The Musicians Quick Start Guide On The Blockchain #3 | OPEN YOUR MUSICOIN ACCOUNT & UPLOAD YOUR FIRST SONG

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The Musicians Quick Start Guide On The Blockchain #3 | OPEN MUSICOIN ACCOUNT & UPLOAD YOUR FIRST SONG

In follow up to my previous post on The Blockchain Musicians Guide: How To Transfer Your 'Musicoin' To Your 'Bittrex Wallet' I received several inquiries from new musicians in our community and friends on How to open a Musicoin account and upload the first song.

First I would like to give a big shout out to @musicoin team and developers for this amazing alternative blockchain platform for musicians, so far my experience has been great and this is why I have been putting the time to promote this beautiful platform, spread the word and encourage more fellow musicians to join and benefit from this revolutionary blockchain platform.

I love everything about Musicoin from the simple interface and the easy functionalities that it provides to the diversity of artists and musical genres on the platform and definitely not to forget their generosity in rewarding new artists registering with 'Free Musicoins'.

This Tutorial will cover how to open your Musicoin account and Upload your first song in very easy detailed steps supported by Animated Gif's to break down the process as below:


Open a Muscoin Account 1.gif

1- Go to
2- You can register automatically using your Twitter, Facebook or Google account Or you can fill your information manually
3- Click on 'Get A Code'

Get Your Musicoin Confirmation Code.gif

4- Go to your Email and get Your Musicoin Confirmation Code
5- Copy your Confirmation Code
6- Go back to the Musicoin page and Paste the Confirmation Code
7- Click 'I'm not A robot' and Verify

Fill Your Information.gif

8- Once Musicoin page opens, go to the Top Right Corner and click on 'My Profile
9- Upload your Public Profile picture
10- Fill up your information
11- Add your Social Media Pages as requested
(Kindly note this is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP as Musicoin needs this information to verify you are who you mentioned and that you're a real artist).


Upload Song.gif

1- On the 'Top Right Corner' Click on the Upload Icon
2- Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions
3- Click 'I agree to these terms of use'
4- Click 'Next'

Upload Song 2.gif

5- Account Verification : make sure all your Social media networks are Linked before releasing a track
6- Click 'Next'
7- Click on Upload File
8- Select the Track you want to Upload from your computer
9- Wait for Upload to Finish
10- Click on 'I confirm that I am the exclusive rights holder for this piece of work and/or have obtained the rights necessary to release this work'
11- Click 'Next'

Et voila! Congratulations on your first track release on the Blockchain! After a few minutes you will get a Confirmation from Musicoin that your track is released and it will be listed under your Profile.

Thank you for taking the time to read so far hoping this guide was useful, stay on the lookout for more guides from my series of 'Musicians on the Blockchain' if you have any suggestions for topics that you would like me to cover next please do let me know in the comment section below. Kudos!

For more information about Musicoin

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Good to go my friend! You're doing such great things with these posts for the musicians here I have deep respect for you and you're an example to us all man keep going!, My experience with musicoin isn't pretty however, maybe I should try it a gain look what is does and support each other there aswel to bring out the good stuff, be my sensei :P

@seveaux mah man! lol i just woke up and ur reply was first thing i read it cracked me up lol

Thank u for the reply and hope we are helping on spreading the knowledge, im glad to see lots of my friends by the day jumping on the wagon. I made good bucks in a very short time on Musicoin and i bought bit of Satoichi's then convert to SBD and boost my Steem didn't take much work or effort just shared the music i do. Give it a shot host ur music there and by the way where have u been Ninja mode? lol been coupe of days haven't seen u on Discord hope all is well. Salute

This is going to be huge... I have not even promoted much yet and it is generating money. I finally got my wallet to work offline. I'm screaming at every musician I know to get on this now that I see it working. I am not going to listen to music on any other platform from now on. Just like when I found steemit I stopped using facebook lol.

Word up! Glad to see ur on it honestly after getting on this i feel this is Z best platform for hosting music on the blockchain with instant crypto rewards and its still growing, keep those musicoins saved the value def is gonna fly high by next year as more artists will join, they currently hold the biggest music library on the blockchain. Dope stuff! Dont stop using fb and such use them to recruit more of our fellow soldiers to join the blockchain. Salute n kudos

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Is social media mandatory? I don't really have social media for my music.

@scuzzy Peace mah man! Hope u well, yes it is in order to verify your an artist and verify your music. If you don't no problems you can easily open a soundcloud put few beats and have a twitter account that should be enough no need for all of them. I made quiet a few good bucks (Music Coins) in a matter of couple of weeks converted them to Steem Power and boosted my VP. You sleeping on mad production get on it you wont regret it unless u mind the few bucks.... lol Let me know if you need any assistance or anything. Kudos

Great work really digging the flow of this coin look forward to being a listener and early supporter!

thank u for coming through and ur feedback, if u get the chance to hear any of my music on bitcoin lemme know what u think. Thank u for being part of the blockchain revolution, Kudos!

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