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Inspired by the work of ned0flanders and his cryptocoinopoly I have decided to create the monopoly game for Steem. The rules are the same of monopoly, with the difference that instead of renting you receive incomes for posting. Instead of "JAIL" the players need to regenerate their voting power.

You can download it from Github following this link:

Account cards

Each color card represents an account. I have selected a bunch of users that have some influence in the blockchain. In the original monopoly we build houses and hotels to receive more incomes, but in this game, we improve our posts in order to have more followers (500, 1000, 10000, and 20000). If we have 20k followers we can choose to be witnesses to improve the incomes.

a1 a2 a3 a4 a5
a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5 a5

Bot cards

The bots cards are like the trains in the original monopoly, they are special accounts in the middle of each line. They represent the bots that receive incomes for promoting posts.

a1 a1 a1 a1

Front-end cards

The blockchain is a distributed ledger, there is no central site. But and are the two principal windows that we use to access the blockchain. These are the cards of water and light of the original monopoly.

a1 a1

Chance and community chest

These are surprise cards that players receive. "Chance" normally represent a movement on the board, and "Community Chest" does not. Both can be for incomes (upvotes), or expenses (flags).

Read the cards, it's really fun!! You will see upvotes, flags, delegations, and more from a wide variety of users.


a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1

Community chest

a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1

What are you waiting for? Download it, roll the dice and play!

logo by @orelmely

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. How about calling it Steemopoly instead?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I've already changed it to Steemopoly, it sounds better. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Steemopoly, and it has my name on it? - So cool! - here is a little gift from me and @booster, enjoy.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Awesome!!! thank you very much @fyrstikken and @booster... I really really appreciate your "little gift" 😉

Y sigue subiendo felicitaciones excelente creaciòn. Desde steemfamilyhi felicitaciones

I think all spam and scams are stopped so now @steemcleaners are curators

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yeah this sounds better.

Thanks for your suggestion! you are right, I will consider it.

it should not :) Community cant be wrong :)

Cryptopoly, OHHHHHHH

also, no paper money....just electronic coin wallets.

Excelente reconocimiento a tan creativo juego

@steemcleaners upvotes this comment but not the post?

Clearly this comment took more effort than the post did. Steemit working as intended.

It right sir. I this what You say above is true

So you are trying to monopolize a decentralized block chain? Seems legit lolz. Fun looking game though, very cool idea, re-steeming it and I may livestream this for ppl to see.

Hahaha Thank you very much.

Very cool reimagined version of Monopoly...

Pretty cool! You worked it out completely, instant-ready for printing and playing!


Thank you!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Would not it be nice to have an illustrative example of how to play ? Because my son loves monopoly, and I would allow him to play on behalf of my account, but since this involves real Steem, it would be nice to see an example before trying out ?

I downloaded it, but don't understand how to play it ?

Thanks for your comment. The idea is to use the same rules of the original monopoly.
But instead of properties you have users. The square of "regenerating power" and "without voting power" have the same functions of "JAIL" and "GO TO JAIL" respectively. If you have all users of the same color you can "improve your posts" for more followers.

If you think that we should go deeper into a particular rule or if it is ambiguous, tell me to maybe create a post clarifying this topic :)

But I don't understand how do we play and how it interacts /integrated with Steem blockchain. May be a tutorial on how to play after downloading would help.

It is not for playing online or in your computer. The idea is to print the board and the cards and play with real dice 😃🎲

That was quite a spectacular misunderstanding!

@Steempoker or some intrepid devs should get on making an actual block-chain integrated monopoly game with real Steem xD

Very beautiful design @jga, really nice work! So creative :)))

@jga I would suggest for the railroads and utilities, be that of the other media networks on the Steemit blockchain, then illustrate on the board their literal bind in code across the map.

User accounts as properties...maybe a few notable whale accounts, perhaps as with each side with utilities/railroad could feature hashtags as locations, houses and hotels would be like upvoted posts.

Would make a cool Steemit keepsake.

Time is Art. In Life, all we have is Time. Why not make Art all the Time?

I am a proud @earthnation Steemit Guild Community member!
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Very cool idea! Even cooler you actually created it too! Here come the evenings around the dinner table! Do you get extra bonus points if you leave your phone in another room? :-D

Hahaha thank you very much.

I like this but why are @curie and @utopian-ui the boardwalk and park place? Are those two accounts the best resource for your posts???

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi @theuxyeti, thanks for your important question.

I selected @utopian-io because is the account with the largest delegation in steemit (look this report), 3.8 million steem power. There are some acounts with more SP, but this is the largest in delegation, meaning that this project is really interesting.

@curie is the largest witness without counting the witnesses of 1 person, that is, the largest organization being a witness (this is the list of witnesses, position 6 right now). Again, if the people have voted it, means that the project is really interesting and very important for the community. And I must emphasize its scheme of work based on meritocracy.

