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Dear Steemians,

When I first came on Steem in 2017, I was quite lost in the blockchain. I had to find out everything by trial and error. I thought to myself: "It would be so good if there were a mentor to guide me in the beginning."

Do you remember a teacher, a coach or a mentor who said or did something that empowered your life?

This is the reason why I intitiated the "Be A Mentor" project in January, 2019 to build up Steem Mentor teams to make Steem blockchain the greatest!

There are more than 50 DApps (Decentralized Applications) created on the Steem blockchain in the past year. The ecosystem of Steem is just so huge that more and more new ones are coming on the horizon each month. All of this is working towards the good of Steem. On top of that, many DApps are reaching out to new people via social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, etc. With this, I can foresee an influx of newcomers coming onto Steem in 2019. Never had there been such intense development of DApps than in the past 6 months. More new DApps are coming on board each month.

How will newbies find their success on Steem when they first come in? If they get lost, they will get discouraged and eventually lose interest on this Steem journey. We don't want this to happen.

A 'gap' is there!

Steem Mentor Teams - Filling in the Gap

The newbies need a hand of friendship to give them the initial boost of early success. A hand of friendship goes a long way for newcomers! If someone can take a newbie by the hand and guide him/her in the beginning, he/she will not lose interest so quickly and can eventually find their path of success easier because of the guidance of a 'mentor'.

I have worked in entrepreneur business and know the importance of guiding clients in their first month on our platforms. In the same way, I believe having a mentor taking a potential newbie by the hand and coaching the person for 1 month will certainly make a big difference for him. Because of this initial help, the newbie will be able to sail along on his own with his own skills and initiatives.

Steem Mentor Team #1

To start building Steem Mentor Teams, I started from the Partiko Community. Qualified mentors were recruited to come on board to welcome newbies on the Steem Blockchain. For one month, they mentored newbies to participate in the Partiko community in using the Partiko app effectively.

February 2019 - Results of Steem Mentor Team #1 Round 1

In February, 2019 we on boarded 6 awesome Partiko mentors to do the work for 1 month.

They spent the entire month using the #introduceyourself and #introducemyself tags to welcome the newbies and friends to use the Partiko app.

In the following table, you can read their "Report post" and the mentees they successfully brought on board.

Mentor 1Name of MenteesPartiko Points
@moncia90 + Report post1. @pab.ink3360
2. @azizbd3385
3. @pranto3360
4. @jarczan20083795
5. @sbarandelli3455
Mentor 2
@steemflow + Report post1. @bhattg5650
2. @kingsleymond3810
3. @rapmike5650
4. @alirezasha5505
5. @lavanyalakshman3045
Mentor 3
@alokkumar121 + Report post1. @rdradhe7184
2. @triple-paradox5270
3. @ajks3365
4. @amar153345
5. @toushik3345
6. @zylad2063
7. @zanty1763255
8. @bogar3205
9. @stanmr3075
10. @enocmachado3110
11. @htrpka20193010
12. @hlezama3055
13. @danielreynolds110
14. @dougalporteous45
Mentor 4
@newageinv + Report post1. @nivekpro3100
2. @kuyakris3215
3. @wally9823010
Mentor 5
@darkflame + Report post 1. @MichaelLang3300
2. @MrStark2u470
Mentor 6
@d00k13 + Report post1. @sarkash701111870
2. @karishmasingh71116620
3. @jeronimorubio9541

"Steem Mentor Team" Fund

As you can see, a lot of hardwork has been done by our 6 awesome mentors.

**For this reason, I opened an account "Be A Mentor" to push this program forward to make Steem Blockchain exciting for 2019.

As the founder of the "Be A Mentor" initiative, I want to set up a "Steem Metor Team" fund to reward our mentors.

Steem Mentor Team Program: March to June, 2019

  1. We are recruiting qualified mentors on board for different communities, either country specific (Chinese, Greek, Filipino, Vietnamese) and DApp communities in the coming days.

  2. Steem Mentor Team #1 Round 2 has begun in March and will end in April. A report will be given when the mentorship round 2 finishes.

