If Your Post Is Really A ULOG, Then Cheetah Will Rarely Visit. You Can Introduce Those With Cheetah-Worries To The Art Of ULOGGING.

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Special Dedication To:


She has been a "true fan" everywhere on #ulog spreading love and encouragement. Kindly follow her and become her "true fan" as well.

One more thing we can thus do, while curating as "true fans" on #ulog, is to inspire the inspires of #ulog e.g look at the screenshot below:

What happened in the screenshot above is very simple! 
@cassyjanine visited a ULOG to leave a loving and engaging comment and @ulogs arrived on the same post during the course of curation and left an encouraging comment in return, to @cassyjanine to inspire her.
That is how the web goes. That is how the spread goes.
We can do the same while curation on #ulog as "true fans".

Many things are dead simple when "everyone" gets involved. Ulogs, Ulogging etc is very simple. Worse case scenario? "It is a difficult as 1, 2, 3".


@dreemsteem only recently began ULOGGING yet she explains it like she has been doing ULOGGING before #ulog began because she indeed has! 

Look at the screenshot below to spot her explaining ULOGS (to @kiwideb):

Did you see how @dreemsteem who only recently found #ulog explained it? 
Well, see her explaining the "u" out of it in this recent post of hers: Ulog Fog? - Ulog Day 3

Then, more ensue in the same comment thread! See below:

Did you also notice that @dreemsteem is a "private figure"? Can she carry out #ulogging still? Here are two or three of her recent ULOGS:

Did it take much for @kiwideb to understand what a ULOG or ULOGGING is? Well, she has began ulogging too!

There is a lot more to ULOGS, ulogging etc but the surface is simple! In the grand scheme of things, the art of #ulogging "mines the human".

Before we go though, let me show one more comment (since today showcases the comment section). This comment was made by @ulogs earlier today. See the screenshot below:

One major essence of ulogging is, "gifting to the internet daily, thus, reshaping it, moreso, than resourcing from it". 

Even in the art of ulogging, there can exist rare cases, where your very notions (as original as they are) may have been shared/expressed by someone on the entire web but very rarely. 

In such cases, cheetah is known to encourage you with upvotes.

In the past this wasn't the case (with cheetah). Perhaps, highlighting this past will help you appreciate cheetah better now and steemit as a whole. 

Cheetah used to favor down-voting in the past. 

Among other things, in those days, it wasn't even too-known that cheetah was a bot and there was/were few/nobody then, to tell you that it was because first there weren't that many steemians and "everyone was seeking help too". 

We would spend hours talking to cheetah even without it responding because we just couldn't take it. Especially, when you felt your content was original etc you just couldn't bare its flag. Hahaha, then you would find people lost in non-stop replies to cheetah and cheetah's silence kept the replies flocking in.

I got to a stage once in my steemit journey where i was only writing my posts in 6-word-sentiments, to break every possibility that anyone on the entire internet had shared/expressed my sentiments.

ULOGS also form a historical means to help curb on cheetah-worries and assisting steemcleaners etc and steem as a whole, in reducing plagiarism by creating a reason each day to create content that's fresh; "YOU".

We now have one more audience that we can educate together and direct them organically towards the art of ulogging as this will help the steem ecosystem as a whole even in terms of displacing fears, worries and strengthening conviction for these audience about the beauty of steem and these audience can be found here: 


Not everyone who has received a cheetah comment has cheetah-worries. 
However, we can spot opportunities to educate lovingly some who do, by looking at: https://steemit.com/@cheetah/recent-replies

Note that cheetah has done some 400,000 posts so far most of which are comments. Now imagine how many steemians may be needing us to give them a helpful direction or even inspiration. 

Infact, during my times as minnow, "cheetah replies" was my hangout spot as i sought avenues to inspire. 

If you typed "cheetah grew heart" into google, you will likely find this post of mine:

  • How @cheetah Grew A Heart Overnight! - The Funniest Post On Steemit!