I must also admit that this selection is perhaps influenced by the fact that I as a programmer have been more involved with @utopian-io, and that on one occasion I received a very important vote from @curie when I had only 2 days in steemit.

I would like to know your opinion, what accounts would you choose for these positions?

What programming do you know? Can you do react? In addition how do you get @curie attention to upvote your posts? What’s the process.

I work in javascript, android, c++, solidity, python, and others. I'm learning react.

Regarding @curie, there is no process (no tags, no follow, no upvotes, no transfers, no promotion). Only quality content. Details here.

Maybe it would be better, to put popular tags onto fields not people. Why? because with tags would could more easily "connect with".

I mean, for example, everyone can post under tag #funny, but only @ned can be @ned.

Monopoly is about who owns the most and who you have to pay to get by

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

But what about the bots? they are special cards in the middle of each line.
Think about the "followers", the tags have no followers.
Or for instance, the flags and upvotes in the "chance" and "community chest"... a card saying "you got a flag form @berniesanders" has a lot more adrenaline 😃.

What do you think?

Thanks for your comment and important upvote!

OK, now i seen it all, and i am a board game store owner. How many ways can they reissue this game? Try the first monoploy rip off called "anti-monopoly. it's from the 70's but it puts a spin on a game you played hundreds of times. Its more then just renaming the spaces and making new player pieces, in anti-monoploy you need to pick a side, capitalist or monopolist, and they play slightly different. Check it out.

mmm interesting. I will check it! Thanks

What? No @funkit card? Go straight to jail!


Brilliant! I am sure there will be many people that actually want to get their hands on this :D

Just wondering if anyone from @steemmakers want to make this into a reality? Also are there other boardgames that we can Steemify?

Thank you very much @plushzilla for your upvote and resteem! Thank you for pointing @steemmarkers, I didn't know about this project.

There are a few other places on Steemit that have good incentives for people to be creative too! You can also check out @newbiegames and the Information Finding Championship hosted by @apolymask - we are getting a whole bunch of people with different skills to help work on a contest which is about creating contests :)

Where's muh Minnow Support Project at? We got 15,000 Steemians involved in it!

Thanks @aggroed for coming here, for your vote and resteem!
I'm sorry that your project is not on the list, it was very difficult to make a good selection among so many interesting projects and users. But you represent that project :)


Very good post.
Seem very cool . good idea . i appreciate your idea .
Keep it up like that . we are with you.

Thank you very much


Such an excellent and funny idea!
Well done on hacking this famous game.
More Steem speaking around the table to come ;)


Thank you very much @arcange for coming here, for your vote and resteem. I appreciate that!

Hahaha! This is so awesome! I love monopoly but this is 10x cooler for sure.

Great job my friend. Regards

Brilliant. Very well done, can we play against others for Steem?? :-)

This would be a really cool idea!

Hahaha sounds interesting ;)

that's hilarious
great job on the cards - proposal for another one :
you got an upvote from @rayday receive $0.01 and for your next 5 posts you get a haejin flag

Hahaha sounds very good!! yes, it would be good to put @haejin in the game

Dude you just made one of the coolest Steem related thing ever! Nice work man, pretty entertaining cards.
Also, how is the great @yesaye not in this?
not even joking

Hehehe sorry man. But you could modify it for you if you wanted :)
Thanks for coming here.

Haha @jga, joking buddy. ;)
Keep being creative though!
You may include me as a Jest in the future ones ;P

You can take my place @yesaye!

Ahahaha no way @papa-pepper! Legends are irreplaceable.


Great post!! amazing idea.

Ha, this is so cool!
What an honor to be party of the game. Thanks!

Thanks to you for steemnow, steemblockexplorer, and all your work ;)

Woow post nice picture comrade @jga

Remembered me into a small time monopoly game.

I am very pleased.

Great, really amazing, I'll try it, it looks very funny, your contributions are incredible

Thank you very much @vjap55!

Interesting post keep up the good work!!

This is gold !


How about Steemitopoly, without the ''n'' ?

Thanks for your comment. I have taken the recommendation of @demotruk to call it steemopoly.

Este juego es excelente felicitaciones!

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Welcome @jga . I hope you enjoy here as much as I do! Nice post, I will follow your account, please follow me at @rasel49 and give a upvote to this comment.

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Thank You! ⚜

It is fun. How about to make it a merchandise that can be purchased with STEEM?

Good idea. But I do not know if there would be legal problems with Monopoly. Try it!
for me, there is no problem if you do it ;)

I expect one SBD

Very nice Post. I like it your funny Post. I appreciate your post.
thanks for sharing this post.....

Esta genial llegue a traves de steemfamilyhi

Muchas gracias @sacra97, para que lo compartas con tus hijos y familia :)

Si se ve genial, voy a tener que imprimirlo para poder jugarlo. Si me sale la tarjeta de
@penguinpablo @papa-pepper @cervantes estoy feliz ha ha ha muy creativo.

Excelente se ve bastante interesante, en lo que tenga tiempo lo probare.