  3. Steem Mentor Team #2 is in the pipeline and will start in April. (A Big surprise for all of you! The announcement will come soon as we work out the details. Can you guess which community this will be?)

  4. Steem Mentor Team #3 will start in May.

  5. Steem Mentor Team #4 will start in June.

This is how the Steem Mentorship program will run this year.

As you can see, we are all working towards the good of helping the Steem blockchain grow. In engaging mentors to help new users, we are building warm and lively communities on Steem.

Call To Action - Donate 1 Steem to @beamentor

I have been running this program tirelessly since the beginning of 2019. It has taken a lot of time and energy to build up the program.

The qualified mentors that are on the team now are doing such an awesome job.

I want to set up a fund to reward each mentor for their hard work that they deserve, this this post.

For this purpose, I set up a new account: @beamentor

Let us show our support to the mentors by donating 1 Steem to @beamentor account.

Yes, all you need to do is to donate 1 Steem to move this program forward!
Let's see how strong and supportive our Steem community can be during these hard times.

The First 60 Steem

The first 60 Steem that I collect for this fund will be given to our first batch of awesome mentors for their hard work in the 1st round of the Mentorship program:

The left-over funds will be given to the upcoming mentors in April to June.

A report will be given after the payout of this post so that you will be kept informed with our progress.

You can also support the mentors by delegating to @beamentor account.

50SP, 100SP, 300SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 1500SP, 2000SP, 2500SP, 3000SP, 5000SP

Thank you for your donation,




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Fantastic @rosatravels, amazing work by you and the mentors. I dont see to much activity here so i pledge some help on this later today (and i also pledge a donation, but im not home right now and dont have keys to kake a transfer

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Thank you so much Paula. Great!

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Alright mentors we need to take this to twitter and get @Nathanmars and @theycallmedan attention with mass promotion on our behalf!

•   @moncia90
•   @steemflow
•   @alokkumar121
•   @newageinv
•   @darkflame
•   @d00k13

We hustled round one let’s set it up for the new comers!

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Here is my idea and anyone who wishes to join in can Mention me on Twitter @onelovedtube I vote all mentions there!

We use swish(it’s free) and make video ads for this and for our own mentoring efforts then flood twitter with @share2steem(if you use it) tweets and tag some big names that are pushing twitter promotion!

Use the tags #share2steem #steemlove #dapp #partiko #mentor #steem in that order on your tweets with @Share2Steem thus we will not flood #steem tag on blockchain but will gain benefit of twitter promotion campaigns!

I am setting it up on a twitter scheduler!

Hootsuite - Social Media Tools by Hootsuite Media Inc.
Swish - Simple Video Ad Maker by Lightricks Ltd.

Let’s Do This!

I can thank @Partiko ads for those apps 😅

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Took all of 10 mins to put together the video and learn the app!

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Thank you for getting the word out.🚀

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No worries my dear, I hope to get a little support from the other mentors!

Common guys! You want my support work with me on this 💪 and we are supporting ourselves while also helping the new mentors!

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Awesome initiative... this will help the community grow. Thanks!

Yes, let's do this together.

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Wow!great job.grow all community.

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Yes, let's build them together.

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Hi @rosatravels, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @zanty176 doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @santy176 ?

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Thank you @pennsif for all your support and suggestions. ;)

The best to learn is to ask a question. When @askanything find a question with the tag #asa (ask Steem anything), @askanything upvotes the post/question. So the newbies get the answer and some steems !Other newbies can search if the questions already have been asked or ask a new question. I think this is complementary to what you are doing.

Dear @rosatravels,

I am seeing an awesome work and project here. I am interested in this @beamentor project. How can I join. I have enrolled over 50 persons to Steem and my office has been literally converted to a Steem Training Center.

I hope to join your league of mentors. Currently, I won second place in the just concluded Operation Mass Adoption contest where I enrolled 24 new users. I hope that being enrolled to your project will motivate me to raise these invitees.


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Hi @uyobong, thanks for your message here. We are now running the Steem Mentor Team #3 here for Steemhunt. You can take a look at this post and can still jump in as the deadline of the contest is not until July 10th. If you have questions, you can ask me from that post there:

Thanks very much

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