Thank you, for the first time my name was on the front page news list, something extraordinary is when I managed to correctly guess four out of four matches in the Quarter-Finals phase, seven out of eight games in the knocdown phase, meaning I answered thirty five challenges from all the matches that have been going on, thanks @steemitboard and all of sponsors, I'm happy with this contest.

Me too...😃😃😃

Great...... I love this contest, thanks @steemitboard

Well done @steemitboard! You successfully guessed the match result.

Quater Finals - Russia vs Croatia
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SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - Quarter Finals - Day 2

보팅 순위인가요??

I'm 4 games away to take me to the first place in the contest

If you win 2 - you are the winner. I think you will do that. We fight for the rest places

That's my idea if I win 2 more games at least ensure a tie in the first position if I lose 2 and you win the 4 remaining games. although that possibility in the absence of 4 games is small.

Not Tie. You will win because more badges from groupmatches. I hope you win - you have been at top so long . I hope I get number 2. Or at least number 3.

thanks ... in the third place there are 6 users tied. I hope they do not reach you. Friend so you and I will be the first and second of the contest.

With God's favor.

congrats @bidbots, you're in pole position now, @minimining is the real challenger, I think.

4 more sockets, but I'm still far from the first ones :)... thanks for the mention and for this fun competition

wow..................I love this contest, thanks

많은 이들에게 기회를..

Gracias por la mención @steemitboard ahora me siento como el pulpo.

Hello @arcange i guessed all the four game of the world cup quarter finals. However I have received only three budges. I am missing the budge of england v sweden. This has affected my ranking. Please correct that.

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