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I'm so proud to say: I built STEEMOPOLY!

The test version can be found on my website steem-news.com. It took 15-20 days for a Javascript noob like me to create this and while I was coding, my website worked great by itself and using Steem JS APIs was fetching news from Steemit blockchain.
We still use great and correct charts by @majes, we provide links for all important announcement on Steemit and beyond, we also use API from CoinMarketCal to get the information of upcoming Steem/Steemit - related events.
We also offer a great weekly horoscope for all signs of Zodiac written by very creative @big.mama and this horoscope is only about blogging and crypto. Check all on steem-news.com.


But now, we have board games!

The test version is available for now, that means that there is an endless game uploaded on Steem-News, you can spend your virtual Steemopoly money, you can even go into minus, because (the best part incoming) THIS IS ONLY A TEST VERSION AND I WANT YOU - YOU EXACTLY to help me make the rules and perfect the gameplay.
It is basically very similar to Monopoly. There are two virtual dices, 4 fields, personal wallets of the players and the bank.
This test version is something like a TEASER version and it is made for two players sitting in front of the same computer! Of course, that will change, the next version will be a real multiplayer game and it will be for 2-6 players. But I will tell you more about the future of Steemopoly later!

Now, there are 40 fields: a Start field, a Warning field, a Naptime field, a Tax office field, four Fee fields, three Daytrade fields, three Airdrop fields, four ICO field, and 22 Content fields. These content fields are like properties on Monopoly, they are divided into eight groups: two SPAM POST fields, three SHIT POST fields, three MEME POST fields, three PHOTOGRAPHY POST fields, three CHART POST fields, three LIFE POST fields, three STEEM POST fields and two DEV POST fields.

The game is really simple. Click the button to roll the dice. Let's say that you stepped on PHOTOGRAPHY 2 field and that it is available to buy That means that you made a #photography post and invest into its promotion. If you do it, next time you step on the same field, you will get some benefits.! But you will get more if your opponent steps on that field and has to pay to you much more... especially if you hold all three photography posts, then your benefits are much much bigger!


There are a lot of surprises ( good ones and bad ones) if you step on one of the Daytrade fields, you will get amount between -200 and +200 Steemopoly money. Airdrop fields always get you money, and the Fee fields always​ take some money from you...
The best thing in the game is to invest in all 4 ICO fields, you get a really big amount from the bank each time when you step on those fields after making an investment. And you get 150 Steemopoly money each time you pass the START field.

That's about the game for now, but the ​future of it is much more interesting!

First, I will make a​ multiplayer game from this, as I said at the beginning of this post. I will try to make possible for players to login using SteemConnect service. Next step will be (the step that requires your adive) tokenizing the system. We have a dream to create our own SMT token and the board games are fun, so we will focus on that!
Oh, yes, we also have a RISK-like Steem-inspired game in development.
So try the game, give us your feedback and if you want to be the part of our idea, find @dumar022 somewhere on Discord!

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