Many things are easy. I would usually say if i had 10k followers, i would rally them and together we will push and displace Mount Everest by 20km at 20km/hr

We have wanted to accomplish this (the power of community) on #ulog to where "everyone" is involved. For the curation aspect of #ulog especially with regards to maintaining a clean tag, so much so that every post on #ulog is a ULOG, we have implored help from "everyone". We do this by a model of curation called "fan-style curation" that involves "everyone";  sought-ing to remove the rigor that can come with curation. 

A ULOG is easy to read, easy-to-engage with, easy-to-travel-through-in etc making curation on #ulog a bit more fun. Plus, we invited "everyone" to participate in curating on the tag as "true fans". Our curation endeavors have involved tons of education, engagement, encouragement, love etc and has been left open to everyone. 

I am inviting everyone to join-in in curating on #ulog as "true fans" once again. However, this post is out to remind us to spot opportunities to tell people who experience hassle while steeming, that steeming daily can indeed be as difficult as 1, 2, 3. 

Once, such key avenue to present ulogging as an option are on posts that may have cheetah-visits or have been visited by steemcleaners etc. 

Accounts visited by steemcleaners can turn a new leaf and start a clean slate by ulogging but these one will need to know that ulogging exists and we can be there to tell them. 

For those worried about cheetah-visits, we can allay their fears and give them joy and fly by telling them that "they can try ulogging" to put them back in a state of human, where everything they do starts to have "shine" in it.

Well, if you feel great, fly, shine, "true celebrity-hood"; your content will glitter, that and everything you bear forth.

Here are the simple resources you'll need, to educate and direct people into the art of ulogging. 

You can use these images as part of your own comments. However, on busy days, you can simply reply with these image straight-up.

If someone becomes interested in the grand picture (ULOGS), you can reply with this short video:

Your Boy Terry


Visit this link or leave a comment to indicate interest. You can also leave a comment directly on an issue on https://github.com/ulogs/ulogs/issues 

Let's Grow Steemit/Steem Inside-Out With One Other Hack!!! 

Click On The Link To Subscribe To My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TerryAjayi

I will be waking the YouTube channel up and storming it with  steem/steemit related videos. My videos will contain rare Intel, "no books" involved (in assimilateable bits).  

Quick Update:   

19,916 Steemit Posts Across   #ulog, Since Its Birth A Month Ago! Ulogs.org Is In Test Phase! We Can Now Simply Tell Friends To Join Steem To Try#ulogging!!!

Join in and become a ULOGGER today.     

You can use these graphics as comment responses while curation #ulogs as "true fans": 


graphics was created by @iwrite and picked from a post of @purpledaisy57

You can get minimalist-design ULOGGER footers like this (below) from @chaelpacia : 


I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.    

 Join the Steemgigs Community on discord: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?

Your Boy Terry @surpassinggoogle  

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I love everything Ulogging stands for and it represents exactly what i was looking for when I joined Steemit. I dabbled but then i was worried I wasn't doing it "right". But then along came @dreemsteem's post yesterday and got me right on track, and now I'm looking forward to sharing my daily ulogging journey with you- posted a ulog of my day straight away , and delving into the joys of other ulogger's days.

I would love to join your discord channel but when I click it says "link has expired" - can you give me a hint on where I am going wrong please?

Thank you for everything Sir Terry! E x

I have chills after watching that video!!!!! Didn't it just click with your heart, @eveningart??? I'm so honored and humbled that he would use my ulogs to share with others. And I'm just a beginner!!!!!
Your wild swim reminds me of what it's all about. That's when I knew I would love you! Hehhehee cuz it was YOU. Your heart and your smile and your passion...right there in that post :)
I can't wait to read more of You in your ulogs!!!!!

Absolutely- just the perfect real video - so inspiring and yes- spoke right to my heart @dreemsteem! Your post is what inspired me to committing to Ulogging daily, so I was so chuffed to see Sir Terry had highlighted it!

