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@minnowhelper works with the @inertia algorithm "Dr. Otto" for more information click HERE. And thanks to the new @msg768 tool, we can analyze the status of minnowhelper and make SMARTEST BIDS. To see this tool HERE


@msg768 new tool is simple to use and it's absolutely free! You just should follow 4 steps.

  1. Put minnowhelper in the Dr. Otto's Account box.
  2. Press Start / Reset
  3. Enter the amount of your bid in the Your Bid box and press Calculate.
  4. Note the possible value of the vote that the Bot will give you and how much time remains until the sale of bids closes.

Some considerations to keep in mind when making a bid.

The best time to bid is near the closing of the window. I recommend 10 minutes before closing the window. Since we will know the closest value of our reward.
A critical point is that you should not make bids when the Bot performs voting. Since it is very probable that the robot does not capture its transaction (This can be visualized if the voting time is negative on this tool).

I hope this tool helps them to make SMARTEST BIDS.
Original article HERE

Thank you very much for reading and sharing.
Best regards,
The @minnowhelper Team

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I didn't get an upvote yesterday from you. I placed $0.05 as a transfer... can you upvote this comment instead.


Please see how @minnowhelper works!!! HERE
Make sure that the Post you want to vote for has not been paid or is not within 24 hours of payment (posts can not receive votes during this period that increase the reward).


I was expecting a 1% upvote on my comment as an compensation... :/

Wonderful post, I really liked it .. Continue please.
Followed you and upvoted done
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it has been more than 8 hrs, i minnowhelper did not upvote...i sent 0.05 sbd, so please return my money

I pay 1 SBD yesterday and didn't get any upvote! the post isn't old and the URL is fine ...

nice post