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I am a Steemhunt mentor and this is my report for the Steemhunt mentor contest. I have mentored 7 members and onboard them to this amazing platform. Before I share my mentor report, I would like to share some details about steemhunt. It will help to understand better about this great platform and contest.

What is SteemHunt

Steemhunt is a well-known name in steem blockchain. @steemhunt is a DApp built on the steem blockchain. This is one of the best and most successful projects in steem blockchain. This is open for everyone and any steem user can post cool hunt in the platform and if the community likes the hunt then steemhunt will reward it based on certain guidelines set by the steemhunt team. Their tag line is "Discover Cool Products Get Rewards" and if a cool hunt is posted following their guidelines then its eligible for the reward. Steemhunt rewards users through upvote and HUNT tokens. Steemhunt users are known as hunters too.

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 7.43.34 PM.png

Rank in StateOfTheDapps Portal

Steemhunt is ranked at 23 in across all platforms listed in the website and under Steem platform it's listed at 8th rank.



Below are the statistics which show the growth of steemhunt. Total 69,677 products have been listed in Steemhunt since March'18 with average rewards of $ 2.84 alongside single hunt earning of $ 247.13.

img src

How Steemhunt works-

As mentioned before Innovation and Quality is the primary requirement in this platform. Apart from this, there are certain steps to ensure quality innovation.

  • Hunter post the hunt in the platform then it goes for moderation review.
  • Their cycle is 24 hours and moderation process starts from KST-9 (KST=Korean Standard Time) daily and it has a cycle of 24 hours.
  • If in case hunt is not reviewed by moderation team in this period then it rolls over to next 24-hour cycle automatically.
  • Once hunt is verified/approved by the mod team then competition starts and if within the running cycle it's in top 100 posts then Steemhunt rewards the hunt with an upvote.
  • User must have at least 1 hunt score to get an upvote from the steemhunt account.

How to start with SteemHunt-

Joining Steemhunt is super simple. If you have steem account then do the login using steemconnect and if don't have an account then create a one. Account creation is easy and instant.


Fill up required details in the form and your account will be created using steemhunt sign-up service.

This account creation page will open and enter user id that you wants to have and continue-

In the next page, enter mobile number which will be used to send OTP for verification.


An account will be created instantly and Steemhunt will delegate 15 SP (steem power) for 1 month.

Hunt Posting

User needs to ensure that the same hunt is not posted before and must check using the search option provided on the homepage.


Use (+) button to post hunt and in the form need to provide the required details like-

  • Product Link
  • Name of Product
  • Short Description
  • Images
  • Hunter's comment
  • Tags


After filling all the details post the hunt and you are done. Here, the user is not required to write a long story instead a short and meaningful description would help to explain the product better and community can check it through the link provided.

My SH Journey as Hunter

I have been with steem since June 2018 but never worked for steemhunt as I was not aware of it. Now we have a mentor program and I wish this program was started earlier so that someone would have mentored me also, to begin with, SH. I posted my first hunt on 2 May 2019 and till today I have hunted 54 products. I had also participated in "Steemhunt Contest- How To Become A Talented SteemHunter" and shared my post

I participated in the contest when I had completed only 3 weeks in the platform and posted 12 hunts only. Within my journey of almost 69 days as on today 10 July 2019 I have posted 54 products and earned a reward of SBD 97.53 which is almost close to 100 SBD mark. I give credit to @rosatravels as she suggested me to start with SH and after complete study, I joined SH.

My journey as a hunter has been amazing so far and I am glad to be part of it. I get to know about cool technology and innovations every day. I don't think there is any other platform where we can see such cool products at one place and all this is available within a few clicks.


SteemHunt Mentor program-

Steemhunt mentor program was started by @beamentor @rosatravels and I participated as a mentor. I have mentored 7 members and every one of them has posted one or more hunt in SH platform already. Below are the details of my mentees in table format.

Sno.NameSH Profile LinkIntroductory Post LinkLink of 1st Hunt
1-@certainProfileIntro PostFirst Hunt
2-@reeta0119ProfileIntro PostFirst Hunt
3-@samartiwariProfileIntro PostFirst Hunt
4-@dubeyjiProfileIntro PostFirst Hunt
5-@akshaykhiladi12ProfileIntro PostFirst Hunt
6-@kschitezProfileIntro PostFirst Hunt
7-@ajksProfileIntro PostFirst Hunt

My Journey as a Steemhunt Mentor

I have already worked as a mentor for Partiko, Actifit and now steemhunt so I am aware of the job responsibilities of mentor role. I had done pretty good work with Partiko and Actifit mentorship program but with steemhunt, it has been a completely different experience. I had approached existing users (my followers also) and explained to them about Steemhunt. Many of them found it quite complicated to understand and they told me that they need some time to think about it. They thought that I am not going to remind them. I gave them a few days and then reminded again to start with SH. I want to mention that I am pretty good in Microsoft Excel and I had used it since the beginning of the mentor program. I maintain an excel sheet to keep proper follow-up so after a couple of days, I reminded them again which they were not at all expecting.

