Centralized IT is a Temptation too great for Government to Resist

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I hesitate to use the word government in this case, partly because it’s a legal fiction and because the real problem is centralization of power into the hands of a few. But government is the topic which many will associate the trend with. The “few” have become a class of parasites willing to use anything at their disposal to maintain or obtain power.

We see once again how centralized power is now coordinating to control dissenting voices. The most recent social media purges (here, here, here, here and here) show that this has gone far beyond Alex Jones. It’s reminiscent of how the nations mayors all got together in the US to shut down #occupy in 2011. Alex appears to have been their trial run to see what social media could get away with. Now that they see that the resistance seems to be easily controllable with a few class actions which is just par for the course for mega corporations on a daily basis, they’ve become brazen in the flaunting of their power.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 7.12.41 PM.png

This is what centralization looks like… a single text field and a button. You hardly have to think about the interface or what you’re doing. Centralized power invites you to stop thinking, to become careless about what information you let fly out. This simplicity belies the insidious treachery underneath the technology and you don’t figure out just how much they’ve done to make privacy impossible until you try to do so. These interfaces, had they been built in the 1990’s would have been considered spyware. But authorities just white listed their own spyware.

I deleted my FB, Twitter and several other centralized accounts, but I decided to test Twitter and Gmail by signing up several fake accounts (you really should be using Proton Mail). Gmail is easier to fool than Twitter, but still not easy. These platforms want you to give up your phone number which will of course identify you (unless you get one of those throwaway phones). Of course you should never give your phone number if you want to maintain privacy or anonymity. I was initially able to set up a fake Twitter account using a VPN. I decided to turn off the VPN to see what would happen, and sure enough I got the “something is unusual with the way you’re signing into your account… follow these steps to retrieve it”. Good luck signing in with TOR.

These platforms are fine with you lying to others about who you are, but they want to know the truth for themselves. I did this to demonstrate to myself what is going on in the surveillance and the techniques they use to identify users. There are many ways that the state is creating the digital panopticon that is quietly being built around you. While the cage that is being built in IT is largely mental, they’re also getting ready to erect a physical cage around the largest tax slave base, which is of course the USA.

They can’t afford to lose the US tax base, which is the real reason why the wall along the Mexican border is being built. The mainstream media is constantly barraging Americans with how dangerous foreign countries are (such as Mexico) whereas the five eyes countries are deemed “safe”. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you live in one of these places, you’re being set up for a state sponsored slaughter. Of course, it won’t come across as you see in the following picture…

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 7.47.50 PM.png

They’ve learned from that mistake. Centralized control will not appear like that again because it will rouse obvious opposition. This time, as Rob Hand once said, fascism will wear a smiley face and come with creature comforts. Their goal is to make you into willing slaves, and for the most part, they have succeeded. Convenience comes at the expense of liberty. This is why I think it’s misguided for those of us involved in the liberty movement to continue to try to participate on centralized platforms. Instead, we need to reach the majority of the world which has not yet been invited into the banking system. The majority of these people have still never used a computer. While our talking about the injustices is hard not to do, it won’t be talk that liberates the world from these parasites.

Our Ace in the Hole

Ultimately, the digital panopticon will fail because of the following reasons…

  1. Equity drain produced by cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin) against various national fiat systems due to inflation.
  2. Centralized IT cannot be protected nearly as easily as Decentralized IT.
  3. Accusation will eventually render centralization a liability laden with too much risk.

The most powerful solution to the current political problems is embedded in the bitcoin software. It has within it a software architecture that makes the assertion of authority nearly impossible to attain through setting up contrary incentives. This structure can be duplicated in political systems in the same way it is being done in financial systems. I have explained this in previous blog posts mostly last year, but I don’t want to go into that here.

The second point will also become an increasing problem for all forms of authority because as more and more information becomes centralized in a single place, the bigger the honeypot will be. This means that sophisticated hackers will be incentivized to crack these systems which creates lots of attacks which will add to the equity drain problem stated in the first point. The reason this is so is because a single hack of a giant system can net far greater profits. Compare this to a hacker needing to hack 145 million machines to get the same amount of data they did through a single hack at Equifax.

The second point leads to the third point because as these data hacks increase because of faulty (non-distributed) architecture, finger pointing will increase and become an opportunity for some wannabe power hungry psychopaths to replace the outgoing psychopaths. This will have the effect of destabilizing power at the top (which is currently the case but will get worse).

I expect most of these changes to begin happening in the next decade. You will not hear it from your fake news reports. If you live in the west, most likely you won’t figure this out until all of a sudden your bank is closed and they start talking about “fake money”…

(credit - Andreas Antonopoulos)

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