Please Do Not Using Utopian IO

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Do Not Log into Utopian IO Platform.
If you do not want to give out your Private keys thru their platform.

I did not say they can have my permission to use my private keys.
Very tricky asking for people keys.
I say please return back my keys.

Now , How do I change my active keys?

I have found my solution. Thanks reggaemuffin , that's really helpful.
The Utopian are not because They Flags, Never Helpful.

Oh! The Utopians are Flagging!


I have over reacted on this comment, so accept my excuses. I deleted it. Still what you wrote makes no sense and is harmful for a project that is acting in total transparency also for your benefit. But yeah..

You are gone boy!
You have not solve this issue

I have no time to waste, if you have I am happy for you, but don t start a war where you will lose. Makes no sense. Thanks

Don't get so cocky! You want war I will give to you.
You are not helpful to resolve this issues!

We use steemconnect developed by busy and maintained by steemit. There is no way for us to get any key. Other people have already explained this to you. There is nothing else I can add.

I am reading , your boys are throwing flags everywhere

You started FUD and threatened utopian on things you misunderstood. Now is a good time to aknowledge your mistake and edit the post. You still did not get flagged much.

Flagging will cover up the truth. That show that you all want to buried it.
A simple explanation , Howto as I did ask howto resolve it.
Other people may want to remove it too as howto get rid of the part sharing in their upvoting

In my all respect @elear could you give a little bit explanation? I think, best idea if you can give a simple technical explanation. Please, both of you do not too emotional.

Utopian uses steecomment developed by busy and maintained by steemit. There is NO way we could get your key. There is not much to explain here. Steemconnect authorises utopian to do some basic actions, like posting and you can always remove the authorisation from That s all

@elear thank you for your simple explanation, @bullionstackers, I think he gives a simple and clear explanation, could you reconsider what he explained.

deleting comments is not total transparency?

or super cool if all revisions and what was said is still accessible to public even if not showing up on steemit??

Everybody doubting if steal your keys could check my post:

Then you will know has no ability to steal our keys

very well said bro :)

I don't like posts like this, no research, no evidence, no references...

That's the point

that's the truth my bro. uses SteemConnect like every other reputable app does, like itself for example. It's the safest way to log in to third party apps without giving your keys away.

If you want to revoke the permission for you can simply go to and just do that.

revoke.png does not steal anything! Please don't listen to this disinformation. is about Open Source collaboration and the platform itself is Open Source. You can check out all the code yourself here:

Why are you flagging me?

Because you spread disinformation! This should not be rewarded!

There are no explanation , when ask for the keys.
You guys built it! The Utopian-IO platform.
You guys are responsible for explanation.

It takes time to look for thing, you flagging me for what?

I removed rewards on a comment that promotes aggression. Nothing personal.

I'll give you some time to read and make up your mind :)

Please why did you flag my deleted post? even if i delete the original content the best you could do is to upvote it and leave it like that people should please encounrage new comers rather than making me feel are blessed sir

You want your Reputation Back ?
Be Good and Keep up the good work , I will give it back to you plus some $$$.

Please i am sorry ....please give me back my reputation the reason i deleted was because i feel the post wasnt good enough.....flagging me is a way of discouraging me new and please just take me as your junior still trying to comprehend the platform....please you and whalepower should please unflag next post will b very powerful with the appropriate tag.....please am i forgiven?

I will Reward you in your next post! Be Good.

Ok thanks @bullionstackers

Im making my next post shortly i will beep you when im done ...thanks alot

My next post is all about poetry....
When you and whalepower flagged me i loose all my SBD 0.476+

My new power about you and whalepower......please i will really appreciate if you resteem

I will start Flagging All Utopian Post ( Owner Posts ) Mr eclear and that's YOU!
Your Head is on my Chopping Board Now!!!!
If Nothing Have Been Done!

Yep, Putting on alert now

Please listen to all the smart people telling you how steem works :)

Utopian uses steemconnect and does not have your active key

If you accuse people of a scam, please back up your claims…

Check my steemd , it show up very clear
No way I am giving 50% away
You mean Smart Con Artist!

Ahh you mean the beneficiary rewards? Those that are really transpirently stated on the page and that everyone using it agrees too?

That are 20% and there are 25% curation, so that is probably your 50% you say?

Please back this up more if you want anyone to take you seriously...

I do not agree to any of this! Taking 50% off

I think I know now what you mean:

That is permissions, not money.

