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Linked Task Request

Logo for Anole Chrome Extension: A Utopian Task Request by @tdre.


Anole is a free productivity extension for Chrome that aims to assist users with all sorts of string transformations via selected text and the clipboard.

The first version of the extension provides features to convert any selected string into special case like CamelCase, kebab-case, Start Case, snake_case, and so on. More cases and additional features (e.g. transform templates) will follow.

At present the developer of Anole, @tdre, is seeking logo and identity graphics to prepare version 1.0.0 for its launch on the Chrome Web Store.

Benefits / Improvements

Based on the PO request that I have read carefully in the Task Request, then the idea arose to create a flat logo character that symbolizes Anole. The PO says that he wants a simpler logo that does not look like a logo from Notepad++.

To that end a crisp, non-cartoonish and / or stylized Anole representation may work best.

Therefore, I created a logo character from Anole, where the logo is round which symbolizes Anole wrapped around her body. This means to convert any selected string into a special case. I also use green leaf color on this logo since Anole is mostly green.


  • Logo symbolize and corresponding to the project
  • Simple flat design and looks good in very small size (16px)
  • All requested sizes of POs are met, including supplying images and branding guides. You can see in the folder.

I've also sent the logo to the PO via discord and comment in his TR, but he didnt respond. So, I can not consult with him. But, CM commented on my logo and asked for the full post. So, this is my logo.

Inspired Image:


I created this logo with Golden Ratio:


Logo Result





Applied logo mockup:




Created using CorelDRAW X7, and Photoshop CS6 for mockup.



Original files

All Files: CDR, SVG, PDF, PNG
Font: Alba
Mockup: Paper Edition

Proof of Work Done

Github @anaufalm


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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Thank you sir ;)

Congratulations! @naufal, great job :)

Weh first time mention in Top Weekly, thanks.

Who is @malufa btw? :D

hahaha sorry for that.

Dont worry 😅

Hey @naufal
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This is really amazing! Congratulations, your post had been chosen by curators of eSteem Encouragement program. Feel free to join and reach us via Discord channel if you have any questions or would like to contribute.

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Thank you for using eSteem

Haaa this is so unexpected, so fast. Thank you btw :D

Wow thanks friend

For what?

Your logo has a different touch than all the other ones i have seen around on the anole TR...nice job!

Thank you

I just love your graphic work, @naufal Great job!

Thanks man :)

Excellent work @naufal, congratulations! I really liked this design.

Congratulations Bro..Great work!

Thanks buddy ;)

Luar biasa. Selamat bro.. :)

Ur welcome hakhak 😅

OMG! love your redesign really much, the colors, the forms, and how you used the golden ratio to design the forms, really cleaver!. Idk actually hoy to use in a radial form the golden ratio, but really cool that you did it!. Hope to see more of that! :D I followed you already, see ya bro!

you did a great job.
the way you adapted the animal to its digital form is amazing!
It is quite functional and has a lot of market, it is fresh and although minimalist it has a masterful essence.

how great! This is very original and complete all your post! I loved!

Of course, you seen that.

@naufal was browsing around Steemit and found your post, your logo caught my attention! Wow your Anole creation and thought-process is very detailed. Thanks for sharing this! Love your professionalism in your work, kudos for that. I also do my own creative art, and it's really cool to learn from the experience of other Steemians like yourself. Upvoting your post to support the tremendous hard work making the logo product and the step-by-step instructions. Hope we can stay connected and support each other!

Thanks, good luck for you :)

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