Protest in Bucharest against a Corrupt Government!

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It is the 28th day of Romania under the governance of a prison convicted politician!!



Why are we protesting?

In recent years, in Romania, the fight against corruption has intensified and we see more and more often at all TV news stories how a billionaire or a former minister or a mayor or any other corrupt politician has been taken under search; Besides all this we learn about the way in which they stole the money of the state and how they then invested them in order to multiply and build palaces like the most recently convicted delinquent Liviu Dragnea has. It does not pass the day almost without having the National Anti-Corruption Directorate investigating a new politician.

This is a good think, but is this the solution to decrease corruption? Have we seen any decrease in corruption? Maybe a little, but not significantly. I don't think this is the solution. The corrupt politicians will never give up if the honest citizens won,t do a think to push them.

Protests against any unfair low, any unfair act, at any level must be one of our daily activity, because the change will never come from one day to another. The change will probably come in one or two generations from now on.

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