TRON and Steemit Integration Celebration Challenge

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We hope you are all happy with the great news about the TRON and Steemit integration.

To celebrate this we are running a special Crypto Challenge all about the integration.


We want to hear your thoughts, views and ideas.

Write a Challenge post and let us know what you think.

And there are also extra rewards if you can help spread news to the big world outside.

TRON and Steemit Integration Celebration Challenge

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments about the integration of TRX into the Steem rewards system.

To enter this Challenge here are some suggestions of the areas you might like to cover…

  • What do you think of the integration of Steemit and the TRON ecosystem?
  • Do you think this TRX integration will bring more TRON users to Steemit?
  • Will this addition of TRX to the rewards encourage more people to join Steem?
  • How can you personally use this news to promote Steem and invite people to join the platform?

  • How can you optimize the amount of TRX you earn?

  • What will you do with the TRX you earn on Steem?

The Rules

You can enter the TRON and Steemit Integration Celebration Challenge as many times as you like, but no more than once per day.

Posts should be a minimum of 400 words, and can be in any language.

Challenge entries should include the tag #trxintegration and a tag for your country like #india or #italy in the first five tags.

All posts must be your own original work. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in a banning from our contests and challenges.

Any images used should either be your own or from a stated copyright free source.

This challenge will run until 23:00 UTC on Friday, December 11th, 2020.

The Prizes

For this challenge we will not be limiting the number of winners.

We will select all the best posts each day for upvotes from @steemcurator01 (10M SP).

So there will be more chances to win a good upvote from @steemcurator01 - it could be anything from 1% to 100% !

The prize votes will be increased for any winning posts set to Power Up 100% (assuming the account is not powering down at the same time).

Twitter Sharing & Spreading the Message

We will also be giving upvotes for sharing your challenge posts on Twitter - make sure you include the hashtags #trxintegration.

Put a screenshot AND the direct link to the Tweet in a comment on your post to be in with a chance of winning an extra upvote.

If you are a user of other platforms like Medium or Reddit make a post about the integration there too.

Just share screenshots and links in a comment on your post and you will be in with a chance of extra votes.

The numbers of people taking part in our Crypto Challenges has been growing each week.

This Challenge is an extra special one so we are hoping even more of you will join in to celebrate this great news.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team


You guys need to do some Press Releases about this and get it in Cointelegraph and Coindesk as well. This really is huge news and a game changer for and STEEM. You need to let the world know about it!

I'm interested and I don't even know what you're talking about. I joined in the past hour.

Thank you for going to the trouble of revealing important information to me. Thanks again.

This integration will benefit both Steem and Tron blockchain.

how has this worked out so far? been away for a while; just got back on here

it works well in my opinion it is also simple

This is a great partnership between Steem and Tron and it will increase popularity of Steemit platform also bring more users to use Steem.

The big news we have all been waiting for! Thanks!

This is a very big news and a great one. Since I'm not active on twitter, I plan on spreading the word on Facebook

Meanwhile, here's my entry; Tron×steemit integration celebration challenge|| the best news ever!!!


that`s amazing i will post our blog......

I'm seeing more interest in crypto-currency in general on other social media sites, and many seem to be thinking about alternatives to the corporate, ad-sponsored, censorship-loving platforms...combining crypto and social for the benefit of those who use it seems like a win-win! Combining crypto-forces will bring more interest, and more benefit!!

Would love to participate as I'm really very hopeful about tron added to #steemit, thanks for the celebration challenge @steemitblog

This is a good partnership between Steem and Tron and it will bring more users to use Steem.

This is really impressive, and as usual, i will be joining this challenge.

I'm new to Steemit and still finding my way around. This looks like a great way to learn how it all works. Thanks for the running the Integration Celebration Challenge.

Hey there! Check out this community, it may be helpful.

Great news! Many inactive users because of the HF of Hive will now be coming home to Steemit!

