''Kill The Messenger'' Seveaux Remix - #unity4j

in unity4j •  5 months ago


Good Day all!

Yesterday my mate @jamesgetsit released his support song he made for #unity4J with help of @v4vapid. Thanks for pushing this song trough! Knowing your help on the lyrics which i find impressive in the way the message comes trough. Big up guys!

Supporting this topic is important, very important. And needed for the world since we all know Assange needs us as we need him to keep the suppressors of the people in watch and let them know we are not alive to be controlled like this. For the years I follow Assange now, what he does and what he has been trough over the years and how the us government has tried to set up traps for him so they could make the fake pedo-story become true with modified content if he had appeared for a webcam etc. etc. Just simply the true nature of the democrats, the false prophets, lying demons. It made me stop watching television because all we get presented it questionable to be true.

I was just finishing a new instrumental at the time I heard the demo, everybody was awaiting the original and not to be all to shabby had the raw version under hands too, because i didn't like the first mix of it and offered my contribution to it. What i did was to play around with the vocal and put it under the freshly produced instrumental track and I gave myself some goosebumps.. which is pretty rare i must say.

But I also challenged willy g for this one, I he liked it a lot and he's also one of the first that got a listen for it so expect some extra fireworks on this tune when he's done..

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed creating it.

For more of my tunes:

support me on choon: https://choon.co/artists/seveaux/

Here is James's post Show him some support, love and respect

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Ohhh! Still loving those break ins

That was a real great song, and high quality work man :)) loved it!

Sick remix @seveaux! Really appreciate your work on this and your track gives the song a whole different feel, super funky and full sounding! Bring the MF ruckus!

Resteemed with pleasure ;)


Thank you very much! You did an awesome job aswel helping james find those rhymes and a place to record! You have a trained ear for talent aswel recognising it in James. First video I saw impressed me aswel, now look at the growth since january :) awesome, I keep throwing instrumentals at him whenever possible.. You should check up @scribblingwilly aswel for having the flow. Also thank you for the support on this it means a lot !

very dope brother!

Execellent beats!!! O G!

I love it how these beats give a TOTALLY different vibe to the song without taking the message out of it.

Now I just need a lambo and a boardwalk to drive over with this blasting out of the speakers and this Sunday is considered perfect ;)

Sweet mix!

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YO!!! SMASHIN IT!!! But you know I already think that!! know what i mean?!!!!!