Logo for Anole Chrome Extension: A Utopian Task Request

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Anole is a free productivity extension for Chrome that aims to assist users with all sorts of string transformations via selected text and the clipboard.


Photo of an Actual Anole by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

The first version of the extension provides features to convert any selected string into special case like CamelCase, kebab-case, Start Case, snake_case, and so on. More cases and additional features (e.g. transform templates) will follow.


Screenshot of Anole extension for Chrome in action

At present the developer of Anole, @tdre, is seeking logo and identity graphics to prepare version 1.0.0 for its launch on the Chrome Web Store.

Components Required

  • Logo and proposed color palette suitable for adaptation to any identifying purpose (e.g websites, letterhead, flyers/brochures, and merchandising) and to be incorporated into the following deliverables for this task request:

  • Icon, 16 x 16 pixels, .png file format. This will display in the Chrome browser toolbar to represent the extension.

  • Icon, 128 x 128 pixels, .png file format. This will be the icon displayed in the store. It is important that this icon is attention grabbing and enticing as displayed in the store.

  • Small tile icon, 440 x 280 pixels (i.e. landscape), .png file format. This will show up on the Chrome Web Store wall.

  • Editable vector file of the logo in a common format to support future remixing. Suitable formats include EPS, SVG, or AI files.

Before Getting to Work on This

Please post a comment with a link to your portfolio or past examples. Rough drafts and logo ideas are also welcome in the comments but not required. You will not want to commit extensive effort until invited to work further on the project by @tdre. Based on other recent task requests this seems to be the most fair way to proceed.

Additional Considerations

The project's namesake — Anole — is a kind of lizard. Many Anoles are small with a proportionally long, string-like tail. Further the common American anole which inspired the name for this project has an interesting ability to change its shade of green or brown — thus it makes an appropriate mascot for changing a string from one thing into another.

Preference will be given to logo/identity proposals that portray this association.

However, keep in mind to avoid confusion with the logo for Notepad++ which also incorporates a reptile. Nor do we want to resemble any similar software logo.

The less Anole's new logo looks like this the better.

To that end a crisp, non-cartoonish and/or stylized Anole representation may work best.

Since these assets will be used in the Chrome Web Store please be mindful of Google's guidance on supplying images and branding.

To be accepted any work submitted must preserve the potential to use it as a trademark for the project. Please refrain from licensing until after your work is accepted.

Once this Task Request has run its course accepted contributors can discuss open source and Creative Commons licensing in concert with the project owner if desired.

The Anole software is licensed GPL-3.0-only.


July 2nd, 2018.






This task request is now open. Information for designers:

  • First contact project owner and show them your portfolio.

  • Only post your work to comments and wait for approval from project owner. Project owner will pick 1 best work and consult it with moderators.

  • Deadline for posting your comment: from 25th June 2018 00:00 UTC to 2th July 2018 23:59 UTC. Comments before and after this deadline wont be reviewed.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

Need help? Write a ticket on https://support.utopian.io/.
Chat with us on Discord.

Thanks for your review!

Thank you all for the proposals and portfolios. I am sincerely impressed by the depth and breadth of talent in the @utopian-io community.

For those not selected this time around please know that I hope we'll have a chance to work together another time.

@andrejcibik I'd like to invite @ggabogarcia to complete the assets required for this TR based on this proposal:

@ggabogarcia please connect with me on discord so we can finalize the design, package up the assets for the Chrome Web Store and get you a PR on the repo.


I also found that two other designers offered standout proposals:

Thank you very much for this great way of announcing your choice.
Gratz to all selected designers.

Thank sir @tdre can you allow to make at least logo proposal? Even if you already choose one, Or @ggabogarcia is only allowed?

You're welcome @jeeuuzz. My understanding is that as long as your work meets all the usual Utopian standards and guidelines as it would need to if it had been accepted than you may be eligible for a reward if you prepare a full proposal.

You should double check with @andrejcibik who is community manager for design. But as far as I know that's how it works.

Best wishes and thanks again!

Hey @tdre
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next task request!

Want to chat? Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/h52nFrV.

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[Anole] (https://github.com/utopian-io/utopian.io) you include a utopian gitub link there.

Is that really the link you mean?

Ah, thanks @shaphir. That should have been a link to the project repo:


I've updated it in the post as well.

Haha, Great project, I love lizards :D

Kewl lizard, coder!