Thank you- I guess my wild swim was really my first attempt though I didn't know it then! I'm so glad that post spoke to you. Ulogging for me is already inspiring me to adventure more in my every-day life (tiny, real world adventures) because then I can tell you all about them... more about that later perhaps! E x

  ·  last year (edited)

Right???? It's the truth!!! People have been doing it sporadically... But now they can be intentional about it through #ulog

I think we all have the desire to share and connect. I think it's what makes us human. To find that connection with someone else!

I look at the first things I wrote when I came back from my hiatus (and actually when I FIRST began) and the most meaningful posts to me was where I was able to drop my guard and be vulnerable and show what mattered to me.

Not everyone got it.and not everyone should lol
But the ones that got it.. they're still close to me. ♥️

love love love this idea. And I'm so glad that I got to be a part of inspiring you!!!

yeah- that was pretty awesome to wake up to "my boy Terry" highlighting my little ulog hehehehe


You are welcome. Stay awesome


Hello Boy Terry. Long time. Have sick for a while but am back now. I really like the topic you gave to this post. Very funny. I hope the Cheetah Ambassador can join us do some #ulog. Hahaha. One love bro

You too Sir Terry - wishing you and your dad lots of love and healing x

Oh my...I was so overwhelmed. Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle for featuring me as one of a #ulogs true fun. 😊😊😊 Indeed, ulog is a great platform for everyone.

Congratulations being a star and a true celebrity! @cassyjanine

Nice @cassyjanine you are a star. I remember 1 week ago after introducing myself. You've introduced me the #ulog thing and now i love doing it everyday. You are my inspiration. You deserve the special mention

Wow thank you @pmerryllimsic. I don't know what to say. 😊I am just so happy and inspired by you all. 😙😙

Congratulations dear. Keep ulogging

hello there,
that is because you are a true fan.
Now you are one of the celebrities thru ulogs that really shine so bright😊

Aww...thanks @atongis. I am now a celebrity and a true fan.😊😊😊

You can also try https://ulogs.org you will like it

Yes, I will. Thank you.😊😊

Very timelines Terry and one that is a great topic to talk about because that is one of the main reasons for Ulogs to be able to provide freshness.

Ulogs are changing not just the landscape of Steemit but also of the internet because it is breaking the barriers of what constitutes a post because there are no nations, no topic that can't be a ulog, nothing that is frowned upon as long as it is yours and celebrating your life either in joy or your tears.

If you are bringing freshness then you are indeed not afraid cheetah will be coming around your post because instead of you resourcing images and articles in the internet you will be giving the internet something new! The internet will be resourcing you!

So if someone looks for how you spent your day the internet will list your ulogs.

I hope that @dreemsteem will give me a video of her talking about Ulog because she has one of the most awesome voice here in Steemit!

We will celebrate your true celebrityhood as we become your true fans.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Hehehehe @maverickinvictus!!!! It's coming!!! I replied to your other comment... Today I'm going to look for a cute puppet.. again!!! Lol

If I can't find one... I'm gonna make one ;)

Hehehhehee this is gonna be kinda fun ... Dreemie the sock puppet! 😂😂😂😂

I am so glad that @snook introduced me to ulogs! This has been my heart all along!!! Sharing the YOU. Making me feel who YOU are. Love that @surpassinggoogle began it.... It was needed and it's come at the right time!!!

I know!!! That is why people are so passionate about it! you should join us in one of our shows! It is Every Saturday 16:00 GMT 0!

It would be awesome to have you there. You'll have to sing some bad karaoke though lol

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Well....I already love @snook's bad karaoke hehehehe so I guess I could lolololol

Ok I think that is 8 am my time??? I think?
Can you DM me the server invite? :)

It is 1PM Central time I think hahaha I am terrible with timezones and is dependent on the a time zone site to tell me or Microsoft outlook for meetings lol.

Invitation has now been sent!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Oh! Ok!!!!
That is 11 am for me.
I'm so bad with timezones too hehehe

But 16:00.... That is 4pm
I think that's still 8 am for.me

Awful how bad this is. I need a watch with GMT time on it hehehe
Or... We need to all be in the same time zone!!!!