Saya suka tantangan ini, saya pasti akan berpartisipasi. Ini pasti akan seru membaca post tentang pendapat para steemian seluruh dunia tentang integrasi TRX dan Steemit ini.

Undoubtedly a great news and milestone worth celebrating.

I might do this one in a few days after I have had a little time to explore and take it all in. It's nice to see this sort of development happening, though!

Thanks so much for this updates. I would like to take and share my ideas of what I think Tron & steem will help.

beautiful concept. I think we know about others opinions on TRON and Steemit Integration.

This is a nice challenge, the integration is a good boost to steem ecosystem. A nice way forward

It is good news. Finally TRON, after having many applications based on gambling, has an application of great value in its ecosystem. STEEM ON!

This is big news. Hopefully everyone including me is very excited about the news.

Sure, I created my post here

This is a huge step for us all, I think I should enter for this challenge.

Grandioso, buenas noticias, ya en mi billetera se reflejan los TRX. Esto es maravilloso, la integración TRON -STeemit será muy atractivo para nuevos usuarios en la cadena de bloques.

This is fantastic challenge by steemit team and I am very happy to participate. Shout out for steemit and tron team for making this awesome integration which I don't think anyone would be able to do. Thanks

Великолепная новость! Мне кажется, что с добавлением наград в TRX и новым конкурсом, приток новых пользователей будет немалым! Благодарю за поддержку!

если бы еще трон рос, а то всю дорогу падает и падает. В плюсе только создатели - монету сделали и ждут кто её купит, что бы его денежки вывести. Так что это наводит на определенные мысли...

The Steem-Tron integration is definitely the most exciting news for both networks. Personally, I thank the Steemit Team & Tron Foundation for working on this.


Adding tron in the rewards system is a great news it will help increasing more members on steemit and for sure more users for tron will join steemit.
Excited to participate in this contest.
#onepercent #pakistan

Still unable to create a TRON account though... Just hangs after clicking Agree :-(


Log out and log in using your steem posting key and not via the keychain.

Hey @cryptopie ... that worked... thanks!

P.S. All "new TRX" are being accumulated to the wallet... but the "redeem rewards" button does nothing, and is still leaving a balance.


Yeah the initial balance is not redeemable but the succeeding ones can. I do think that they will fix that @braaiboy
I myself have some 148 TRX hanging but thankfully I can redeem the ones that add up after that.

We apologize for the bad experience, please try the below steps if you face any issue.

Log in to with your active private key, do not use any auth tool(for example: Steem Keychain).
Log in to with a different browser, like firefox, edge, Opera, etc.
Refresh the page and try again.
If all these steps do not work, please don’t worry, the new version will be online soon and fix related issues. All your TRX can be claimed after the new version online.

Wow!!! This is a great opportunity for us all to learn about the new trx integration.

I will inform the ghanaian community about this. Thank you so much 😁.

Buen dia.

Disculpen mi ignorancia, pero ¿Alguien podria asesorarme en como entrar o donde entrar en la página de tron donde uno debe usar las claves que envían en PDF?

Me siento como Adam en el dia de las madres.

Uso una mini laptop para navegar. No tengo telefono inteligente ni otros medios de comunicación.

Agradeceria la ayuda.

En el monedero me aparece una recompensa en TRX y no la puedo reclamar. Me sale el saldo en TRX pero no pùedo reclamar la recompensa. Recibí el pdf de claves de tron pero no se donde utilizarlas.

Si esta a bien que alguien me pueda ayudar se los agradeceria.

Muchas gracias.

Hasta la proxima...

Saludos amigo @theatrove

Visita este post y allí te guiarás, el TRX que te han dado, aun no puede liquidarse, debe ser que aún están trabajando en el sistema de integración

Gracias @adeljose por el apoyo.

Sin embargo me quede en la segunda etapa


Donde dice

Debes dar click en las letras rojas donde dice Obtenga Tron Power congelando TRX, y seguir los pasos.

Las fulanas letras rojas no las veo por ningun lado. Y el navegador me muestra de manera diferente la pagin los captures de la publicacion.

