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This post is published in relation to the @utopian-io & @davinci.polyglot translation project, by a selected Translator for the Italian language

The project that I translate today is called GitLab.
GitLab is an application that allows you to manage the entire life cycle of the creation of a software.
Starting from the management of the source code, through the planning of the project in all its stages. This product helps to speed up the software creation process by 200%.
Among its features we can mention that:

  • it is completely open source;

  • it facilitates all the stages of the software creation: monitoring, release, management, planning, verification, etc.;

  • you can start from an idea until you reach a finished product;

  • it is a safe product, tested and used by many users.

Al these elements, along with my strong belief in the concept of open source, represent a great incentive to translate this project.


Check out the whole project on Github

Contribution specification

My role as a translator remains unchanged and consists in translating English words into Italian ones in the most appropriate way possible, trying to create the maximum harmony between English and its translation into Italian.

Translation Overview

This is my eighth translation work for the GitLab’s project. After numerous translations, I have increased my awareness for what concerns this project. In order to facilitate who will read my post, I remind them that GitLab is an application that allows you to manage the life cycle of a software. Therefore, all the translated sentences concern this particular topic. In these thousands words I found numerous new phrases and interesting topics; among these I can mention: mirroring (a fascinating concept regarding the replication of data), numerous sentences concerning the repositories (which are present in different contexts) and also numerous sentences concerning the toggle (another computer concept concerning activation and deactivation).

Excerpts of my work

Below I propose some significant strings that help to better understand the work I have done translating these 1000 words:



Trigger pipelines for mirror updates


Repository mirror


Only mirror protected branches


Mirrored repositories



The repository must be accessible over http://, https:// or git://.


The update action will time out after %{number_of_minutes} minutes. For big repositories, use a clone/push combination.


Trigger pipelines when branches or tags are updated from the upstream repository. Depending on the activity of the upstream repository, this may greatly increase the load on your CI runners. Only enable this if you know they can handle the load.



ClusterIntegration|Toggle Kubernetes cluster


MergeRequests|Toggle comments for this file


ToggleButton|Toggle Status: ON


Source language: English

Target language: Italian

To check my previous experiences as a translator you can consult my application

Word count

Words Translated: 1019

Proof of authorship

You can lookup Crowdin project on the following link, as well as the summary of my activities

link 1
link 2


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Keep up the good work!

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