That word "freshness" defines it all @maverickinvictus. #Ulogs gives a fresh touch to every steemhead. There is something amazing and unique to present each time.

ULOG, came with a paradigm shift for the whole Steemit experience for most people. I have a couple of friends like Joyce-okpobo who were thinking of leaving Steemit and it was getting tougher day by day. I talked to her about this and now she's back full time.

I've seen people smile again and post daily because they have a voice to share. People see value in themselves because they have fans waiting to read their stories. It's an awesome experience man, awesome.

As communities keep building and we keep expanding from WAfrica, to Steemjet and the rest to come, these initiatives shall be a pillar in keeping this blockchain alive. Thanks Terry for giving people a chance to voice out their world to the rest of the world. You have proven once again that everyone has something to offer.

She did a great job of explaining about ulog. When reading her reply is also when I thought of this, it is right, people no longer to plagiarize now that we have ulog. A lot of people feel the need to plagiarize as they do not know what to write on, so with ulog that's out of the window.
I recently made a ulog post which was more of an advice feature, hopefully that's ulogging too right?

Excelente post muy interesante @surpassinggoogle me gustaron los captures y el video estuvo genial, saludos.

this is awesome

Am a victim.. Cheetah visited my post once..
But you have enlighten and educate me,
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for sharing this innovative

#ulog all the way


Thanks for the support
Long-live surpassinggoogle

Hehehehe @cheetah grew a heart.

Its really incredible what #ulog has done for the steemit ecosystem. With ulog, people dont have to think about whag to write anymore. You just live your life and put it in writing at the end od the day. Its kinda cool to know that writers block would be eliminated with ulogs.

I must say that this has been one of the best initiatives on the steem blockchain and one that i am particularly happy about.

Cheetah 🐆 visited a friend yesterday and steemcleaners wiped off 3 of his posts.
I am definitely gonna explain Ulogs to him and invite himvto become a Ulogger

Awesome! That simple.

I agree. I think cheetah bot will never visit a blog.
Ulogs are meant to be like a little story for the happenings of the day and the actions and activities of the day.
And cheetah bot visits you for plagiarism , when you post your blog there is no way for cheetah to visit your blog. @surpassinggoogle

  ·  last year (edited)

It's good way explaining things with true examples sir terry, @surpassinggoogle

What a great saying

Many things are easy. I would usually say if i had 10k followers, i would rally them and together we will push and displace Mount Everest by 20km at 20km/hr

Congratulations @cassyjanine @dreamsteem @kiwideb being true #ulogger. Doing great job.

#ulog rocks

Thanks so much!!!! Glad to be a part of something so meaningful!!!! ♥️

@dreemsteem ♥️

Congrats friend! You really a celebrity here!

We are all celebrities. Hehehee


Hahah! Sooner! Goodluck to all of us here!

Thank you for always trying to teach us more about how to be better people.

I love my Ulog posts and all they stand for.

so happy you are finally home.

Snook!!!! I'm in love with ulogs. Hehehhee

How did you know that I would fall in love!?!?!? ♥️ Thanks for knowing my heart that well and encouraging me to try it hehehe

Hope your house is full of love and laughter... Keep recording videos of your family while they're there!!! It will be so fun to look back over them and feel the love again and again...

One of the things I admire about you is the power your words have to encourage us and make us feel like stars, many times we forget the value we have and we don't admire it, but always with your words and great ideas you encourage us, I respect you, even though you are in the hospital always working for the benefit of us, from now on you will have the support of everyone and I love to unify your ideas in ulogs.org! Thank you for your words, good luck.

Than you alot. You are awesome

Thanks sir..

I wrote an #ulog post once. I will continue with it now.

Well how about that? It's such an emotional piec e dedicated to someone, what can I say, I'd have to say the sky just became her beginning really, ulog Is making stars

Hi @josediccus!!!!
I recognize you from @scuzzy's Poetry Slam!!!! You are always so talented!!!! Keep up the wonderful work 😊

Wow really? thank you so much, did you participate too?

