WE MADE THE LIST!!!! Please vote :)

in upfundition •  3 months ago

Have you seen???

I can't believe it! We made the top 10 list!!!

@theycallmedan has offered a 10,000 SP delegation for a YEAR!

And SPUNKEE MONKEE made the list! We happen to be at the bottom... hehehe but you can bring us higher??? Pleeeeeeeease :) We need 80 more votes to take first place.


It does not cost anything to vote - just log in with your Steem account!

Think it's impossible?? come onnnnnn!

WE CAN DO IT!!!! WE ARE MONKEES!!!! 10,000 SP would be awesome to upvote the Monkees!!! And then just think! you can be supporting the Monkees through a simple vote and wear this SUPER cool badge!!!!

Make sure you're logged in, (it doesn't cost 1 SBD - no need to hit the PROMOTE button.. just hit the VOTE!!) and then GO VOTE FOR SPUNKEE MONKEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

Thanks for your support everyone!

We really believe this project will make an sweet impact on families and our beloved Steem blockchain!

Your help makes a BIG difference!!!


Before you forget - Give us your support at Fundition or Kickstarter!

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SPECIAL thanks to the Steemit witness who have been supporting Spunkee Monkee: @aggroed, @steemcommunity (made up of @paulag and @abh12345), @derangedvisions (who is the other half of the @c0ff33a witness team), @jackmiller, and @enginewitty


All Spunkee Monkee images have been created for Spunkee Monkee by the amazing @jimramones! Images are not to be used without permission from Spunkee Monkee.

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nice work making the list. I just voted. Resteeming and tweeting too


Thank you! We won't win at this rate - but I just want to get higher! MONKEES RISE!!!!!!! hehehehe

Voted and I HOPE you win sis 🤗❤️🤗
Wooot! Spunkeemonkee kicks butts... But in the nicest way ever... Lol


Hehehe thank you sis!!!

Looks like it's gonna be hard to win this time around but.... Next time??? Hahaha

We will bring all the Monkees ♥️🐵

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Done and done my dear.
Also I believe it's 'crowdmind' not 'crownmind'?


oh hahahaha did i misspell??? geez.


Good luck @spunkeemonkee.

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Thank you!!!!!!!!! we are doing respectable!! :) the top three have a ton of votes - but we are hanging in there nicely hehe

done and done!


Thank you!!! :) Tell your friends that monkees need them! hehehe

The Monkees are slowly getting their name out there ;D
Can't wait for Feb 1st


They really are! hahahaha we have nice momentum like a slow train coming! :)

once we get moving - there will be no stopping us! hehehe

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