No one is taking your money and if you take a minute to calm down and let the smart people of steem explain to you how steem works, you can still stop this from escalating.

hey @reggaemuffin where 's my money :)))

And because you do not agree you are going to accuse people scamming? this is not a right way disagreeing someone. first it was clearly stated that there have an 20% deduction for the sponsors and 5% deduction for moderators. if you contribute in utopian. if the people don't want to use the platform we don't force them to contribute. utopian is very transparent with that.

Don't start throw flag, very hard to read with all the flag every where.
Utopian throwing Flags!

Please read the answers and edit your post. People who read your post and understand that it is FUD will flag you. Most bigger people will give you a few hours to edit it before they roll in.

So instead of starting a flag war, use the time to educate yourself and correct your mistake :)

Again we are very transparent if you have any disagreement did you need to accuse people scamming?

Now , How do I change my active keys?

go to : wallet>>password>> change password

Utopian does not ask for your private key, they are using And it need your private key to create your account, funny thing, steemit also wants your prviate key i should not use it? Why does steemconnect need private key? to set posting auth but i can be done manually -

Steem Drama! I tough I was the queen of it... I was wrong.

So much drama on Steemit lately... Don't even need my TV anymore

Like seriously, You are really scrooger :D

Is this a new kind of flat earth ?

Don't get so cocky boy!
You give me 2 x 100% downvote , You started it!

Your the one stirring trouble well lets go play together?

Yes I downvoted your post which spreads harmful disinformation and I downvoted your comment:

I will start Flagging All Utopian Post ( Owner Posts ) Mr eclear and that's YOU!
Your Head is on my Chopping Board Now!!!!
If Nothing Have Been Done!

I don't believe this kind of content/comment should be rewarded or even visible.

There are 2 explanations.

  1. someone feels "attacked" by @utopian-io because the platform it's successful and it's growing really fast ; or
  2. There is a scammer who pretend to be an member, which he isn't.
    Either ways you are on a high rank level, so you should know that you can't give your private key. It's one of' rules.
    If you join a community, make sure you read their rules, it's no one's fault if you do mistakes.
    I am not a @utopian-io supporter but I know how strict they are with works being originals.
    If you want attention, then do as @utopian-io's do : BE ORIGINAL.

He just did not understand that logging into utopian means adding the steemconnect app to your posting authority. We helped him revoke the authority.

Yes, I see your point of view. There are many who doesn't make the difference between posting authority and private key. I've been asked once to give my posting authority, but because I wasn't sure how this is working, I refused to send anything. I don't see how @utopian-io can send it back, the only thing that he can do is to change it

Well, there is even more details to it.

Utopian uses steemconnect to manage login, so utopian has no keys, only, ownen by steemconnect has them. And oncy posting atuhority, not the key. So utopian is not at fault here, the user is for not even reading what a transaction does before inputting his active key.

Is what I said: we have to read the rules, and if we do mistakes is our fault, but from what you said looks even more safer to me.

how can you say like that about one of the most popular project on steem blockchain and this project is empowering open source contribution and developers for their hard work it's so sad to hear such things from an well reputed user.

now I am confuse because I am not using it... but i think it is needed for them to be able to do thing on your behalf.

??? What are you talking about?

it is like the streemian too. sorry for my ignorance I jist thought utopian is like streemian.

so funny, you are kidding too much

to change your active keys you need to change your master password

Please Resteem this, Let @everyone know

The user are logging using Steemconnect how could the plat form stealing the key? are you serious?

sepertinya anda sudah mulai main main di akun saya. saya berharap ini terakhir kali kita melakukan vote dan jenis lainnya. mulai hari ini saya berhenti menggunakan tag anda (whalepower). semoga masalah anda cepat selesai. terimakasih support anda selama ini dan saya sangat menghormati anda.

A very important thing is that your words are very valuable to me. We learned a lot from your post. Knowing a lot Thank you from your post thank you very much.

wrong time to spam

you must be kidding :)

Thank you very much for the information @bullionstackers.

Thanks for your contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord

what is this?

not the best time

Right tomorrow would have been even better

a troll :D

Keep an eye for this 😂

although I have not entered utopian but I am very supportive with the community, because there are many positive things that they publish.

What a pity

So terrible, there are so many scams out there. Thanks for the warning and I hope you will be fine.

Please read all the top comments. This is disinformation. Utopian is currently one of the most promising platforms on Steem.

i agree with this

Ok, thanks for heads up, I will look into it further.

Wow .... easy all please

1+1=2 peace is beautiful, do not let things happen in here, we are newbies here and want the best here .. learn us to do our best.

thieves everywhere

no wonder yhur rep is 14

Some user came here to suffer . They don't wanna learn

Thank you. Nice post !

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