ULOG: When Companies Make Promises

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I have been struggling with my bills.

Not enough so that I need to power down.

Not enough to unstake all tribe earnings.

Not enough to stop dropping bits of $$$ in to the Blockchain.

But certainly enough to ignore my internet bill (especially because I was going to be out of my house for two weeks, and didn't mind empty house not having wifi).

While at my husbands house, my wifi was disconnected and I was blissfully unaware.

Until I received this email:


In it, it says that they understand that people fall behind on bills and that they want to help me restore my service.

I decided that I would use that special, but I also decided that I would wait until I was back home to make the payment arrangements.

Today, after I unpacked the car, and put a bunch of stuff away, I sat down with my laptop to relax/steem, and found... not internet connection.

I sighed and finally called the number, ready to get a big fat discount and be on my way.

I was not so lucky. For starters, the person who answered, told me I was calling the wrong number, and gave me another number, who put me on hold for a looooooooooong time, only to tell me that I was calling the wrong number and give me another number and then have me hold for a loooooooonger time, only to have them tell me that I was at the wrong department...

I decided to call the original number and be adamant about getting a resolution.

I was on the phone for hours.

What happened?

The operator, although I read them the email, and the codes on the email, could not find a way to give me a 40% discount. I kept telling them to look again. I kept asking for a manager. I kept asking them to find a solution. I kept reminding them that their employer sent me an email offering me a 40% discount.

Finally, the operator gave in and offered to give me a $50 credit on a $168.00 bill. Not exactly 40% but, then again, I only had to pay an extra $58 to get my internet turned back on.

I can't remember when the last time I paid the invoice was.

I am considering calling back tomorrow and getting a further discount. Because, well, they did send me an email offering me a 40% discount plus a credit on late fees and such.

I surely am grateful for the help, but I surely am annoyed at how hard I had to work to get it.

And I am having a hard time deciding.

Are they "wrong" for sending me an email promotion that they cannot honor.

Or am I "wrong" for not paying my bill on time, accruing late fees, and then expecting them to credit me?


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I always have my bills set to auto-pay just to avoid that headache.

I also get the cheapest internet, which coincidentally I just got hooked up today as well :P

It's only $42 a month with w/ modem rental and all taxes or fees.

In Alameda, internet is only $39 and includes everything. Here in San Diego, we are still getting price gauged.

Still it's not that expensive and I could be more responsible with my bill.

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maybe the offer is expired.
but power down these days sucks cos its has very low price

No friend, the offer did not expire. They are just a huge company and know that there are not many other places I could be getting wifi with.

Power down's are horrible, although I have never powered down my account...

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Not entirely sure who's wrong and who's right....
You got your come uppance with the internet cut
They made you a deal
I would also have asked for it....not sure if I would have spent that much time, but that depends on where I'd rather have the money go
Well, you got some sort of a discount, so that kinda turned ok :)

At first, I thought it would be quick. Then, I kept thinking of how much SP I could get for $50, then I was thinking of how many avocados I could buy, and then lastly, I wasn't even thinking anymore - I just got on a weird "I'm gonna win" energy...

Posted via Marlians.com

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