Excelente! un saludo

Amigo, realmente "te la comiste". Muy muy muy bueno. Felicitaciones.

Muchas gracias @autinf!! gracias por comentar

Respect for your efforts you put in that.

Looks well arranged and good designed!
Have fun with it! :-)

Thank you very much @hasenmann.

Sick dude! Nice work! Resteemed!

Refreshing and revolutionary;
a decentralized social media network, one to rule them all,
a game played by the biggest whales

Thank you for sharing!

Time is Art. In Life, all we have is Time. Why not make Art all the Time?

I am a proud @earthnation Steemit Guild Community member!
Thanks to their loyal support, I am able to create a passive income stream that funds my creative output and delivers this original content directly to YOU.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for your resteem.

Great job on the cards.
This post is extraordinary. Congratulations.

Thank you blanca

Just seen this now! This is great, sorry we can't upvote anymore :(

No problem @paywithsteem. Good to see your comment here :)

You are a genius, I love Steemopoly!
Could I translate it to Italian, @jga?

Yes, of course @amico!! please when you do this leave me a comment with the link to see it and vote it.

O yeah @jga, I'll do!
Thank you very much!

This is awesome! I can well imagine playing this Monopoly! ;-) It's fun and very practical in terms of better understanding the steemit platform.

Upvoted / Resteemed AND Saved -for future laughs !!! :D Awesome :D

Thank you ☺

This idea is brilliant! How about somebody now 3D-designs and prints specialized figures for playing this? There sure should be some way cooler figures to play this with than a thimble and a wheelbarrow! Maybe they could be inspired from some of the most popular tags, photography, travel etc? Although I have no idea how to make figures for some of those like, life or esteem… Any ideas??

Interesante, y para los nuevos usuarios de la comunidad ayuda a orientarse haciendo la analogía jeje

The first git commit was done for five days.
Does that mean you did it in five days?

Anyway it looks very good to me

Yes :) plus two or three days with drafts and selectioning users.

well done!

This is awesome jga!


Now I have something else to work for - my very own character in your next master piece -Steemit Cluedo!


Thanks @hboi - loving this gif.

Hahaha! Thank you man, for resteem and upvote this!

Hasbro’s lawyers might want to play. 😏

Hahaha no please 😆

So... they will play or no problems with that?

Why isn't Steem on the board? I think we should create our own board games on Steemit, so maybe something to think about for @apolymask and the people over at the Information Finding Championships? Very nice work @jga!

wow,this is such a wonderful idea you've given.I love the way you were able to put the community into ah fun and partly virtual reality.And the best part is that it follows the same rule as the original game.
Nice job,your creativity is above and beyond..👌👍👊👏

What about making this idea go a step forward? What if we could turn this game into a way to give back to the community, play for win...

Anyone thinks that is a possibility?

🤔mm sounds interesting! hehe.

Ha, that's great. I love monopoly. Each circuit round the board could result in a bigger reputation and a better payout.

Thank you :)

Oh yes i saw this game image a long time ago.
This is really full of interest the game of my childhood
And now Steem is also doing the same with its work methods. Very good column
Please follow me for interesting blogs

I'm glad you like it

One day my card will be there too :)


increíble amigo es un honor tenerte en nuestra familia

Muchas gracias @steemfamilyhi

Soooo much better than Monopoly (registered TM)!! This could have been sellable item but you GAVE it to us...awesome!

Good game. I think you should make this game for other languages, especially my language, Bahasa Indonesia. :)
Your words are still dificult to translate into Bahasa. I have tried when I made some articles on Steemit rules for my friends.
But thank you anyway.

Thanks for your comment. Maybe for another update :)

Great game idea! I wish that someday many games and other Steem tools/dApps will be integrated right into the or platforms and just have a smaller page pop up where the dApp will be played/used from.

Really Nice. Is it downloadable for Android?

Iam at the hospital for months and would love to play. Ny PC just broken so i have no chance to play on PC :(

Really great idea and i love monopoly. Actually i am a monopoly champ so would love to compete with you guys.

No. It's not for PC either.
This is a board game. The idea is to print it

Then i get it. Possible to play online with other steemians?

This is actually a really good and creative idea. It seems well thought out as well.🤔🙂😁

This a really a cool game. It can be play during next steemians gathering. Thanks for sharing this creative and innovative game


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Thank you @sisygoboom, this bot seems to be a very good project. Maybe you are interested in @nextvote, a curation project related to bid bots.

Thanks for sharing - I'll make sure to use that from now on when testing steemroasted. Very good post by the way, I love the whole monopoly idea and I can tell a lot of thought has went into each card :)

Mopoly, it's sound like my higher institution school name, good idea , nice post


It sounds like a really awesome game @jga , would love to play it if it would be for real:). Instead of usual "Jail" you could put "Flag":)

Awesome stuff!
Have you considered putting it on Kickstarter?
Hell, I'd buy that for a dollar!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I am in which order