Translating Gitlab | English-Dutch #10

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GitLab is a single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle that allows teams to work together better and bring more value to their customers, faster. GitLab does this by shortening the devops cycle time, bridging silos and stages, and taking work out of their hands. It also means a united workflow that reduces friction from traditionally separate activities like application security testing.

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I translated more than 1000 words in my 10th contribution to the Gitlab project. No real issues were encountered during this translation session. Since there's no real 'story' here, just single strings to translate, my posts remain a bit underwhelming. This will probably not change and there are many more posts to come. I estimate about 6 more sessions will be needed before I can finish the project to 100% completion. There are however also translators working on this project that are not 'DaVinci' approved, so if they work fast the project might be finished sooner than I can predict today.


Hi @altrosa!

Thank you for another contribution to the GitLab project translation.
The 'job' doesn't seem to get any less boring, however, you manage to stay consistent with all of your translations for this project. As a proofreader, I tend to go over the other people's work sometimes as well, since it is all mixed up, and while there are some really good people working on this project, I also see some rubbish. It pains my heart to see this and not being able to do much about it. I wish they were a bit more lenient in regards to granting proofreader rights to people because they need it!

There were no errors and work it very consistent with former translations. # Great job!

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Yes, I agree, it's painful to see the level of quality sometimes. It's a real shame they are not all proofread by you :D

Hi, is there nothing that can be done? Overruling their decision, proposing a better version, leaving a note or contacting the maintainers? It is unfortunate to hear that there may be issues with other people that you are not in touch with.

I've sent the project owners two messages so far. On GitLab, they want a prospective proofreader to translate first. I did that, only a few strings, but they didn't put any limits on it, so I count it as a translation. I then sent them the messages. They have one Dutch proofreader listed, however, she hasn't been active in a while. The translations that were bad were older ones, and I gave them a minus vote, to some I commented. The translators now seem to be quite good, so there's not much hassle there. I would love to go through all of it, but I only vote for those I see if I have the time, because it's quite a lot that has been translated already.

Thank you for your review, @misslasvegas! Keep up the good work!

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