Quizás por estar conectado desde la mini laptop.

Si me guias te lo agradeceria.

Gracias de nuevo por el apoyo.

Hasta la proxima...

Saludos amigo, aún no se ha activado esa parte todavía, a mi me sucede lo mismo en este nuevo paso, tal vez sea el internet

Buenas tardes @adeljose.

Disculpa la molestia bro pero necesito consultarte ya que eres representante del país.

¿La plataforma esta presentando algún tipo de problema?

Lo pregunto porque llevo rato intentando publicar y no me deja hacerlo en ninguna comunidad.

¿O sera que cometí alguna infracción y estoy, digamos, sancionado o castigado.

¿Sabes algo de esto?.


Hasta la proxima...

Tal vez se estén presentando fallas, pero sin embargo, puedes cerrar y abrir la sesión, y borrar el caché de tu navegador, a veces esto hace pesado el funcionamiento de la página.

Buenas noches Adeljose. Te cuento que yo logre liquidar el TRX que me enviaron. Me fui directamente a la pagina de Capybaraexchange y alli use la opcion vender y despues seleccione vender mis TRX y fue super facil. Ni yo misma me lo creia. claro primero habia que activar tu cta TRON ya que envian un email para que dese alli actives la cta. Y no recuerdo que cosa mas hice. Reconozco que de verdad es un poquito complicado para nosotros los neofitos que no estamos acostumbrados a los nuevos retos. Pero lo intentaremos. Un abrazo.







We apologize for the bad experience, please try the below steps if you face any issue.

Log in to with your active private key, do not use any auth tool(for example: Steem Keychain).
Log in to with a different browser, like firefox, edge, Opera, etc.
Refresh the page and try again.
If all these steps do not work, please don’t worry, the new version will be online soon and fix related issues. All your TRX can be claimed after the new version online.

Muchísimas gracias por la información @steemitblog

Tengo como premisa de vida que toda acción genera una reacción o que todo cambio puede generar algún inconveniente, sin embargo estoy tranquilo con respecto a esto.

Se de las ventajas, o estoy aprendiendo de las ventajas que me da #steemit y se que la unión de #steemit con tron nos traerá un gran beneficio no solo a lo monetario.

Tengo paciencia y fe de que todo volverá a la normalidad ya que ustedes estar trabajando para que eso pase.

No hay problemas en cuanto a esperar por los TRX o el normal funcionamiento de la plataforma.

Más preocupado estaba por el hecho de que no podía publicar pero gracias al asesoramiento de @ansuleidy representante de Venezuela pude lograr hacerlo de nuevo.

Gracias por el apoyo.

Hasta la proxima...

#twopercent #venezuela #affable

Upvote and reblog

This is awesome. I will write a few, I actually already wrote about it on Bitcointalk.

Excelente noticia e iniciativa, a ponerse creativos en este nuevo desafío luego de esa gran expansión del ecosistemas steem con tron..


Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

Saludos equipo @steemitblog . Como no tengo activo mi twitter, compartí la gran noticia de integración TRON y Steemit con mis amigos por medio del Facebook. Aquí les dejo mi entrada al desafío:

it is nice challenge , i would like to participate in it

You're everywhere my friend

Really a great contest that will surely see the participation of many steemit users.
We translated the post into Italian for our community.

Hello, Steemit Team
I just wanted to present my resignation as CR (Country Representative) for Venezuela.
In addition to delivering the delegation of SP assigned for this work, as well as stating that I will no longer be managing
More detail in this post.
Thanks for all the support.
@ mariita52

We are very sorry to hear this. Hope all works well for you.

Many thanks from the Steemit Team

this is fair but we can't post in communities since this new change occur

@steemitblog there is problem in claiming reward of tron when i click on claim reward button it does not work please fix this issue

We apologize for the bad experience, please try the below steps if you face any issue.

