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There is a lot of news going around about a new curation system / algorithm called Steem User Authority, or @steem-ua


We think this is an incredible step in the right direction! We have been blessed enough to be receiving upvotes from @tribesteemup, a private, closed-group curation and abundance community. @steem-ua is not only an already-massive account that can give you upvotes, but they are also redesigning the Reputation system (which is great)! The regular Rep system just measures upvote value received. I (@amvanaken) remember buying little 1.00 SBD upvotes from MinnowBooster back in the day and even THAT giving big boosts to my Rep back then. The new system at Steem-UA is making (pretty much has made, it is a working product) an algorithm that looks at all the “follows” you have and the “follows” your followers have, and looks at that like your User Authority Network, which contributes to your User Authority Score, which all Steem accounts have now. They also run each daily post through an algorithm and rank them daily, as well as mention ways to boost your UA score. The delegation comes into place because they are offering a daily upvote every day of the week if you delegate 250SP or more. We made sure to delegate from all 3 of our accounts, @EncryptdCouple @ConsciousAngel7 & @AMVanAken. We currently have some expired delegations coming back at the moment. This is a big chunk of our SP, a little under 1/3rd so that shows that we really believe in @steem-ua and the system that they are producing for us Steemians trying to use our natural influence more.

Read about this more in their post here.

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Steem Is is one of the best thing happen in Steemit

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