Steem dApps Analysis - October 2018

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A look at Steem dApp user metrics and new dApps for the month of October.

1. October posting and payout

After the rollercoaster of the September hardfork, October was a return to normality and the smooth running of the Steem blockchain. There were no major outages, rushed patches or DDoS attacks. From a certain perspective it was all rather dull.

The impacts of the Velocity hardfork have now worked their way through to the usage metrics. Author and posting numbers seem to have settled on new, slightly lower, levels after the Resource Credit restrictions. Distinct author numbers are now running at around 12,000 per day. Post numbers are fairly constant at around 60,000 per day. I think it is fair to say we are yet to see any significant impact from the new easier account creation and sign-up process. These things take a little time to work through.



Payout number were higher in October than September. Although the Steem price was broadly stable across the two months, sticking close to $0.80USD, the lack of voting for five days after the September hardfork spread five days of rewards across October. That impact has now ended and we have returned to payouts of around 40,000USD per day.


The author / benefactor / curator split has also moved following the changes to the curation rules and the removal of the self-voting advantage. At the start of September the rewards were split 78% / 3% / 19% on average. Curators are now averaging a slightly bigger slice at 74% / 3% / 23%.

How have our Steem dApps progressed with this consolidation?

2. Steem dApp breakdown and ranking

The Steem dApp ranking table is based on the information in the “app” field of each post of comment on the blockchain. Not all of the entries in the top 50 are recognisable dApps, with their own website, plug-in, platform or application. Two are coding libraries providing methods to access the blockchain. Two more entries are generated by automated comments, from bidbots and from steemcleaners. But forty-five are solid applications that you can use to post to the blockchain and these forty-five are drawn from an overall list of hundreds.



Authors is distinct authors across the month. Many users will use more than one dApp so the sum in the Total Result exceeds the actual number of separate authors.

Posts includes both posts and comments.

Payouts now includes benefactor rewards in addition to author and curator payouts. The payouts in the table are those made within the month rather than payouts associated with content created in the month, so a seven day offset (however for all daily charts in this post the latter approach is used).

The overall ranking used to order the table is an average of the author ranking and the post payout ranking. Numbers of posts have not been included in this ranking statistic due to the potential distortion from spam through some channels.

I am using the block.ops tool for this analysis. This applies the block transactions data directly and has allowed me to capture the "app" field as at the point of post creation. The above stats are thus unaffected by post edits which in previous analyses overwrote the “app” field data and skewed the figures towards Steemit where most editing took place.

I would add that the block.ops system is new and still under construction. All figures should be treated with caution.

A few stories drawn from the figures above…

3. Impact of HF20 - Partiko, Steemhunt, and SteemPress

These are three dApps that all jumped up a couple of places in the rankings from September to October. For those who need a reminder, Partiko is a lightning fast mobile app for Steem, Steemhunt rewards users for finding great technology products, whilst SteemPress connects the Steem blockchain to users' WordPress websites, taking Steem out into the wider web.

How were their user metrics impacted by HF20? Three contrasting outcomes.


Partiko author numbers continue to rise after HF20 but there is a marked drop-off in the number of comments (the second chart illustrates that post numbers are less affected).



Since Partiko is a mobile app it is less likely that it is used as a vector by spammers for posting on the blockchain. As such this reduction is likely to be due to the HF20 Resource Credit constraints.

Post numbers are less affected. I would speculate that users are prioritising posts over comments because posts are required to maintain a blog presence and can gain greater rewards. Will this lead to a reduction in interaction and engagement?


By contrast, Steemhunt shows solid author numbers after HF20 and no drop-off in post or comment numbers.



With Steemhunt the comments are an integral part of the overall hunt-and-review process. Useful comments on products can also be well rewarded. Here I would speculate that users are continuing to prioritise their Steemhunt comments, potentially reducing comment usage on other dApps.


Finally SteemPress shows a marked contrast in usage statistics. While author numbers remain very robust, the drop-off in post numbers is huge.