Never. I only listened!
You and @breezin are always my favorites hehehehe

Well I didn't know, I guess I'm developing my skills yet, 😁😁

Ah :)
Don't worry about that! Just write what you love, speak what you love - and we will all hear the energy in your voice. You're talented, and you should continue to shine your light!
Great job! :)

well thank you, 😂😂 it's a great day and basically this post talks about you too, so I'm following you already

hahahahaha well thank you! and I have followed you too! :) new friends ;)

  ·  last year (edited)

Ulog is unique.....no need to copy anybody's works.....because ulog is all about you being original......I bless the day #ulog, #ulogs, #uloggers was born.....it keeps us away from all stress associated with references and @cheetah bot warning
When posting my ulogs post am confidence of myself....do you know why? Because am being original...thought it's not the perfect grammar but am happy for being me.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for this great initiative....
Lonh live #ulog
Long live #ulogs
Long live #uloggers

I have been following what you are doing for some weeks now. I ran unto @maremaidvampire's blog and from there i have been checking your blogs. I think it is amazing what you are doing. I will start Ulogging. It makes perfect sense. In grad school we study some things about cultural studies; everything was so theoretical. What you are proposing here is revolutionary in cultural terms. I applaud your project and wish you long and healthy life.

Very special comment. You have lot to share. Test out https://ulogs.org as well

Thanks. I will.

Just a funny aside comment about the video you posted, which by the way was very effective. I was showing it to my wife and one of my daughters and they were like, "Hey, man, be careful with that phone!" You really stresssed them out.
We would not be able to record a video like that in Cumaná. We'd be mugged in a second :)
That's actually a big limitation we have here. There are so many things we would like to document and share, but our streets are so unsafe and a phone, even the crappiest one, is so expensive you can't afford to lose it.
Anyway, we'll figure something out.

Yes i get. Where i was is it busy. it is more of a close. So streets with enclosement away from the mainstreets and near my house too. Cumana, is the first i heard of it. I will read about it. You can have family join steemit too to try ulogging, it is easy and there is personal growth involved.


So anyone can do these, I thought they were for newbies Does it have ti have a video or not. I do like talking about my day :)

It can be a video too. Just add ulog in title. It can be post. Any format, even just text, even sound. https://ulogs.org will help make it easy to do, when it enters beta

This is good news for all of us if @cheetah will rarely visitng #ulog posts unless it is plagirized articles. Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle for this updates.

That's quite true. No one gets the cheetah visitation when doing a ulog since it's all about you. And writing about 'U' doesn't give room for plagiarism. It keeps you original.

Indeed ulogs is a blessing.

  ·  last year (edited)

It was really proven that everybody becomes a celebrity here. Thanks to you @ulogs and the man behind @surpassinggoogle. Stay safe and to all your family @surpassinggoogle

  ·  last year (edited)

@surpassinggoogle, yes you are spot on, have forgotten theres @cheetah on steeemit self, your post just reminded me of her..lol
Making a @ulog post is a great chance for @cheetah not to visit you.
Thanks rescuing us all..

Wao this is excellent congratulations to the certified ulogger 🙋
Ulog has been changing, so it has made Steemit something great, we will not suffer anymore on what topic to write and may be interested, we only live our lives and tell our experiences is great this,
Greetings @surpassinggoogle

Just read this post, and watched your video....and you have just become my boy Terry! ♥️
Your heart is so evident on your video. @snook was absolutely right about you. I'm so glad that she introduced me to your concept, and I am going to be telling as many people as I can about it. 😊
My next post from @welcomewagon will be featuring #ulogs. Thank you for starting this movement. Proud to join!

Wao this is excellent congratulations to the certified ulogger 🙋
Ulog has been changing, so it has made Steemit something great, we will not suffer anymore on what topic to write and may be interested, we only live our lives and tell our experiences is great this,
Greetings @surpassinggoogle

Ulogs is my favorite its just another instagram,thanks a lot for the people in our community and thanks a lot @surpassinggoogle for your love and support.