Thanks! :p

Hello @tdre here is my proposal digitized, I represent the Anole in a minimalist way, I hope you like it.
Inspirations 1 2 3 4
My Sketches

Sin título-1.jpg

It is different from all the ones that have presented, I like your proposal.

Thanks for your interest and for your post.

Hi @tdre, here is my idea for your logo and icon. I used Golden Ratio concept to create an anole symbol. And here are some examples of my previous works - one, two, three :)


Wow Golden Ratio concept!! In this very case it is very cool that you showed the process of building it. I am quite impressed @teneresa My old friend Leonardo must would have loved this logo concept. Besides, it is so green and so Anole! Just Wonderful. I Wish You Win!

Hi. Thanks for submitting your idea

hello @tdre , I impressed to join your task request for the logo, HERE my some of previous work for the logo and others graphic.

Hi @tdre !! , this is my idea I leave you two different proposals, greetings



Hey! Thanks for your interest and sharing your ideas.

Hello @tdre, this is my portfolio of past design:
One,Two, Three, Four.
or you can also visit my website for another project http://visualmovements.co.id/

And this is my logo proposal for your project, Anole. Please give a feedback if you like it :)

My portofolio or past examples HERE or One, Two, Three, Four

Please do not use someone elses / free vectors without the source. This is close to being considered plagiarism.

it's actually cool, especially without the stalk. nice

I think next time, you can take the vector and add some personal twist so it doesnt look similar to the original. design and art is about inspiration and you can get it from anywhere (even existing works), but it has to not look (too) similar. not bad work still.

Hi @tdre, this is my logo proposal to Anole, what do you think? please give me your opinion :)




Hello, the moderators team has decided to reward this work as well. Please post full official contribution.

macam sama wak :D

Aku pun terkedjoet hmm, tp gak lah mirip2 kali 🤔


hahahaha, gak masalah tu, suka2 PO aja lah nanti :D

I would like to work in the Anole TR. You can see my works in my Steemit account.
Here are the sketch of my idea.

I will be attentive to your answer to start working.

Thanks for sharing your sketch and portfolio. I will definitely keep you in mind.

Hi @tdre here some of the work that I have done

LOGO 7 - LOGO 6 - LOGO 5 - LOGO 4 - LOGO 3 - LOGO 2 - LOGO 1

In addition to this is my logo proposal for its extension, if you want to make a detailed publication about the creative process of the proposal let me know and I will gladly publish it.

@tdre here's my minimalist modern design, hoping for your feedback sir, you can check my profile for my portfolio



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Hi @tdre I made a sketch of my idea for Anole. I want to participate in this project.

Anole logo.jpg

Hello @tdre, I improved my sketch. Here it is:
Artboard 1-100.jpg
Artboard 2-100.jpg
Artboard 3-100.jpg

I appreciate your interest, thanks!

Hi @tdre, here is a link to my most recent work. There are a few others on the page.

What do you think about these drafts

these are pretty rough but I want to know if you really want the full anole or if the head is enough as seen n the first pix. I can refine any of them.

looking forward to your feedback. thanks

Thanks for your interest @ninjadroidx. Whether a logo works best using the head, whole or an abstraction is something I'm counting on the designer(s) to show me =).

You're welcome. That's right. Let me work on these and see which looks better.

Good, greetings @tdre a pleasure to say hello, I present my proposal based on a lizard, with a green tone and a few lines of text as this extension transforms the chain through the selected text and the clipboard, is a minismalist logo, and flat (Flat) simple but representative. I hope you like it




hi sir, this my entry

ANOLE 2.png


thanks :)

hello good night mr. @tdre how is this a taste to help you I think I'm still in time to show you my portfolio of designs: 1, 2 , 3 and my proposal for Anole I hope you like it and meet the expectations for its extension.


Design view from the Chrome Web store!!!



Here is my idea, suggestions are also open.

hi @tdre , this my entry

version 1

version 2

Here is a proposal set on 440*280. figured from the post that you would love to see the lizard but less cartoonish. So, I put one there, manipulating the letters with its tail, as the anole app does with strings. Look forward to your feedback.


still subject to tweaking especially for background/icon contrast. this is just for feedback on concept.

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Hi @tdre, this is my idea...

Master Anole.jpg

Hi @beladro Thanks for your interest and the submission.

You are welcome @tdre, I will prepare full post and all files you need in my blog soon.

@tdre may i know your discord ?

It's mentioned in the post @orcheva. Under the heading communication.

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