SteemPress has been plagued by spammers. Prior to HF20 many of these spam accounts were already targeted by mack-bot, steemcleaners or spaminator but continued to post for zero rewards. The HF20 Resource Credit system seems to have put an end to this practice. These accounts would now need to invest capital in order to continue to spam and would still gain no rewards.

The payouts chart shows that the huge reduction in posts has not affected payouts, since rewards are targeted towards real content creators.

A mixture of impacts across three popular dApps. Some success for the HF20 spam prevention initiative. But there is also likely to be some loss of engagement through lower comment numbers due to Resource Credit constraints.

4. User growth - Musing, Actifit and Partiko

A quick check on user growth at three of the best growing dApps: Musing (Q&A dApp), Actifit (fitness dApp), and Partiko (mobile dApp).


All looking good post HF20. Steady growth!

5. New Entries

A bit of a Utopian theme to the new entries section. Every month something new!

SteemSTEM (position 45) is the new App from the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics community on Steem. If any of those subjects pique your interest then this could be the site for you. The website allows you to toggle between all articles and those curated by the SteemSTEM team, allowing you to see a distillation of the best science on the blockchain.

SteemSTEM is also supported as one of the trails followed by Utopian-io.

You can read more about it here:

Utopian Rocks browser extension (position 46) created by @jestemkioskiem is a browser extension that allows you to create Utopian posts through Steemit. It brings additional functionality thanks to the Utopian Rocks API, allowing users to see useful information about the progression of their post through Utopian review and voting.

You can read more about it here: (position 49) is a Steem blockchain front-end that finally solves the trending page problem and also finds great content for you! Steeve uses an AI system to suggest posts you might like based on your own blockchain activity. You can also see what trending would look like based on organic votes, i.e. without bidbots.

Although Steeve has no connection to Utopian as far as I know, browsing through the trending page showed quite a few posts supported by Utopian. A good thing as far as I'm concerned!

You can read more about it here:

Tools and Scripts


I used the block.ops analysis system to produce this study. Block.ops is an open-source analysis tool designed for heavy-duty analyses of the Steem blockchain data. It is currently under construction.

You can find the repository for block.ops here:

The study can be recreated by:

  • Loading the data for the relevant time period into block.ops.
  • Using the reportcomments command from the command line.

Block.ops stores all posts and comments from the period in a MongoDB collection and the "reportcomments" command runs aggregation queries to summarise the results, then post-processes to export the results to csv. Payout amounts are converted to STU using hourly fx factors derived from actual posts. I used the mac numbers spreadsheet tool for the chart illustrations. Eventually I will build my own charts for use with block.ops.

Relevant Links and Resources

Links are provided in the text.


This analysis is of data from the Steem blockchain which is an open source project. Many of the individual applications are also open source projects in their own right.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi @miniature-tiger, again a great report!!! October indeed shows a rather stable picture of the situation after the HF and allows us to better evaluate the consequences of the changes. Extracting the post/comment/payout numbers of partiko, steemhunt and steempress individually shows how different the consequences for individual apps are - I would not have expected to see such big differences, but your explanations make absolutely sense. Steemit and Busy are probably not expected to give up their positions shortly, but again some very interesting candidates in the lower ranks - thanks for highlighting some of them!

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Thanks @crokkon!

I don't see steemit giving up the number 1 position for a long time, but we may see their overall share fall below 50% fairly soon. Particularly with more and more dApps arriving and the new account creation process allowing them to sign-up users directly. I'm hoping to see some of that kicking in before the end of the year.

Thanks for the review!


Thank you for your review, @crokkon! Keep up the good work!

Hi @miniature-tiger !
Once again and as always, great work ! Really useful informations for everybody in there !