Good morning sir terry, elegra see you again causing emotions of happiness in a new recognized ulog, I love what you do, you have changed the vision of all of us to steemit, thanks to ulog never visit us the plagiarist geopark, the feared plagiarist geopark hehe, greetings and blessings I hope you good schools @surpassinggoogle

Great work @terryboy always you comes with awesome stuff,great updates thanks a lot,for your love and support @surpassinggoogle.

#ulog is about you.
You are your number one fan.
You are your number one celebrity
It's high time we stopped recycling information from the internet and started giving it something new, original and unique.
Something that blinds cheetah
Weldone @surpassinggoogle

Thank you for this new article, sir. it is very helpful to me since Im a fan of #ulogging and Im thinking of doing an #ulog like the other one, about how she made, its fun because its very obvious how enjoyable your day went

Soon we will be using https://ulogs.org

I have seen people coming back,the credit just goes to @surpassinggoogle,really people are now so confident about what they are doing thank you so much sir for @ulogs.

I am no anxious of cheetah. Ulog post is quite popular. But I have not sufficient knowledge about it. You have shown the tips to write Ulog post. That's will guide me. Thanks for sharing.

Visit @ulogs

@ulogs gives us a chance to speak and share what we feel everyday that's why we thanks @surpassinggoogle for this great initiative.

I am in so love with ulog, this definitely is an encouragement to many of us to stay on the platform and express ourselves because we know there are readers of our valuable content.
I am also preparing a post on my life , will post it soon on ulog.
Something like this needs to go on and on.
Thanks mate. Ulog definitely is the best.

Hi @surpassinggoogle, really wonderful and informative blog you shared in detail about the whole scenario of #ulog and give a guideline about this project. You explain everything with the examples of other steemians who are best ullogers known as real fans. My best wishes support and appreciations always for you as you introducing here a amazing ideas and projects for the development of steemians. I wish for success. Take care and lots of love from Pakistan. Take care

Hello that such friend @surpassinggoogle really think that so that our publications can count on us. #ulogs have to be original, simply tell our day to day, our talents, our interesting experiences and everything you can take as your own content, without needing to notice third-party publications. Simply be ourselves.

In this way we would avoid that @cheetah visit our messages and also have bad times, it is very unpleasant, they are bad before all your followers and the curators who are attentive to your content.

Thank you for sharing your content with us, hoping that Jehovah will always bless you.

You are right @surpassinggoogle one lovely thing about ulogging is it's originality. @cheetah runs from original posts. We must embrace #ulog, it has come to stay

Well done sir and i will try to get more involved with ulogs by being a true fan too and engaging those who use the ulog tag and platform.

It's funny how cheetah could visit a ulog post. It's supposed to be a personal recap and it can't be two. People are really funny copying ulog posts, it is terrible and i have seen lot of people do that. It is well.

Keep being awesome bro.

When I first heard about #ulogs it did really excite my nerves. Sometimes there are days that you just dont know what to write and thanks to #ulogs it saved the day! Thank you @surpassinggoogle for creating this beautiful #ulog. I am proud to be a ulogger!

  ·  last year (edited)

Ulog the most interesting brings the best in YOU. it connects people, it brings who you are and that matters. A lovely experience to become a celebrity and its true meaning. Thank you @ulogs. Xx

This is awesome terry boy really love your work behind the scenes you are the major reason why people love blogging in ulogs a lot,thanks a lot for your love and support @surpassinggoogle.

  ·  last year (edited)

if your post is a ULOG then cheetah will not visit

that was so true, that was one of the things discussed lastweek on the 9th Steemgigs Talk Show
It's so funny that after that discussion, someone copied my post and even madam @snook's post

Hopefully many will be educated by this post regarding ULOG/ULOGS😊
Thanks Bro. Terry

Some people do still find it hard to understand but if you look at the meanings or descriptions of @Ulog it is all about YOU. I am glad I have never been visited by the "cheetah" Thanks for this @surpassinggoogle makes life and writing easier.
That is why it is good to ask and attend any discord that will be discussing it.

