Evolution of a drag king

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I’ve been dabbling in something new these past few weeks. It all started about three months ago when I saw my first drag show. I walked in knowing what a queen was, but had no clue such things as drag kings existed. Yep, I’m just a “baby gay” as my friend’s son says. There is so much I don’t know. I’ve spent the weekend watching documentaries and doing deep dives on the web to catch up on the culture I’ve missed. Especially because I have something new in the works.

A transformation of sorts.




I love experimenting with makeup and femininity. Now I’m having fun expressing masculinity. I’m new at it, don’t have many supplies and am having to be crafty, but I’m having fun and that’s the point.

It’s therapeutic in a way, especially since my parents are not supportive. It’s not me thumbing my nose at anyone, but when I paint on that beard, I look so much like my dad it’s ridiculous. I can stare in the mirror and imagine conversations we should have had rather than all the ones we aren’t having because to him, gay = evil.

There’s a lot to unpack. I’m working on it. Thanks for being a place I can share.

You can see more transformations on Constantine’s Instagram account.

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My daughter thought you look like the artist formally known as Prince. Perhaps you are? Either way, it's your body, do with it as you please. I have to admit there is that part of me that says OMG, maybe one day we'll meet and you can let me borrow a dress and I'll loan you my shirt and we'll go have dinner, or pizza, a movie and a night of dancing our asses off at the local club of your choice. ....why not? Let em talk. Let em laugh and point fingers. Life is too short to to not enjoy it, experience it, experiment with it or just plain live it. Who wants to be "normal" anyway? What kind of fool wants to live their life conforming to social norms by being like everyone else. Forget shades of gray, live colorful.


That sounds PERFECT.

Oh, Shawna! Dear Shawna! I've not been reading posts on here for some time. First dealing with my depression, and then adding to that with moderating for Utopian. And I have now read this post, and scrolled down and read some more. So much has happened to you, for you, with you. So much!

I just wanted to say that I'm still here. I miss you.

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