ULOG: October 9, 2018 Running on empty... Tornado Warnings... Truck repair... New Cats... New rider mower...

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Yesterday I worked from 8 AM to Midnight.
Today 8 AM to it's 10:17 PM and I have a ways to go still.
I work in a small town at the water plant.
I also take care of their wastewater plant.
I also take care of a neighboring town's wastewater plant.
I also am a #ulogs star on the Steem blockchain.

It's flooding from all the rain we've had.
Here's some pics from yesterday.

Tonight my phone alerted me to tornadoes in the area.
Our city wide tornado alarm went off when I was at Caseys filling up my pickup.
The guy next to me said last year he drove into the storm. He had to pull over because it was raining so hard he couldn't see. A few patio furnitures flew right past his windshield. He said he would never drive into a storm like that again! haha

I didn't see any swirling in the clouds but they did look pretty fierce.

On the way to work yesterday, my pickup didn't have any power.
About half way to work there was a loud bang and it was very loud to drive.
When I bought the pickup (2001 Ford F150 4x4 with the small V8) it had a spark plug blown out of it. They can fix that by putting a helicoil gizmo where the threads used to be.
I thought that's what it had done again. (These pickups are notorious for that.)
I took it to the local mechanic and he showed me the gizmo he had and said he could fix it.
Come to find out it wasn't that. My front left catalytic converter had blown up.
So, last night in between tests at the water plant, I took all the innards out of the left 2 converters.
This left me with 2 large holes. My pickup sounded like a race car! haha
Today, I dropped it back off at the mechanic and he welded the holes shut.
It took driving it about 5 minutes for the computer to figure out what was gong on, but now it is running great! It had been dieing at stop signs if I had the AC on. It didn't want to idle.
I'm very happy my pickup is running so much better.
I've got an OBD scanner and when I first started it after the repair it showed I was getting 5-6 mpg.
After I drove to the next town to check their wastewater lagoon and then over to a new friend to buy a rider lawnmower from him and back to the water plant, I'm now up to 17 mpg.Wowzer!

The reason I had to buy a new rider was because my other one is spewing oil out the little crankcase vent tube that connects to the carb. New engines are $500+. New mowers are 1000+.
My wife ran across one on Facebook for $150. It's not exactly what I want but it is kind of cool and has some interesting features. It has a bagger under the seat. I LOVE using yard clippings, so this is great. I'll do a post with some pictures someday...

  • While chatting with my new friend, I noticed he had cats without tails. He called them rumpies and said sometimes they have a stub of a tail and they call those stumpies. Some of his other cats were out of the rumpy mother, but they looked normal with tails. Some of them had really cool kind of swirling markings. Our cat had just been found dead by the road, so we were looking for a replacement. He gave me his favorite tom cat. The only reason he was giving it away was because he had another aggressive tome cat that picked on him. We hit it off pretty good and I know have a new cat called Archer. (Named because he used to arch his back when you rubbed it...) And the wife now has a new rumpy female. Very cool cat. She loved it. I'll do a post with some pictures someday.
    • I just did a quick google image search to show you and it led me to Wikipedia which says this is a Manx cat. This one kind of looks like the one he gave us.
      By Michelle Weigold - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Well, I'm beat so that's all I can share tonight.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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Hey, @wizardave.

When it rains, it pours. Literally. Glad you've been able to avoid tornadoes in your area, and that your truck came out of of all of that running better than it did before. And good gas mileage, too. Can't beat that. And now new cats. If you could only stop working for Uncle Sam so much, that would be great, too.

You've got quite a bit of responsibility going there. How's the lagoons looking these days? I lost track of whether or not the chemical you were demoing and trying to get others to use was still living up to its promises.

Go ahead and get some rest. You need it. :)