Tutorial-How to run Luckyluke bot by inertia.

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Hi, guys , this tutorial will show a step by step guide to running Luckyluke bot by @inertia.

Step1: You need linux or any flavour of linux like ubuntu ,centOS or fedora to run the script. If you are using windows and don't wish to install another OS you can check my tutorial for running Ubuntu on windows Here!

Step2: I'm using Ubuntu 16.04, once in just open terminal window.

Step3: Once terminal is opened, you need to type following command:

$ sudo apt-get update


Step4: Enter following command and then enter y on prompt:

sudo apt-get install git-core curl zlib1g-dev build-essential libssl-dev libreadline-dev libyaml-dev libsqlite3-dev sqlite3 libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev python-software-properties libffi-dev


Step5: clone ruby with following command

git clone https://github.com/rbenv/rbenv.git ~/.rbenv


Step6: Enter:

echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.rbenv/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc
echo 'eval "$(rbenv init -)"' >> ~/.bashrc
exec $SHELL

Step7: Clone ruby plugins

git clone https://github.com/rbenv/ruby-build.git ~/.rbenv/plugins/ruby-build


Step8: Run following commands

echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.rbenv/plugins/ruby-build/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc
exec $SHELL

Step9: Install ruby

rbenv install 2.3.1
rbenv global 2.3.1

Step10: Install bundler with gem (this will take some time)

gem install bundler
rbenv rehash


Step11: install radiator

gem install radiator

Step12: Download luckyluke

$ git clone https://gist.github.com/07cfb044f625beb22724371b85cea0e4.git luckyluke


Step13: Open luckyluke folder and install

$ cd luckyluke
$ bundle install


Step14: We need to edit luckyluke.yml and remove acccounts social and bad.account with our own username and Private Key.

Click on files:

click on luckyluke folder

Open luckyluke.yml

Remove the example accounts under voters (social and bad.account) and replace it with your steemit username and Private Key. You can also edit other parameters such as vote weight, min sbd etc. Also you can add as many bots as wanted to check for transfers. I've used booster and treeplanter in this example.
@binkley done great job on list of voting bots here!
Once edited, save and go back to terminal.

Step15: Run luckyluke

ruby luckyluke.rb


Luckyluke will now do its Thing!!

You can check Inertia's full App Catalog here!

Special thanks to @scrooger for requesting this tutorial :)

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somewhere between 10 and 11 this goes wrong ...


I've just edited step 10, you need to run rbenv rehash in step 10. Let me know how it goes ,cheers


thank you now we can play again :)


and nope it still won't do it , i still get the the "gem command excist in ... "error after gem install bundler


ok so i went on and searched and found this :

followed the Linux setup :
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install ruby-full git openssl libssl1.0.0 libssl-dev
$ sudo apt-get upgrade
$ gem install bundler

now when i run the "gem install bundler "i get the error :

ERROR: While executing gem ... (Gem::FilePermissionError)
You don't have write permissions for the /var/lib/gems/2.3.0 directory.



I was getting same error when I tried for first time, so used this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37720892/you-dont-have-write-permissions-for-the-var-lib-gems-2-3-0-directory
Follow 1st answer by derek ,you will have to uninstall ruby and then reinstall


at your step 9 this is missing :
rbenv global 2.3.1
ruby -v


thanks ,edited, ruby -v command is just to check version number so don't really need that :)


it says : The `gem' command exists in these Ruby versions:

and when you try to reinstall ruby it says it's already installed..

Great tutorial.. I have a quick question, what node does this bot connects to? or does it need to have a fullr unning node?


it connects to radiator steem api

Awesome. Mine the P4V whale bots. Crypto gets crazier by the day. Might have to try this out. Can you do it by running a VM?

Thanks for posting this!


Yes, i'm infact running it using ubuntu on VMPlayer on windows 10


Duh, didn't see the VMware at the top, sorry.

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I stumbled across your post 27 days later and seen my name mentioned. Thank you very much for the comment about the upvote bots list. And thank you for this step by step excellent guide to setting this up. I'm growing like you would not believe and it is thanks to such a wonderful community of great people. Thank you.

I am trying to run this and my logfile says WARN -- : You are setting a key that conflicts with a built-in method Hashie::Mash#method defined in Kernel. This can cause unexpected behavior when accessing the key via as a property. You can still access the key via the #[] method.

Can you please help?


@sneakyninja did you ever figure out your bot issue? I'm having a similar issue.


The error continues in the log files, but everything works as it should.

Where i am get Ubuntu 16.04 with GUI can you help me