Hello maam how to attend the discord? Thank you

you would have to download the app on your phone or computer first then follow the link of @surpassinggoogle : https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT

Thank you so much maam

Thank for you sir.

I also don't know @cheetah. He don't visit me hehe coz i'm an authentic ulogger.. But sadly, there are still some plagirizing even ulogs

We really have to work together to make #ULOG stronger.
Participating in the curation process is a huge boost.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Absolutely! Ain't that sweet? Ulog is love 😍

I find it interesting to know a little more about ulog since I am new and do not handle much how to do my publications and educating is always important to be updated in new ways to use these applications. Thank you very much for the information.

ulogs will work for you. You can use https://ulogs.org

"Mining the human". This is very original and fresh. We are interested in these things. We can learn a lot from the experience of others. Thanks so much @surpassinggoogle for this @ulogs initiative.

I will.be making my.first ulog soon.
I supported you Sir Terry.

Awesome. Also try https://ulogs.org

we are beautifying the web and adjusting the world!
@cassyjanine i am a fan and you are my celebrity.
Lets Keep Shining!


Terry @surpassinggoogle, its good to hear from you again. Endless means of reaching you but i trust you're good!

excellent post and the fact of belonging to a healing path is great now in my case I am still small.
Can you enter that group? thank you for sharing this project

I remember when i first join steemit that i post words to words. Cheetah has visited me like three times before i stop cos steem cleaner may be the next.

Cheetah should not visit ulog posts since its all about you but only if you are telling us lie


Really great article
Very great information
You are like me here
I wish you all the best

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow @surpassinggoogle that's nice, we encourage each and every one of us to be doing that!.. Hope to see her @cassyjanine in my #ulog post some day!...

I do agree with you @ikemsamuel. And definitely I will check on your post too. 😊Well, I do love reading #ulogs because it gives me insights of who are my #ulogger family and I got to learn different culture, different lifestyle and anything about other people from different country. That is how #ulog affect me. 😊😊😊

Me either i love reading #ulog post a lot @cassyjanine..

I love your project.
Thanks for sharing your project.
Upvote and resteemit done.

I enjoy being a celebrity, like wise, i am enjoying being a true fan. It was indeed a pleasure and a beautiful experience to share a bit of my life to everybody. I am so excited and thrilled about "mining the mind". Thank you @surpassinggoogle and @ulogs for a beautiful opportunity. thanks
Upvote and resteemit done sir

Amazing post @surpassinggoogle, your article is very informative.
#ulog is very to write about your daily life stories on steemit.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for starting #ulog

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This, a very beautiful ulog but i really liked it your blog thanks for your sharing sir.....

My favourite project.
Please follow me👇👇👇👌

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Hello blessings for you, Mr. Terry, you are a great agent of change. I hope you follow all your projects with great success, the best is yet to come

Always success this project & i am support.

Hello sir how are you,great going with ulogs these updates are really amazing lot of features compared to steemit,thank you so much @surpassinggoogle you have made my blogging career so beautiful.

Wow that's great post.
Thank for you and most welcome to [email protected]

You are really so great [email protected] sir.
Thank for sharing this steemit blog..

I have read all the information in detail but especially in the ducacion that he gives us in his ulog.me glad that he wants to help us steenmians to do ulog better every day, thanks for that! I will follow your suggestions! God bless you @surpassinggoogle

Love this post terry boy surely i will use ulogs in next couple of days,thanks for giving me this oppurtunity have a great day sir.

I am excited to make my first ulog.. something that is really from my brain, something original. This #ulog is a great way to encourage us newbies to post more often.

Awesome post... Ulogs are amazing

Ulogs are amazing sir i am very good at crypto releated topics can i share my ideas in ulogs,hope this will helps me to boost my confidence.

good post every day we have learned new things from you

Yes @terryboy thats how ulogs works i cant see cheetah anymore,amazing work and thank you so much,have a great day,still a long way to go.

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