DTrip v0.1-Alpha: share your travel experience with STEEM

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What is DTrip?

DTrip is an app which helps travelers to share their impressions, favorite places, reviews and get rewarded for it. The application is designed to make topics of travel in STEEM more interesting and useful than just publication and view posts with the tag #travel.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 14.33.06.png

About travel

I believe that people should share resources to help each other and find more rational ways to live together on our planet. This is especially true for travelers. And I want to try to make it more accessible for people. Many travelers already travel around the world, with almost no money, because people usually help travelers or foreigners and do it with pleasure, Couchsurfing proves the possibility of this idea. The main thing in such services is trust between people. Each participant must have their own rating so that other people can trust this person without being personally aware of the person. To implement such a trust rating based on the blockchain would be the most sensible idea.

Alpha version functionality

First developed version with minimal functionality is submitted to the public review:
  • Publishing interesting places and events on the map, with markdown editor
    Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 14.41.00.png
    Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 14.36.03.png
  • Feed: sorted by created time
  • Author profile page
  • Map with posts
  • Login by SteemConnect

DApp Technologies Stack

  • Front-end: VueJS(NuxtJS)/ES7/pug
  • Back-end: Python 3.6, flask, GraphQL, MongoDB
  • IOS App: Swift, RxSwift, Dip, Alamofire, SwiftyConnect

NuxtJS is used for server rendering, but it will be possible to develop an SPA version for placing the application in IPFS.

The GraphqQL service is also used to get data, filtering and sorting to be exact.
Of course, that is a centralized option, but, otherwise, the application could not function fully without it. As for example: using the node's API, it is impossible to query filtered points on a specific area on the map. Consequently, the service being used will be maximally adapted for easy deployment and synchronization with the selected node. Now, if you want, you can deploy the service by yourself with one Docker command.

In other words: the information is decentralized, but centrally aggregated. IMHO, at this stage of development there is nothing to worry about.


There are a lot of ideas and I want to combine all the best of existing solutions:


  • Display users on the map
  • Editing user profile
  • Information about the user, his place and the ability to receive guests

Map / Post

  • Attach a route to the post, as an GeoJSON LineString
  • Search and filter objects on a map by their type (Event, Place, Route)
  • AskSteem integration for search


  • UI / UX updates
  • create Logo


  • chose ESLint standard
  • IPFS Integration: for storing GeoJSON, media files, and other stuff
  • Enable beneficiary payouts to support the server and create an IPFS gateway
  • IOS App: development of the first version started on the initiative of @ooodin
  • unit tests


I do not consider myself a good developer, especially since my main specialization was back-end, so I would be very grateful for any help in the development of the project.
Send your issues / pull-requests to the repository listed in the GitHub column.
I don’t understand UI and Design at all, and now I think it is necessary for a project, if you want to help as a Designer or Web Developer, feel free to contact me via telegram.



The application is deployed in IPFS: /ipns/dtrip.app/
Only for local use. Do not use public gateways, in order to avoid XSS attacks!

Join us on Telegram! https://t.me/joinchat/EPzxdVfxrDb9GamQcEeAJg

Closing Words

I am grateful for the opportunity to present my project here.
I will gladly accept feedback via telegram: @avral

This is the Alpha version, respectively, bugs are expected.
This is rather a prototype of the application, so perhaps the architecture and technology may change to more favorable in the future.

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Congratulation on launching your first alpha version! While it's early days, the idea is certainly solid.

Now, I have some question, a couple of suggestions.

Why not share some screenshots? This is the first reveal of the app. And, sure, people can click and see it, but a nice visual representation would make a more appealing proposition. I would also consider adding the link to at least one mention of it in the text.

The post was not as comprehensive as I would like. I often say that a blog post is a story. In this case, it's the story of you creating a Steem condenser for travel. Why do it? Where is it unique? How can it compete with the Tripadvisors and the Yelps?

Finally, while there were several issues of style and grammar in the post, there is one that bothered me in particular:

Each participant must have their own rating, so that the rest of the people could trust him without being personally aware of the person.

The male pronoun should not be default. It's excluding of female and non-binary readers, which I'm sure is the last thing you want to do. You could write around the pronoun, or use the singular they. But please don't use "him," unless you're talking about a specific male person, or you're also using "her" in the post for the same purpose and alternating.

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didic, thanks! I apologize for my English, google translate let me down..
I really didn’t want to call her "him" :)

As for the competition with Tripadvisors, I think this is the same as asking for example how Steemit can compete with Medium, just my opinion. This is a completely different approach to the product.
Until the end, I still do not see the final picture of the development of the application. Maybe this could be the DAO of travelers?

Yes, I'll think about the screenshots. But I especially do not want to make the application attractive, so that everyone would like it. I make it for those for whom the idea is really interesting.

Thanks for your review!


Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 27 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Of course, that is a centralized option, but, otherwise, the application could not function fully without it.

Or could it?

  1. You can do it with tags (for example put a tag with x<longitude>y<lattitude>
  2. You can use fields in the json_metadata and search/filter on it with AskSteem. Distance is easy its just sqrt( |x1 - x2|² + |y1 - y2|² ) (assuming earth is flat)

Another thing... please serve it as a single page app. It needs to work with file://, IPFS, DAT, etc. You will need to use #s in your routes.


@heimindanger Thanks for your advice. Yes, this is a good idea, I implemented the SPA version and uploaded it to ipfs: /ipns/dtrip.app/

I want to make the choice of the node and the ability to work only on it.

To filter objects on a map, it would be better to use a country, it seems to me that it would be more rational, publications may contain different or multiple objects, not only points.

I think in the future, there will be no problems with filtering and aggregation of objects by json_metadata field. EOS and GOLOS blockchains already have a MongoDB plugin, most likely the http standard of the interface will be developed soon, which will be able to run along with the node and this will solve the problem. AskSteem is also a centralized solution, then why is it better than the service developed specifically for my application?


Countries have very weird shapes... I'm thinking of big ex-colonial empires like Great Britain and France. I think little squares is simpler.

AskSteem is better because it's less work for you and no need to reinvent the wheel. I agree it's centralized too. Indeed if we had a powerful search option in the node api directly it would be heaven on earth.


And very good job on the ipfs hosting, it works! No more need to pay hosting for your app!

If you use IPNS, make sure to broadcast the ipns record once in a while, otherwise it will fail to load one day if you don't.


@heimindanger is a homophobe, remind him it's 2018 and people are people.

Would you believe anyone who calls someone else a "fag" in a derogatory way?

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I have tested already the app with my first post :)


Good app to share our experiences :)


Thanks for the help in testing! :)

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This is a very interesting project ... !

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