Promoting Steemhunt | Steemhunt Mentor Contest 3 Results - Onboarded 12 New Users!

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The purpose of Steemhunt Mentor Contest 3 is to get new users (inside or outside of Steem) to sign into Steemhunt and start their adventure of hunting new products.

The whole idea is to onboard new people onto Steem to get them engaged into the Steemhunt community right away. The best way is to get a 'talented' Steemhunter to explain to newbies about the Steemhunt platform and show them how to post their first hunt.

This was the requirement of Steemhunt Mentor Contest 3.

We have 2 Awesome Winners!

Hearty congratulations to our 2 Winners who successfully completed this awesome task in the Steemhunt Mentor Contest 3. They have truly been able to get new users to join Steemhunt to start their adventure of posting cool hunts. Guidance is certainly necessary to help newbies bring value to the Steemhunt platform.

1st Winner: @alokkumar121

My SteemHunt Mentor Contest Report by @alokkumar!

Our first winner is @alokkumar121 who successfully onboarded 7 new Steemhunters. He has really put his heart into helping each new users to have fun hunting their first hunt! Although it is not easy to get the first hunt approved and it takes skills, I can see that the newbies who have come on board are having great fun participating in Steemhunt.

I remember talking to @alokkumar121 about 2 months ago when he just started digging cool hunts for the Steemhunt platform. You can say that he is a beginner. But within such a short time, he diligently hunted more than 50 products already. You can see it on his profile page. His enthusiasm helped him become a talented Steemhunter so much so that today, he is able to pass on the fire of hunting for cool products to the newbies.

You see, it doesn't take long to become effective on a platform. When there is commitment and passion on Steem, not only do we succeed, we also help others to succeed. We need this spirit of mentoring on Steem to whereby we get people engaged effectively on a one-to-one basis.

Congratulations @alokkumar121! Well done! I am sure Steemhunt team is proud of you.

2nd Winner: @sumit71428

My Steem Hunt mentoring report by @sumit71428

@Sumit71428 successfully onboarded 5 new users onto Steemhunt to start their new adventure of hunting for cool products. Knowing the great challenge that is in front of him, @sumit71428 patiently helped each new user to post their first hunt.

During the process of guiding the newbies, @sumit71428 bonded with the new users as he showed them how to use the Steemhunt platform. The beginning is always tough. But each newbie managed to have a first start on hunting for cool products. The beginning point is very important.

The biggest challenge that @sumit71428 faced was that it took him a lot of time to make people understand the Steemhunt platform. The newbies had many of their questions answered before each one of them successfully posted a hunt. True, it takes time to explain all the parts of Steemhunt to newbies so that they can get a full picture of the platform.

Congratulations @Sumit71428! Well done! I am sure Steemhunt team is proud of you.

Let's welcome our 12 New Users on Steemhunt

In this past month, Steemhunt platform has surely grown with these 12 new users. I am glad to have a part in helping Steemhunt grow because I really believe in this potential of this platform.

Let me introduce the 12 newbies to you so that you can get to know each new Steemhunter.

I will list them here in no particular order but so that we can all join in to welcome them.

1. @certain

2. @reeta0119

3. @samartiwari

4. @dubeyji

5. @akshaykhiladi12

6. @kschitez

7. @akash314

8. @ajks

9. @sinsandy

10. @monika1798

11. @pranavraj227

12. @ravisingh1199

Welcome on board!

We love to have you on Steemhunt. Should you run into questions, please come and join us on Discord.

Rewards to our 2 Awesome Winners!

@Steemhunt is sponsoring this program. The team wishes to thank you for the great work you have done in promoting Steemhunt.

1st Prize to @alokkumar121 - 100 STEEM

2nd Prize to @sumit71428 - 90 STEEM

Let's continue to dig cool products on Steemhunt and get our friends and relatives to join in the fun!

I look at these cool products every night. I am so thrilled to see all the new gadgets that are on the scene. It is surprising what new technologies can create these days. I usually spend some time to comment on these hunts to encourage all the hunters to keep doing great work on Steemhunt.

Thank you for your attention,


I am the Founder of Steem Mentor Teams


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Hello, Rosa!

Thank you for taking the time to share a detailed blog post regarding the recent Steemhunt Mentor Contest. It is always good to see all the progress being made, and I appreciate your commitment to the project. Keep up the good work.

Once again, you did a good job in terms of content. The post is comprehensive and well-illustrated with relevant visuals, and your content is unique and personal. I'd like to extend my sincere congratulations to the winners, who put in a great amount of effort. Their hard work and dedication paid off, and it's all well-deserved.

In conclusion, this is another precise and informative report from you, and I enjoyed reading your work. I look forward to your next contribution.

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Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

I am so happy to win this contest. Thank you so much @rosatravels for your guidance and support. You're the one who inspired me to Join steemhunt so for this win credit goes to you. @beamentor is one of the best program in steem blockchain and I am proud to be part of it since beginning.
Congratulations to @sumit71428 for doing great work. I expect more people to come forward and contribute to our steem Community. Together we can make a big difference. Have a great weekend.

Thanks for your kind words brother and yes even you did a fabulous work as you are joined from the beginning so your support is much appreciated.

Congratulations to you as well brother.

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Congrats to the Winners

Thanks @chuuuckie

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Great stride here @Rosatravels. Indeed, I must confess that I you're doing a great job job or steem. Thank you.

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Thank you @uyobong. We need to get people engaged in a meaningful way.

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Congratulations! @alokkumar121 & @sumit71428.

... and, welcome to new hunters.

Thanks brother @mobi72.

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