I know that steemhunt is a great platform and I help people to become part of it. This will also help them to grow in the steem ecosystem and they can contribute to the community. When I am sharing something great with the person then I don't feel shy asking if he/she is interested. I even don't feel bad if the person denies as I know it's part of my job as a mentor. There is saying that " Before offering something to someone we have to be convinced with it first" and since I am the biggest fan of steemhunt so I have many reasons to give that why one should join steemhunt. This helped me a lot to bring people in SH.
So within this duration, I made 7 onboardings to steemhunt and they are quite excited to be part of it. Any work is not fun unless it's challenging. Challenges make the job fun gives the scope to think out of the box and find out the solution-oriented approach. I prefer to learn first and then start working. I was not in a hurry given them enough time to have a better understanding and now all my mentees are well aware of the SH guidelines. Everyone has got their first hunt approved and that's a big reward for me as a mentor.


As a mentor, it's my responsibility to explain entire information in an easy way to my mentees so that they don't find it difficult to understand. Though it took some time for me to make them understand the basics and guidelines about SH. This is a human tendency that if anything seems complicated at first place then they try to avoid doing it, no matter how much benefits it's going to offer them.

1- People were finding it complicated as they were thinking that finding a cool hunt would be difficult for them.
2- Hunt score and the ranking system was difficult for them to understand because it is only in SH.
3- Some of them were afraid about moderation approval but I made understand that if hunt follows the guidelines then there is nothing to worry about approval.
4- Users who work on steemit and Actifit found Steemhunt difficult in the beginning because of various conditions and guidelines.

Learning and Fun

I have been working a mentor since Feb this year and as a mentor my focus to bring as many as users possible to the steem platform and its DApps. DApps are the best innovation in steem blockchain I want more members to be part of it and experience it. Working with people and getting their different queries is fun. I can only think from one perspective but everyone thinks differently and ask different questions also. Sometimes questions were so intelligent and sometimes funny too. So dealing with various questions gives me the opportunity to learn even more. I like helping people so this entire program was fun.


I am not PRO in steemhunt as I completed only 69 days and there are people who have completed a year or more so they know much more than me but I tried my best in this contest. I used my previous mentor experience here again which was quite helpful. I am writing a few tips which I have followed however these are not secret tips-

  • I made a list of potential users in excel who can join.
  • I approach user to ask if they are interested to join.
  • If they say "Yes" instantly then good and if they asked time to decide then I make a note of it.
  • Those who said 'NO" I never disturbed them again.
  • Continuous follow-up is very important to make others understand that you are serious about it and they take it seriously too.
  • I am always available for them so that whenever they face any problem or have any query they know that I am available to support them. This gives them a good feeling that they are not left alone.
  • I used few tools like- Excel to maintain the information, Discord & Telegram to stay connected with them.

Overall working Steemhunt mentor was a fantastic journey and I am super excited for the next round. Steemhunt is such an amazing project and their team is very active in discord. They reply almost instantly whenever in case of any information or query. They are working very hard nowadays to launch Reviewhunt which will be live and Ideahunt thereafter which is scheduled for 4th Q this year. I want to thank @rosatravels @beamentor and @steemhunt for starting this wonderful mentor contest. It helps to bring more people in the platform and also an opportunity to connect with more people (new and existing both). I hope my mentees contribute to the community and add value to the platform along with earning rewards. This would be a great reward for me. Helping people and steem community always makes me feel good.

Steemhunt Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerful platform and steemhunt understand its power. They are available in all popular social media platforms and I have provided the links below-

Email- [email protected]
Chrome Extension dowload

Images are taken from steemhunt website

Thank you so much for reading the post

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Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Steemhunt project. I can see you have accomplished a lot with the #Beamentor initiative. It is a good thing, and I appreciate your dedication in populating the Steem ecosystem. Kudos!

There are areas I want to address in the structure and writing.

Steemhunt focus on innovation and quality and they are very much particular about it. They have set-up guidelines for hunt posting and moderation team reviews each and every hunt and approve only if it meets the guidelines.

The paragraph above is the second where you explained ‘’What is Steemhunt’’. I think that short paragraph is not needed. You explained the same thing in the first paragraph, and that seems unnecessary. The post had more similar instances. Reading similar information over and over is boring.

Further, the post had grammars and punctuation errors. I would also suggest you pay attention to how you use articles like ‘a’, an’ and ‘the’ There are quite a few omissions in the post. I would suggest you check for issues in your texts thoroughly before publishing. Grammarly is a useful tool. I recommend you try it.

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Hi @tykee
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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

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