Just got two little questions :

  • In case of a post being edited : Is the author / payouts credited to the original app through which the post was made ? Or is the app "editing" the post credited for it ?
  • Would it be possible for you to make the same table but excluding the amount of payouts coming from votes of the app itself (to see what would be the results excluding the steemit delegations some apps might benefit from in terms of payouts) ? It might be a great complementary information for "younger" apps.

Keep up the excellent work ! Hard to make statistics pleasant to readers, but you manage to do it !

P.S : Told you @share2steem was gonna make a steep increase this month :D Was eagerly waiting for your monthly report !


Thanks @algo.coder!

On question 1. The block.ops system captures the app of the original post, not any later edits. So the app where the post is made gets the credit, not the app where any editing takes place.

On question 2. It would be possible but a fair amount of extra work and some of that work would be manual. I would have to tie-up the $app info from the comment metadata to a particular voting account or accounts for each application (of which there are hundreds). For example busy/v3.56 --> and Then exclude the votes of those accounts in the MongoDB aggregation. Also some apps get delegation from Steemit Inc but also from other delegators, or just from other delegators. It would be difficult to make a non-subjective adjustment in each case. I think for most users the total amount of the payout pie is the most useful stat, since it gives an indication of usage and potential earnings. Overall, not something I'll be taking on I'm afraid.

Good to see @share2steem on the rise. Let's see where it gets to by the end of the year!

  1. Perfect !
  2. Yes, it would require too much work for not so much added value for most, the stats you're doing are already really complete and the pure "unique monthly authors" statistic can make do. It was more by curiosity, to see the real Gross Product (only brought by users - not delegators) for each app.

The first "climb" was easy, now the places are expensive and require a marginal effort greater for each step. Each place gained will from now on be a big victory !

Thanks for your quick answer !

Excellent work @miniature-tiger, thank you for the insights !


Thanks! Great to see Actifit going so well!

Great analysis, oh beem lost three places. Maybe a good sign, more real user are on the chain.
$rewarding 100% 13min

Posted using Partiko Android


What is that $rewarding 100% 13min?
Is this your personal bot for delaying upvotes? How cool xD


It's only the best bot on here.

It'll even upvote posts that are already paid out :D and give the rewards to the author.


Please give rewarding the posting authory for using its service.


It's open for everyone who trust me enough to give rewarding the posting authority ;).

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Command accepted.


With beem and the libraries it's hard to get concrete figures. People could be using it but setting the $app data in the comment json to represent the tool they are using it for. This could change from one month to the next.

Also impressed by the $rewarding comment!


Please give rewarding the posting authory for using its service.

How come I don't see Steem-Monsters on this list?


Hey @demotruk.

SteemMonsters is a very different thing from other Steem dApps. I could pick up the data (which is stored in different block transactions from all other dApps) but it doesn't have the same stats to fit into the table. Perhaps no. players, no. battles, value of card sales?

In any case they would be very much in a league of their own at the moment, so hard to know what would be a useful comparison. But it's one I am thinking about.

Hi, thanks for these regular reports.

May I point you at a new DApp called StemQ?
StemQ was launched last week and is a Q&A application for STEM subjects powered by the Steem blockchain.

The URL is:

Thanks! :-)


Hey @irelandscape.

I just had a look at StemQ now. Looks good! And great to see more STEM on the blockchain!

At the moment StemQ posts won't show up in these monthly reports. I use the app field of the json_metadata of each comment/post from the blockchain to derive the application (e.g. "app":"steemit/0.1" gives me steemit) and I don't think that StemQ posts have this field set currently. So those numbers will be swimming in the big pool of "other". If you add the field I can fish them out automatically in future.


Oh I didn't know about that field!
Thanks for letting me know.
I will update the app shortly!
Keep up the good work.

good to see dpoll is on the rise. :)


Heading in the right direction!

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Thanks Actifit! I'm going to need a bigger wallet!

awesome stats!!! I got to know more about other apps~!


There are a lot of them! Putting out the list means I try and keep on top of what they are all doing and it's amazing, and somewhat encouraging, that there are always new ones popping up to look into!

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