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We've been talking about it for a while and announced them at the SteemFest, the premium features are coming soon!

This update creates the mechanism for redeeming the SPPs for these premium features.

Premium features routines and how they work


The subscribe process takes two steps.
By clicking on the subscribe button, you will send 0.001SBD to SteemPlus. The memo of this transfers includes the name of the feature. Then when SteemPlus receive it, it will check if you have enough SPP to subscribe. If it is the case, SteemPlus will send you an acknowledgement saying your subscribed to the feature. If you don't have enough SPP, SteemPlus will send you an acknowledgement saying you need more SPP.


The unsubscribing process is quite similar. You will send a 0.001 SBD to SteemPlus and then SteemPlus will answer.
Because you already pay for a month, even if you cancel your subscription after a day, the feature will be available until the end of the month (period of 31 days).
If you decide to subscribe again, you won't be charged.


Renewing your subscription is an automatic process. If you have enough SPP, SteemPlus will renew your subscription and send you a notification.
If you don't have enough SPP, SteemPlus will cancel your subscription and notify you.


Pull Request

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How to test this code?

  • Subscribe to SteemSQL (10 SBD/month)
  • Clone this repository
  • npm install
  • Set the environment variables (information received by transfer when you subscribe to SteemSQL). These environment variables are LOGIN, PASSWORD, SQL_API and DB.
  • npm run start
  • You should be able to test it on localhost:3000.

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Thank you very much for your contribution. I am delighted to see so much features and development ongoing for this project - I am sure it will help lots of Steemians to better use the SteemIt front-end.

Just a small note - most people won't afford 10 SBD per month just to test the code - it might be better to use the mocking test framework - that allows user easily mock the SteemSQL part.

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Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!

question, if you buy steem plus points are they continues upvotes /do i have to keep buying them to get upvotes i.e do they decay? How does it work when buying steemplus points- where do i read about this.

Hi @michealb! SPP do not decay :
Your share of the total SPP distributed will determine your vote. Also, if fewer SPP holders post in the 24 hours window, your vote will be higher.

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