OFFICIAL RELEASE -- "Kill The Messenger"!! Tweeted out by Julian Assange... AGAIN!

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First, the LIVE #UNITY4J vigil is taking place today and will airing non stop for the next day or so. Please go show your support!

Also, have to give massive thanks to @v4vapid and @suzi3d for making this happen! You two are truly amazing.

We released the final edit of "Kill The Messenger" last night. Within a few hours of releasing it, we heard word that Julian Assange has heard the song and really liked it. A short while later, he tweeted it out!!

Is truly amazing to know that the song was heard by Julian. I really hope it gives him strength knowing there are millions of us out here wanting to see him free.

Without further ado... Here is the song.


All lyrics written by @jamesgetsit and @v4vapid

Verse 1

In my dreams I walk free in the city streets
twenty five hundred days, plus fifty weeks
Doing hard time for these wikileaks
Trying to bring the truth out, man, it only gets you heat
Then they gag you, don't get to speak
And when you get the leak, they try to hit delete
The masters of the masses, they want this shit discrete
That's why my middle fingers up to these sick elites
Free speech, it's freedom of press,
Take the deepest darkest secrets, never leave em unsaid
If I'm a thief, then I'm a thief for the people you dread
The people of the red, white, and blue, you keep them in bed
seeing the sheep, keep em asleep, deceiving the weak
keep seeking the leaks, til you cease and I see your defeat
until I'm deceased underneath a freezin red sheet
become a deadman, then I hit the switch and release


When Goldman Sachs is your creditor – You kill the messenger
Story's axed by the editor - You kill the messenger
Pay-to-play on the regular - You kill the messenger
Need to silence any questioner – You Kill the messenger

Verse 2

And outside my window a figure quickly creeps
They dark as night like some motherfuckin chimney sweeps
whiskey's what my mickey keeps, dying and my kidney's weak
silence of my risky tweets, Is what the grand jury seeks
I'm wanting peace, like 7 years in Tibet
Not Rest in Peace, like 7 years under threat
Cuz I released 7 vaults, they upset
They ended the rape sentence, but the US still insists arrest
I guess it's a sin to take, the truth and dissimenate
MLK to Ghandi, take aim and eliminate
And I don't even say I'm great
I just want to say what's fake
But if they kill me, a million others will take my place
The CIA's Post, like a knife, the sharpest
All hypocrisy, lies, and heartless
They want to stop me, my life, make my heart quit
Cuz Democracy Dies in the Darkness


When Goldman Sachs is your creditor – You kill the messenger
Story's axed by the editor - You kill the messenger
Pay-to-play on the regular - You kill the messenger
Need to silence any questioner – You Kill the messenger
When the vote count is irregular – You kill the messenger
You caught spying on a Senator – You kill the messenger
Removing voters from the register – You kill the messenger
Need to silence any questioners – You Kill the messenger

Why#Unity4J matters

Free speech and freedom of press is necessary for a free people. It should worry everybody, regardless of political bent, how Julian Assange is being treated. He has committed no crimes. He is a truth-sayer, and for that reason alone he is being hunted.

I strongly encourage each and every one of you to speak out about this to any/all followers your have on your different social media accounts. We might not think that it amounts to much, but it really does. It doesn't matter what you have to offer. You're artist? Make some art. A singer? Sing. Rapper? Rap. Whatever you have to give, give it. I can't overstate it enough how important this is!

The information he has shared isn't he-said-she-said bull shit... It's the unadulterated truth.

We need to speak out and show our solidarity!


Man that is really awesome!!! Man that track goes hard. I just checked it out.

Man that is really
Awesome!!! Man that track goes hard.
I just checked it out.

                 - alao

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

? Repeat

Lol hell naw!!

Thanks brother!! Really appreciate you taking the time to listen.

I feel like it's easier to go hard on a track when it means something to you, you know?

Yeah man the world needs more music like this so they can wake up!!

to the moon! I'm right now uploading the remix

Just listened to the remix on it!

Sick remix man!! So dope!

Insane! It's getting a lot of positive feedback - Woot -Woot!

Now, if the WL main account tweets it out... Dayuum that would be epic!

@JamesGetsIt and @V4Vapid great stuff! I can't believe I missed this. I wonder if Julian has heard it somehow. I know his internet is cut off, but people can visit him?

Hey, thanks man! And yea, we've been told that Julian has heard it, that his legal team let him listen to it.

Mate, I've only just had the chance to sit down and listen to this and it is awesome! This track stands head and shoulders alongside the top notch of hip hop .. and I really mean that! Congratulations @jamesgetsit & @v4vapid this track is excellent!!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that man! Really glad you enjoyed it!

Credit where it's due my friend, I listen to a lot of hip-hop and this was right up there!

Thanks my friend, that truly means a lot coming from you :)

Thank you @v4vapid .. you guys make a great team! I'll be in and out over discord over the next few days so hopefully catch you there .. speak soon!

Congrats on the tweet and the great track!
Added it to my Steemit Musicians playlist on Choon!

Wow that's amazing!! Thank you so much for your support!

I'm honestly loving Choon so far, for a website in such early development it's rockin!

I agree, I just made my account the other's really cool!

This song is just amazing! Wow, "Cuz Democracy Dies in the Darkness" is my favorite part! Great work @jamesgetsit!

Yea, that has to be my favorite line as well. @v4vapid has a great talent with words!! Thank you so much for checking it out!

And there it is.....KABOOOOOOM!

Lol! Thanks for checking it out!!

I wouldn't class myself as a rap/hiphop fan, so I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of that song. Strength to everyone involved in this.

It has a nice flow

love it

That was fucking epic buddy! Love that shit lol

Thanks so much bro! I'm really glad you liked it!

This is fucking fantastic! Bravo.

Thanks so much!

No, fucking, way, dude!!!! Man that is something to tell the grand kids. Well done to all those who made this happen. I am going to listen to the tune now. Massive respect as I know it is gonna be awesome.

Yea, for real!! It's definitely nuts and something I'm truly grateful for!

I won't ask how it all happened, but not only is it a big deal it is a killer track!! Dude, you have got pure fire man. See you around.

OK, I have just listened to the track do I put this...

Yep, think that about sums it up!

Hahahah! Thanks brother!

Sent you some tracks via discord man!! You see em??!

The tract was so hard nice and remarkable thank you sir I appreciate you post very gorgeous..

What a superb job
The lyrics is so unique
I really love the song

Thank you so much for the kind words! They really mean a lot!

Thank you, nice track!


Thanks, I appreciate that!

Greetings from Germany! Working hard here to wake up my fellow Germans!

the song is great
You so nailed it
Love it!

Glad you enjoyed it!! Thank you so much for checking out the song!

I have drawn many political cartoons these 3 years. Of Julian Assange. Many.

That's awesome!! We are actually holding a contest right now for cover art for the song itself! Head over to @v4vapid's page to check it out.

Resteemed to 3000+ <3

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Hmmm, is the song by any chance available on a platform that respects my privacy?
Privacy Badger has reasons to block SoundCloud.

I'm not sure about privacy badger, but you can find the song on Choon!


Hmm, ouroubouros the beginning and the end infinitely entangled like a mobius strip. :-) DEEP!

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Dude, this track is fucking incredible. I can’t stop listening to it.