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Only 1 month left before SteemFest⁴ in Bangkok

SteemFest … SteemFest … the word starts to be on every lip and we all are really excited by the forthcoming event.

Since the announcement of SteemFest⁴ by @roelandp more than 3 months ago, approximatively 500 posts about the event have been published.

Among the most prolific authors, we have @jeffjagoe, @bitrocker2020, @neopch, @elsiekjay, @abh12345, @fitinfun, @actifit, @anouk.nox, @macchiata, @khimgoh who wrote more than 10 posts about SteemFest⁴. Do you think we will see them in Bangkok?

Are you ready for SteemFest⁴

The SteemitBoard team is actively preparing for the event too and the commemorative badge is now ready and waiting to appear on your board.

How to get it?

That’s really easy! Book a flight to Bangkok (@gtg worked hard for you to get an exclusive discounted price for your flight, book a room in Bangkok and book your ticket for SteemFest⁴ in Bangkok (more info on the official SteemFest website).

With these 3 sesames, you just have to register at SteemFest (in Bangkok). Et voilà... you will automatically receive your badge a few minutes later.

The badge will be displayed in your personal tab on your board.

Are you a SteemFest lover?

Did you attend one of the previous editions of SteemFest in Amsterdam, Lisboa or in Krakòw?
Good, SteemFest in Bangkok will be your second experience! You deserve a special badge:

Your SteemFest 2018 badge will pop-up with 2 stars, clearly indicating how many events you attended.

Are you addicted to SteemFest?

Did you attend two of the previous editions of SteemFest, either in Amsterdam, Lisboa or Krakòw?
Even better! Do not worry, we know you’re a bit addicted to the event but you’re not the only one and we won’t tell your mom. She will be proud of you when you will come back from Bangkok with your 3 stars badge.

Are you a SteemFest veteran?

OK, you made them all … Amsterdam, Lisboa, Krakòw. And now you will go to Bangkok too! You are part of the elite of SteemFest and the event has no more secrets for you!
But you know that @roelandp may once again surprise you with his incredible ability to organize epic events and for nothing in the world you would miss this.

Your SteemFest⁴ badge will pop-up with 4 stars so you can proudly show it to all your friends. Congratulations and be prepared for the 5 stars badge next year!

Do not forget the Travel Reimbursement Fund

The Travel Reimbursement Fund (@t-r-f) is still open for funding! The purpose of the fund is to support fellow Steem users attending SteemFest to make it to Bangkok and to lower their travel expenses

@steemitboard support this initiative and released a new badge for the Travel Reimbursement Fund Donators. Read the announcement post .

The @t-r-f already collected 923 STEEM and 46 SBD thanks to 14 generous contributors who got their deserved badge.

You may also support the SPS t-r-f funding proposal

See you in 1 month in Bangkok

On behalf of all SteemFest attendees, thank you for your support!

Useful links:
SteemFest4 - announcement
SteemFest 2019 Travel Reimbursement Fund SPS proposal
Road to SteemFest: Exclusive discounts for flight tickets!
SteemFest⁴ - last update

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Friendly suggestion! Your logo could appear offensive to Thai Buddhists!
The image of the Buddha is very sacred to Buddhists! People here will not use this sacred image in advertisement or for commercial purposes!

It’s the same feeling you get when Christians see Jesus on the Cross in your logo!

You’ll need some knowledge on cross cultural management! The approach might cause or have already caused unintended consequences.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot for your feedback @kaminchan.

We pay the greatest attention to cultural differences. We know for example that the King of Thailand is to be treated with the utmost respect.
We also have a lot of respect for the Buddhist religion (and for all religions as well) and we understand very well the sanctity of Buddha.

The purpose of the badge is all but commercial but aims to evoke one of the main components of Thai society.

Personally, I (@arcange) was educated as a Christian and, like many people I know, I would not be offended to see Jesus on the cross.
But, as you wrote, this is a cultural difference.

The @steemitboard team has already done a lot of work for its graphic chart for SF4.
Anyway, we will have a discussion together about whether to do this work again or not.

Hope to see you in Bangkok.

Thank you for your kind reply. Oh! You would feel it’s okay to have Jesus on the cross as part of your SteemFest Batch!? That’s very interesting.

By the way, the other thing is that the high swing at the back of the Buddha image is not a Buddhist symbol, it’s a Hindu symbol in front of Wat Su-Tat! That used to be part of a Hindu ceremony which had been stopped a long time ago. It’s part of an offering ceremony where chosen people used to stand on that big swing. It was pushed to great height until someone fell to the ground, a weird kind of offering! But not many people know why the swing was taken away and the ceremony was ordered to end ages ago. If you want to include a Hindu symbol too, I think you ought to include other religious symbols as well. Otherwise people might think of discrimination! We have a large Muslim population followed by Christians and Sikhs.

In fact other religious groups will see this batch as being exclusively for the Buddhists. Here, there is a delicate balance and harmony among all these groups in our society. It’s best not to use religious symbols in your batch.

Symbols do have meaning! And those stars on top of the head of the Buddha is a bad design. Symbols speak very loud!

Any way, it’s your choice and decision. I just hope your design wouldn’t get into the press or regular social media here! I can tell you there’ll be lots of negative feedback. But, then again, this might give you a big exposure in Thai social media in a very short time!

Actually, you might get sued under Thai law by certain groups of extreme people. Last month they just sued a Thai artist for drawing very ‘disrespectful’ Buddha images in her oil paintings! But, some think these paintings are rather cute and light hearted. She and the Dean had to make public apology! The debate caused a big division among people on Facebook and so on.

