Tutorial- How to run Dr Otto Bot (Used by booster, bellyrub, discordia)

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Today I'll show you how to run Dr Otto bot by @inertia.

Currently the bots using the script are @booster, @bellyrub, @discordia, @lovejuice , @minnowhelper

To use this script, You will need linux or any flavor of linux like ubuntu ,centOS or fedora. If you dont have one check here to run it as virtual player on windows machine.

You will also need ruby and gem installed on linux, if you don't have it check here uptil step 11.

Now we are ready to download dr otto and run, here are commands

$ git clone https://github.com/inertia186/drotto.git
$ cd drotto
$ bundle install

Once downloaded, open drotto folder and then open config.yml. Replace social account name with your bot account and do same for active key and posting key. You can edit other parameters such as batch_vote_weight. For 100% the bot will vote every 2.4 hours.
You can also edit replies made after voting by going into support folder> confirm.md

Once done, save and close.

Go back to terminal and type in

$ rake run

And your all set!

There is also a bounce feature that returns all transfers made when bot/script is not online. I will try to implement and show them to you all when I create my own little upvote bot hopefully in not so distant future.

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I might have to try this bot out for myself, all i need is server space. thk

I keep missing the opportunity to upvote your stuff. I need a super favorite followers button. So when a few people post I always see their content like a pop window notification button in chrome...This isn't a bad idea. Just add your favorite authors name and if they publish new posts you get a notification. That is so off topic. Thank you for the very helpful guides. Recently I finally launched @steemthat the upvote bot and http://SteemThat.com the unofficial how to steemit website.

Would love for you to be a contributor or writer and share things steemit related. My vision is a one stop shop for new folks to get started with new relevant content and how to guides and some tools that can be run external to steemit. The more I read about ruby and the more I tweak some code the closer I get to world of bot domination....hahaha Thanks again. Oh by the way I found more upvote bots and will publish a complete everything you ever wanted to know about steemit upvote bots guide on my website and then probably break it down into sections for publishing on steemit.


would love to be contributor, nice website btw, r u der on discord?

Nice this was really helpful and ps that name orionsbelt xD , did maybe you get that from fire emblem, that item named orionsbolt.


thanks, got it from a nat geo documentary about universe :P

Great !
Is this bot going to vote instead of me if I will install it ????


yes as long as its running

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