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STEEM-NEWS: Already BIG improvements!!!



Since all announcements and news about Steem blockchain and Steemit platform are available to all users, this website seems like something unnecessary​ but I learned that not all users follow the right Steemers. Many people here get the same information at the different time, for example, you can still find some posts today about how somebody just found out about Byteball airdrop and wrote a post recommending​ to the rest of us to seize the opportunity. But the most of us did the same thing with Byteball more than two months ago, and there were many posts on Steemit about it, so I don't know how so many people failed to get that information at that time. However, as a Javascript noob, I decided to "do an exercise" by building a website that will use APIs to fetch only important news about Steemit platform and Steem blockchain. So I started with thinking about​ what kind of news do I need on my website. The most important news is​ actually posts made by @steemitblog, so I used Steem JS API to get five most recent posts from the blog page that belongs to @steemitblog.


Then I played more with different APIs and took one from Cryptocurrency calendar to fetch the news about al upcoming events considering Steem and Steemit.


The next things I needed were good charts.

My personal opinion is that nobody should follow more than one trustable author of the charts on Steemit. Charts are always the same and there is no need to read the same thing from the different users every day. I follow @majes because of his simplicity​ and reliability. The chart is always the third image in his posts, so it was easier for me to fetch the charts automatically.


I also fetch four​ trending posts​ in category "#airdrops" to try to solve the problem that actually inspired me to build this website.

In the spirit of all news portals everywhere around, each week you can find a fresh horoscope (only​ about blogging and crypto) for each sign​ of Zodiac written by @big.mama.


I purchased the steem-news.com web domain almost two months ago only because it was cheap at the time at GoDaddy. Firstly I used GoDaddy Web Builder and something went wrong - I wasn't able to access my own website for 26 days. After I contacted the guys from GoDaddy, they admitted it was their fault and apologized to me offering me free hosting and web storage for next 12 months. Then I started thinking more seriously about my website, deleted the one I made with GoDaddy Web Builder and decided to write a code containing Javascript, CSS, ​and HTML. The whole site was written in Notepad and I will try to make some graphical improvements.​ However, I have many ideas and I decided to keep steem-news.com as a platform for my next projects. For now, it is just a news portal with a bunch of links that lead you to Steemit, but I have really big plans for the future. The first step in that future is STEEMOPOLY GAME.


Steemopoly is a Javascript Monopoly-like game made by myself, inspired by Steem blockchain, Steemit platform and many other things inside the crypto world. At the moment you can find a test version (I prefer to call it "a ​teaser version") on SteemNews. The full version is under development at the moment and that will be a real multiplayer game. The "teaser version" is made only for testing, but you can find the source code on my Github page provided at the top of this post.

The "teaser version" is a test version of Steemopoly created only for two players playing on the same computer​.

Nobody can lose, nobody can win, since there are no limits in the gameplay and players even can be in the "minus". The reason for uploading the "teaser version" is to get the feedback from Steemit users and some advice about improving the game and upgrading my idea.


Why Steemopoly?

The Monopoly board game is special and interesting because of investing and handling a special currency - Monopoly money. This game has Steemopoly Money- a special currency which can be more than just the game money. The age of SMT tokens is approaching and the first thing that I want to do is to integrate Steem-News on Steem blockchain, use SteemConnect to log in and create multiple Steemopoly tables for players.


These are my​ next steps:

  • Development of the full (multiplayer) version of Steemopoly is ongoing.
  • I started to work on the ​integration of Steem-News on the Steem blockchain (I am doing this alone and it will surely take some time).
  • I am planning to develop a "PUNCHING BAG" - hit it with your voting power to create more Steemopoly Money in your wallet.
  • Development of RISK-like world domination board game that will use the same token (Steemopoly Money) to recruit​ the troops.
  • Steemopoly Money will be available to purchase on Steem-News website.
  • Steemopoly Money will be convertible to Steem.
  • Instead of classical airdrop, we will share tickets for the match of Steemopoly game, where a player can win the token and convert it back to Steem, or hold it on Steem-News... who knows what could happen?
  • Raising funds for Steemopoly BANK money - the real Monopoly game has a ​bank and a lot of money in it. Sometimes the game ends with the ​empty bank, sometimes the bank has more money than on beginning, it all depends on the players and their skills but we must secure some extra money for it.



Visit Steem-News and test my game there. If you feel that you would like to be a part of this, any kind of contribution is welcome. I would appreciate any advice or help that I can get and, as always, I will try to make this a project that belongs to all of us.

Thank you!

  • The game works, with no ending.
  • There seems to be two articles in one here. Your contribution post for Steemopoly should stand on it's own. The first bit about steem-news feels like advertising.
  • Try committing you code often and by chuck of changes, not just once it's finished. Git is not a backup tool, it's change management.
  • Try linting your code, it's cleaner and good practice.
  • There must be a better way. Try for loops instead of just repeating code.

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Hi @dumar022 the game looks very interesting.

I also created a Steemopoly game some time ago, but it was just the design of the cards and board, not an online game. Maybe you are interested in it and take some ideas.

That’s so cool! I’m kinda stuck with balancing bank money and player wallets, I have to modify fees, rewards and prices and be careful about the bank funds if I want to create a real token of this. Thank you for the link here and I will check it. I am more than interested in what you used instead of properties and all those chances/surprises in the game. Thank you for this comment. Do you use the same username on the discord?

Yes, I'm jga#0699 on discord

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Hej, love the idea of Steemopoly, hope you improve it to the max and get a lot of people playing. start by adding a lot of kids the love stuff like that, maby market it on snapchat and add the link there. Anyways im new and just getting to know so il keep watching for your news ;)

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