What does it mean "We are the land, the land is us"?

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I don't think most people really comprehend our relationship with each other and Mother Earth.  We have lived our entire lives thinking that we are separate from one another and our environment, but in reality, we are all a part of one another in the most intimate and connected way.  

To put it in a way that I hope most could comprehend, consider your own body.  Each cell in your body is a unique being who agreed to work together for mutual benefit.  Each cell has its own purpose and they are more than happy to fulfill that purpose for their own survival and the survival of everyone else.  How easy is it for you to cut off your own finger, arm or toe?  Shit, people even freak out when their hair is not cut the way they want it.  

Our relationship with Mother Earth is no different.  We are a sentient organism that is a part of this whole planet.  The relationship of our cells in our body is the micro where our relationship with other life forms on this planet is the macro.  Mutual symbiotic relationships requires that we act for the betterment of ourselves AND all other life forms.  This happens within our body and should be occurring in our lives as well.  When we focus on the mutual symbiotic relationship, then we end up in a world where everyone benefits.  

Cow birds on back of bull bison near Soda Butte Creek;.Jim Peaco; June 2009; CC2.0

However, there are two other types of symbiosis that does not end up with a win/win scenario.   Commensalism is where we work towards our own benefit without doing harm to another.  This form is what most people work towards who are in the freedom movement.  Parasitism is where we work for our own benefit at the cost of others and is the level where our current government and corporate systems function and the VAST majority of people participate.  

There is a movement on this planet that is wanting to heal from the parasites, move past commensalism and work towards mutual symbiotic relationships.  In order for us to do that, one of the first steps is to acknowledge that we are a single cell participating in a much larger, extremely complex and very dynamic organism;  Mother Earth.  Each of us are just as important as any other entity on the planet and if we work together, everyone benefits.  The water and air is the blood and breath of Mother Earth.  The forests are the lungs.  Man is the gate keeper, protector and steward, commanded to bring Heaven to Mother Earth.  The plants and animals all have critical roles to play and we are all inextricably linked to one another.  What happens to one, happens to all the others.  

Mother Earth has been infected by parasites and those psychopaths don't care about anyone but themselves.  They don't care that they get what they want at the expense of others.  They use legal fictional constructs to separate us from Mother Earth, but that is impossible to do.  We think we are separate, but we are not.  When elders tell us that we are the land, what they are trying to say is that we are connected, intimately and completely.  To think otherwise is to fall into the trap of the parasites.

Our bodies came from Mother Earth, depend on her for shelter, food, clothing, air and will return to her when it dies.  To have people ripe us from the land from which we depend on for our very lives is a violent and abusive process, parasitic in nature and very harmful.  Governments have been doing this for generations upon generations.  They tricked us into buying pieces of paper granting permission to possess the land and calling it a title.  Ownership is a fallacy as any form of ownership places us into involuntary slavery and prevents us from fulfilling our function here on Mother Earth.

Mother Earth and all life on her desperately needs us to figure this out quickly.  By killing each other and ripping others away from the land upon which they are intimately connected, we are disrupting the flow, growth and prosperity of everyone.  The parasites would have us believe that their mega projects are for the benefit of all, but those lies are there to gain our consent and participation for their gain only, benefiting few.  

When people stand on a road to block others from being parasites, they are sending a message and defending their connection to Mother Earth.  Their bodies are the land and by removing them we damage everyone who is connected to that land and by extension, everyone else.  By trespassing on the land of others without first gaining consent, we do harm.  We miss out on the true meaning of what it means to work towards mutual symbiotic relationships.  This goes far beyond not wanting to do harm but rather to ensure that everyone benefits from our actions or inaction.  

That is why we should never just take but instead ask for consent from all involved.  If they say 'no', it is not appropriate to engage in violence or force, rather we work hard to comprehend and find compassion so that we can find solutions to the problems that confront us.  

Those that engage in violence, no matter what justification is used, are working on a parasitic model and they will kill Mother Earth if we don't confront them and help them heal their insanity.  Their cup is already full of falsehoods and it will take a lot of effort to empty their cup so that they have the capacity to learn new ways of interacting with one another.  When we accomplish that goal, we will find the healing progress quickly, both within each of us our relationships with one another and with Mother Earth herself.  If not, we may find Mother Earth using her immune system to purge the parasites.  She has started that process already and the puss may gross people out, but it is a healthy process we must all go through.

Unist'ot'en Camp 

I AM the land.  You walk upon the land I steward, you walk upon my body.  They are one.  Time to learn this lesson!  

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"Their cup is already full of falsehoods ..." I want to believe we can help these people.

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Wow, you get it to the point!

Thank you for this, I read it a few days ago and really thought about how I wished to reply, to really express how I feel about all that you have talked about here, all the truth you have shared. I usually thank people for sharing their truth, but this is our truth. We are the land, I posted a poem on here a few days ago which really echos with this, I do not like to left links to my posts on others, but if you wish I will. But I will leave you with the last few lines
We are creators,
it is our gift,
our duty,
to create our co existence within this world,
to strengthened the soil,
bring about more diversity,
it is time to remember,
to join together and recollect.
The earth it whispers to us,
it guides us in our sleep,
our connection with earth
it runs so deep
Listen carefully,
we all move to the same beat.
we all share the sky,
the moon,
the sun,
My breath is your breath,
We are One!


That was beautiful. Please, leave a link to your poem. I tried looking for it, but could not find it. You have my consent and I thank you for acting in honour by asking for permission first. <3


Fabulous post, and we are in complete agreement.

I've been likening myself to a cell in the body of Gaia for decades, and in the body of God/Oneness/Conscious, or whatever you choose to call the Devine.

Stewards we are indeed called to be, but so few seem to know what that means, or really care. But more and more are awakening every day.

And yes, I do believe we can reverse the trend, despite evidence to the contrary. I believe that there is still hope.

And I have faith in the healing power of love.

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Well said!

I grew up in a system that acknowledged the government's right to demand ownership but did not believe we were anything but stewards of the land that we farmed. The mantra was 'leave it better than you got it.'

The belief was rooted in religious dogma which made my people (the extended clan) outcasts in several places before arrival in the US. I don't buy the dogma, but I certainly buy the premise of stewardship.

It is time to heal, and several societies/clans are working towards that goal. It's a long, long row to hoe, but it is started.

Thanks for your excellent article.

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