SteemArabia: Task Request - Basic Website (for promotion use)

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-- Arabic version of steemit --

With the ongoing efforts to promote steemit to the world

~ We are trying to put this website, to help attract more Arab users to the steem Eco-system.

-So please refer to the Task Description file to know the tasks in hand and if you want to help us with it.

--Task Description Link.>

Task Description:

-If you are a developer Please help us!.

  1. Setup a running website on GitHub
    i.index.html need work.
  2. SteemitArabia Title.
  3. A steemit like website.
  4. Open for adding new features.
  5. The Website shows 2 or more Lang.
  6. Arabic lang. capabilities is a must.
  7. All relevant html elements need a CSS class.
  8. Create a Style sheet without any more styling then you need.
  9. Connected to steem block chain throw steemconnict2.


**Thanks to you all.
And have a nice day. **



Hint ...



I powered up my account to help any Arabic post or author in the Arabic community promoting - Steemit -.
If you need support just comment with ( #promo-egypt ) in your post that you are promoting steemit in and I will take a look at your post and upvote it and if you spread The word about this and about the idea of promoting steemit you will find even more support.

  • the post must contain promoting material for steemit, promo-steem and promo-egypt.
  • الى كل المبدعين والمستخدمين منصة ستيم ات لقد قمت بشحن قوتي كي اقدم الدعم للمواضيع العربية والكتاب العرب باللغتين العربية والانجليزية
    المسوقين لموقع ستيم سيتم دعمهم وباب الترشح للانضمام للفريق مفتوح وسيتم دعمهم بشكل كبير فقط استخدم هاش تاج

  • في موضوعك الذي تروج فيه لستيم او استيم ات

  • وإذا نشرت هذا في موضوعاتك ستجد دعم بشكل أكبر واتمني التوفيق للجميع

  • ارجو عدم استخدام الهاش تاج الخاص بالموسوقين لستيم ات
    promo-egypt & promo-steem
    في موضوعات غير خاصة بتسويق ستيم ات
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    Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

    Love the Idea followed hope you follow me I will give you ups for all your posts

    wish you good luck

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