Online Video Course - Understanding the STEEM Blockchain Economy - Update

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This is an update to my #fundition campaign to produce and publish a course on the STEEM Economy.  You can read the initial application and news here with this link:!/@paulag/yl5013tub

I am delighted to say that I have now recorded and have edited all of the Videos.  I have also invited a select few to Udemy to review the course and provide me with some feedback before I do any promotional work.  In addition to this I also have to work on the captions and this is a rather time consuming task.  All in all I am ahead of schedule and hope to be pushing a promotion by the end of this week.

Initially this course was to be launched on Udemy and Skillshare.  I will also be publishing on YouTube, Dtube and may even consider Amazon video prime.

One of the proudest bits of feedback I received was from @guiltyparties

In addition to this, @el-nailul has also offered to work on translations of the captions once I have them complete in English.  This will be an amazing boost to the course and I hope to talk to a few more about translations to other languages too.

Today I have two videos to share with you.  The Introduction Video and an Orientation of the STEEM Wallet.

Thank you for following this project and all of the support I have received so far.

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If you'd like help getting the captions done, please let me know.

Thank you so much for this offer. I would love some help. it me up on discord and we can discuss it.

This is going to be a good tutorial for anyone who wants to understand steem blockchain economy @paulag, when I joined steemit on january, I watched some videos about the system but didn't really got the point and those videos with how to be on trending and reach $500 rewards was ridiculous. After the HF20 and upcoming SMT, I think we'd better have a new tutorial to inderstand steemit.

Hope that your project will succeed and couldn't wait to see one in Bahasa Indonesia. @macoolette my dear.. maybe you could help to translate it into Tagalog ?

thank you so much for the feedback and for spreading the work about translations. I might set up a little chat room when all the English captions are available and ask people to join in with the translations. Awesome.

Hi Paula. Let me know when the captions are available and I'll see what I can do for the translation.

awesome :-)

This is all very exciting! It will be really great when there are captions and translated versions.Just listening to these first two shows me how much I do not know. I had never heard of a couple of the interfaces that you are talking about. I will be looking forward to this!

thank you soooooooooooo much for the feedback

😊I am looking forward to learning from these! Thank you for this.... There is so much here to know and it is difficult to know where to go to learn the answers.

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Hands down the best course and the only one I've seen from an actual expert.

blush blush......thanks so much @guiltyparties, I better make sure I live up to this standard..

Didn't you sart this a year ago?

In fairness it takes a loooong time to put together decent vid resources!

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what I started a year ago I decided not to finish. Is was more of a how to use steemit type course which, lets face it, is way to subjective and really would have only been a scammy pile of crap. I have wanted to do a course for so long, teaching on line is what I do, but with the ever changing face of steem, what is and is not acceptable, I could never really come up with something good enough.

This course is none of that. Its factual the topics covered leave very little to 'interpretation' and I hope it helps new users as well as attracting some new users.

Sounds interesting.

Now all you need is a T shirt and blazer and you're all set!

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Nearly good to start promoting it, putting on the little whistles and bells. Maybe next time I will have the T Shirt, thanks for stopping by.

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It is a great thing as I said to you, sorry I did not come back to you on time @paulag, I will translate those video for sure, please late me know. over all that I have watched, it totally met the requirement for steem blockchain understanding. Bravo!. wish you all the best