Good luck.

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We took into account your remarks and refactored our badge. Read more here

Hi, I just wanted to add that I've was just in Bangkok (Sept.) and I've noticed a lot of billboard signage on the prohibited usage of the Buddha Image. I've been to various places in Thailand multiple times and this is the first time I've noticed them, they are prominent. It would be prudent for you to double check if your badge will get you into trouble if used in Thailand. The recent "crackdown" is real...I was stopped at airport security where they inspected my Buddha pendants that were around my neck. There is a noticeable (to me anyways) decrease on Buddhist related "souvenirs" at the tourist spots, plus the removal of temple "gift shops" in many of the smaller wats.
Personally, I like the design of the badge, I think it's nice and I'm not in the least bit offended but in the end it's about what is allowed and its' consequences. I think this is one instance where it's not better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.
Just my 2 cents. Thank you for your service, steemitboard!

Thank you for your feedback @rayshiuimages.

We took into account your remarks and refactored our badge. Read more here

No prob, happy to be of assistance..

Hi, @steemboard, following the subject of the Buddha image on the badge and reading your reply to @kaminchan, you have to know that the King and the Buddha are both at the same level concerning the respect and the use of the image. In both cases, the use of the image in an inappropriate or offensive way can lead to being arrested, fined and/or jailed with no exception for foreigners. These rules can look a bit too much for westerners but the reality is just about the respect of traditions and culture and the guests have to follow the rules as anyone enters the Kingdom of Thailand.

Thank you for your feedback @ricko66.

We took into account your remarks and refactored our badge. Read more here

Así es ,

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Well said khun @kaminchan, I was also about to tell them that the logo is offensive and they may discover it on the giant billboard sign outside of the airport. To compare to Christian symbol is not good because in the western world the religion as being destroyed and it as nothing sacred anymore. But here, if the Steemfest was a legit event (working hand to hand with the local community to make both the adverts, icon, and event in order to take full profits of the country and its culture in a good way) but instead it is made (SF event) by one or a few peoples that really have nothing to do with the Thai Steemit community and not even dare to ask for their help (maybe for keep their hands on a cash machine)... For Steemboard, I believe they have nothing to do with Steemfest 4 people and they have no clue about the Thai culture. To make it short the buddha image is inappropriate following the culture and the law also to put the swing higher than the buddha is very wrong. A good way to illustrate will be, as the event name is Steemfest Bangkok, to use one of Bangkok's iconic place as a silhouette in the icon, places like Wat Phra Keaw or Wat Arun (the same way I add Wat Phra Keaw silhouette inside the Thai flag for the weekly @thaiteam contest. My feeling and I am not alone is that in these times of trouble for most crypto. Thank you @kaminchan!...

For Steemboard, I believe they have nothing to do with Steemfest 4 people and they have no clue about the Thai culture.

I'm not part of SteemFest's internal organization, but I'm in close contact with SteemFest's lead organizer, @roelandp, and all the images have been submitted to him before making it official.

Despite we both went to Thailand and know about Thai Culture, he didn't react to it as you did because we both, as foreigners, do not know all the subtleties of your country.

That's why we were very attentive to your comments and we refactored the badge.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

The new badge is perfect as I comment on @steemboard, the other part of the comment was about from the beginning I try to get the Thai community involve in the event but never get a reply and by not including the local community the biggest part of the community boycott the event and even leave the plateform, just sad to see that he doesn't care about local community that will be a great benefit to all attendee to get a real look at Thailand. So, everyone can see how Steemfest is only money oriented and don't give a shit about the community of the country. I submit the idea of Thailand to his discord and give the possibility to get the community involve and in the end I am sorry to say that but the guy seems to be an A..hole (not you but the organizer) taking care of a money making machine and doesn't care about the ecosystem.

Thank you for talking some common sense into these naive westerners! But they have been warned! Had they done this in Cambodia or Burma, they would be put in jail for a few years!!
Here they’ll get arrested and pay some fine!


Do you think they accept STEEM to pay the fine? 😰
Just kidding... and taking your remarks very seriously (see other reply)

Thank you @kaminchan, not easy for them to understand how much Buddhism is important for the people and for everyday life in Thailand as well as in administration. Here a picture outside the Arrivals at Thai airports, it may help them to understand.

Thank You Steemit

You're welcome @arifcorlu
Feel free to support us back: vote for our witness.
You will get one more badge and more powerful upvotes from us on your posts with our next notifications.

See ya in the Bangkok!

I want one! Damn, I wish I could go. :(

That's a lovely badge, I'm so looking forward to have it on my board. Can't wait!!!

GodSpeed ! :) @steemitboard 💙


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@wongshiying 老王 迎着暴雨 骑着共享单车 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Very inspirational post and steem supportive

would be nice to be part of this meetups, lets have a meet up in central america

Unfortunately, I won't be able to get there this year. I hope everyone that goes has a great time though!

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Well, thisis exciting to see I am prolific! Thank you so much, @steemitboard. I will get my badge for sure, and thank you for letting me know about it.

..also want this badger!!..but may next Bangkok for me this time...anyway, up..

Being disabled, denied assistance for 13 years, only now getting SSI (a pittance), and still homeless, I guess I won't be getting any badge. I can't afford a passport, let alone a flight ticket. Heh.

A very nice badge... and in my color too... PINK!!!

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