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My dear friends;

As most of you may have noticed, I've not posted anything on Facebook for over a year and in fact, I've started deleting or removing a lot of the content.  I left the platform as a result of the corporate machine changing their algorithms to prevent our posts from reaching one another.  At one point I had approximately 2200 friends on Facebook but could only reach a small hand full of people.  My own news feed shared the same stuff over and over again.

While the corporate machine has changed those algorithms to allow us to reach more people, their recent purging of pages and groups brings the issue of censorship under the spot light.  I spoke out a few months ago when the likes of Alex Jones and others were kicked off the platform, but now over 800 other pages met the same fate a few days ago.  

Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-14597 / Georg Pahl / CC-BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many of the other social media sites are controlled by a centralized corporate agenda.  If the government does not like something, they respond like trained lap dogs.  Silencing the alternative media, descending voices or those that disagree has often been a weapon of the state.  While this may not seem like a big deal to most Facebook users, these actions are indeed a HUGE deal.  

Social media is supposed to be a protocol to allow for the free flow of ideas and information.  It does not matter whether those ideas are wrong or not.  The moment we use violence, coercion or force to shut somebody up, we take away their freedoms and our own.  Each of us has a duty and responsibility to develop the discernment to know right from wrong.  If we come across information or ideas that violate our moral and ethical standards, then we have the duty to stand up, confront the individual peacefully or walk away.  


We do NOT have the right to engage in violence to shut others down.  The state and social media platforms have gone far beyond what peaceful decency and spiritual ethics or morality demands of us all.  Big Brother swings his hammer and people whine and complain about it.  But in the end, we all have a choice.  We always have a choice.  For most, those choices are uncomfortable, so they continue with the status quo.  

I made a choice over a year ago to leave Facebook.  I left because the platform violates my soul and I cannot stand supporting or participating with the abuse and violence I see on that platform every singe time I visit.  We have alternatives, but that requires change and sacrifice.  

I write and participate on a distributed and decentralized platform that works on the Steem blockchain.  Most people know it as, but there are many developers writing their own interfaces for the blockchain.  The point is:  Nobody can shut me up.  Facebook may try to block my posts from time to time, but if anybody bypasses the main stream social media platforms, they will find my work.  

There are also other sites out there that will allow for the free, unrestricted distribution of ideas.  If push came to shove, we could even move to encrypted e-mail platforms like  I have an account there if you need to have encrypted, confidential conversations with me.  (whitewalkingfeather at protonmail dot com).

End Game Enabled

What I see is a blatant, in-your-face move to shut people up.  If these actions by Facebook, governments and others are not raising the alarm bells, then please disregard this letter.  However, if their actions are raising major concerns with you, then please consider abandoning those social media sites and move your time, effort and energy to a location that supports freedom, liberty and free speech so that we can continue to share ideas and support one another as we build the spiritual relationships required to survive and thrive through the coming times.

I see the global elite implementing their end game scenarios.  Not only are they trying to kill any ideas that get in their way, I also see financial, economic and even military interventions.  Don't be surprised in Martial Law is implemented as a result so that they can maintain the continuity of government.  That is their top priority.  It is not to protect you or me, but rather to protect their empires and themselves through the human sacrifices that results in the chaos, violence and starvation caused by their own greed and corruption.

We can bypass most of that if we recognize our own participation with their systems and remove ourselves from them.  I'm not dependent upon Facebook at all.  I could turn it off at any point and I will if it becomes necessary.  There are efforts to decentralize the internet and all the services we derive from these tools.  Participate and support those efforts as our capacity to communicate and share will depend on it.  

Having centralized authority engage in censorship like this is unacceptable.  I found it unacceptable with the use of their algorithms.  Now that I've witnessed the blatant disregard for freedom, I am deeply alarmed and concerned for what they will do next.  In my view, they don't deserve our support or participation.  We get to decide which relationships we participate in.  If it is violent, abusive, controlling and coercive, then we have the right and DUTY to walk away and say good bye.  It does not matter if it is an abusive spouse, boss, CEO, President, bureaucrat or feudal serf.  

Violence is violence.  I care not how it is dressed up to mask the truth.  These bastards are violent and do not deserve our loyalty, time or energy.  Time to kick them to the curb and usher in a new paradigm where violence is no longer tolerated, but instead is confronted and rebuked.

The new paradigm is governed by spirit as Creator intended.  This new paradigm rewards peace and all those who practice the Pacem Arts.  This will require a tremendous amount of healing and major changes in how our lives are governed.  The institutions around us will wither away and die as we work to build new ideas to support peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.  The old guard must be swept away as it is rooted in violence, greed and a lust for power.  

I urge you all to reconsider your involvement in the institutions that perpetuate or condone violence in all its forms, whether they are overt or covert.  There are many options out there that support and encourage freedom.  I leave the choice to you as always.  

When I joined Facebook in 2011, I was told that Facebook is free and always will be free.  It is not free and never was free!  I pray you all can see the cost associated with using that platform.  

Peace to you all

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There's been a steady stream of complaints in this area and I've been resteeming all of them including yours. I deleted FB and Twitter before this happened because I could see where this was going.

I had pulled back from them for quite some time. One word of advice though, scan through all of the settings on Fakebook to delete your presence. There is algorithms they use to sell your info to companies. I believe there is a section called "Interests" that lists things you are interested in according to posts you've liked or shared. Delete that content, it's a cash cow for them. Delete your posts, remove "liked" pages and make your profile essentially utterly blank. My profile exists with only some photos but no content.

Sir I love your sense of morality. A lot of people remain docile in the face of abuse

I left because the platform violates my soul and I cannot stand supporting or participating with the abuse and violence I see on that platform every singe time I visit.

I hope I can walk in those steps soon. I rarely visit nowadays anyway, but It'll be more permanent if they don't rescind this decision

These bastards are violent and do not deserve our loyalty, time or energy. Time to kick them to the curb and usher in a new paradigm where violence is no longer tolerated, but instead is confronted and rebuked.

I genuinely have nothing to add...just basking in your wisdom and integrity

Really well written with sentiments that mirror my own!

I deleted Facebook (after deleting images and posts first) in January of this year and it's been enlightening. I even went as far as registering a new email address for Facebook and using a very complicated password for it and Facebook which after deleting the platform I destroyed...The password for Facebook and the email so I couldn't reactivate it if I tried as I can't recall the email address or any of the passwords. Not that I'm tempted.

It's been a revelation and I now write on Steemit only.

If only your message reached the sheeple who just don't seem to understand the damage Facebook (and other) platforms are doing to their lives. They are gradually losing the ability for individualistic thought through the imprinting of propaganda. The dumbing down of the population.

I thank the Creator every day that I never used FB, Youtube or Twitter. I highly value my freedom and privacy. I never have liked people telling me what to do, how to do it or when which governments do.

Well said I left seven years ago and it was the bet thing I ever did. People will wake to its corruption and agendas hopefully sooner rather than later. Great work 💯🐒

I thank the creator every day that I never used facebook and Twitter.

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