائم العسكر
12@trumpman66ByteBall Translated In Greek
13@steem-plus65SteemPlus 2.17.6 : Tips on Busy and bug fixes
14@sndbox73The Crypto Renaissance - A Steem Exhibition in NYC [Fundition DApp Poster]
15@paulag67Exploratory Key Word Analysis for the World Cup on the Steemit Blockchain
16@zuur25Logo Design: Wallet
17@thedeys28Pakistan diaries.....
18@adelsz36Smile ابتسم
19@jemmanuel55eSteem v1.6.0 app : Edited post Cant be save to Draft
20@knowledges62Submitting Excellent Idea Contributions (The basics)
21@semasping58[php-graphene-node-client] Tests and Changes for Golos 0.18HF
22@steemitglass56freepik contributor - Graphic content revolution
23@swapsteem27Swapsteem Chat is now online! Chat with fellow swappers!
24@mesutkrgln53ASUS ZenBook Flip S UX370UA - small powerful and easy to use
25@timgreat37No pity for World Cup flop Messi, says Nigeria’s Gernot Rohr
27@h4ck3rm1k3st33m56Utopian sponsor payments stopped
28@melaffection48Weather condition,Farming And Teleport Features On Wesnoth
29@jingis0752Looking at the numbers from Steemhunt - Dig Products, Earn STEEMs // February - May 2018
30@adelsz36الفول النابت بالبيت بكل سهولة وبساطة
31@tobaloidee62My Logo Contribution to EtherScamDB (merged&used)
32@emrebeyler67Unfamiliar custom json operations cause empty activity at Busy.org
33@danluppi29What is that ??
34@smhp201638 According to National Geographic, the world's most beautiful mosques(part-01)
35@smhp201638According to National Geographic, the world's most beautiful mosques(part-02)
36@sharinglife34Barrier Island 🌴 Park
37@optimusprime201726According to National Geographic, the world's most beautiful mosques
38@andreina8945Para el Postre de hoy
39@ray14788055Amper Music - Your AI music composer. Create soundtrack in seconds
40@adelepazani61in progress drawing by ink - HANDS 🎨
41@shaphir57Steemhunt.com - The image broken, shows only the current image name when editing the post
42@novacadian48A Decentralized CAPCHA Annonymous Proof of Brain verification
43@azyref51Tutorial Making Earrings Brooch Combined Crystal Juntai (Bilingual)
44@ihtiht60Design Contribution for YPImagePicker
45@penauthor56Assistive Touch - Alternative access to Home and Volume buttons and settings
46@freyman55Alert !! Any service is voting on my behalf ! Alerta !! Poden estar usando tua Posting key !!
47@surlaguense34Marketing of agricultural products // weaknesses and strengths
48@realinfo64LETTERPAD logo design
50@filippocrypto52Translation report part 3: Steem White Paper (Genesis)
51@mesutkrgln53Top Eleven - A game that football lovers do not give up
52@markgreek38The classical pens are estimated to be 1950 (14 k gold) with the code electroplated sheaffer no series AUST 585
53@alejandrofz48[SteemHunt] The "Sort by: Vote Count" button does not work as it should.
54@jesuskin51i-TALENT - ROUND 6: Drawing (TIGER made in pencil)
55@sourovafrin61Suggestion to busy to add fractional voting weight showing feature and downvote rewards decay amount
56@munawar123561How Fungi have adopted to land habitats and what are their ecological and economic importance?
57@imcesca56TRANSLATION REPORT: CONSUL via CrowdIn (Part 2)

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