Log in to with your active private key, do not use any auth tool(for example: Steem Keychain).
Log in to with a different browser, like firefox, edge, Opera, etc.
Refresh the page and try again.
If all these steps do not work, please don’t worry, the new version will be online soon and fix related issues. All your TRX can be claimed after the new version online.

Do you guys have any plans of integrating a TRX/STEEM internal market in our steemit wallet, similar to what we have in our wallet with the STEEM/SBD internal market? It would really help to have a way to go from steem to trx or from trx to steem internally in our steemit wallet. Thanks.

It looks like there is a bug with the latest update to the TRX earnings. When a user clicks "redeem rewards" the balance appears to be claimed but it doesn't go to the balance in the users tron wallet below. It just disappears. Looking at the transaction on tronscan and it looks like there was no transaction to that wallet at all. Looks like the bug started about 6-7 hours ago.

I have had the same thing occur, poof and my Tron was gone.

Same problem as @jondoe here... after claiming the TRX just vanished...

Amazing , goodluck steemit 💪

Wow, this is an interesting challenge. @steemitblog, I am happy about the news and about this challenge too. Please expect my entries.
#twopercent #nigeria #affable

This is a wonderful news.
this is my promotion in Twitter
Son noticias increíbles, este es mi link de promoción en Twitter.

and you can see my post here
y puden ver mi post al respecto aquí:

Keep steeming

I like the integration and guess that will brin Tron User on the Steem Blockchain too.
I collect / stake TRX like I did it with my Steem.
That will get a long term play.
We are still early in the blockchain game.

The integration looks so good.It would bring more people to steemit.

Here is my entry

Hola estoy emocionada con el desafío y me parece que steemit esta creciendo cada día mas.

Отличный челлендж! Даже мне есть что написать. ^^

I wrote the Tron vs Steemit Integration as a guide for Turkish users and expressed my views.

😁Wow!! Una gran idea este nuevo desafío que nos inspira a expresar nuestros pensamientos sobre esta integración... Vamos por más!

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Hello @steemitblog!

Great news in the Crypto Sphere... we will get those newbies , inactive Steemit users to join us !

Very good news. Joined in steemit because of this integration. Way to go #TRON and #Steem

Im super excited about this integration and cant wait to hear whats next for steemit.

Hola amigo soy @brensetty1986 participante de Venezuela 🇻🇪 les envio un gran saludo hay que celebrar esta gran unión de steemit y tron y gran regalo para los participantes, muchas bendiciones . 🤗😃💕

What great news I was an absent time but I was returned and this news are very good !!!

Buenas tardes.

Este mensaje va dirigido a @anasuleidy, @mariita52, @tocho2, @adeljose, algunos de los representantes de Venezuela.

Ayer hice la activación de tron para los trx. aunque no fue del todo completa porque la opción de congelar no me sale, el resto todo quedo bien.

Ahora desde que hice esa activación no había podido hacer ninguna publicación en las comunidades donde estoy suscrito.

Esta mañana puede publicar en una de las comunidades pero otra vez estoy imposibilitado el publicar.

Mi pregunta va

¿Ahora hay un limite de cantidad de publicaciones de una sola diarias?

¿Este error se estara dando desde la unificación de #steemit y Tron?

¿Le pasara esto a otros usuarios o soy un caso alistado?

Si tienen respuestas a estas preguntas o alguna otra explicación o sugerencia por favor haganmela saber en verdad necesito hacer mis publicaciones, vivo de eso, aunque últimamente no me las cura nadie.

@adeljose hice lo de loc cookie y demás y no resulto nada.

Hasta la proxima...

Hola amigo!!
No eres un caso aislado, pues a mi tambien me pasa lo mismo, despues de la unificacion no he podido publicar desde una comunidad directamente, pero puedes hacer tu publicacion normalmente y usar como etiqueta principal esto que te encerré en el circulo, cada comunidad tiene su propia etiqueta y saldrá en la comunidad que deseas


A mi me funciono, espero a ti tambien.

Gracias por la aclaratoria @anasuleidy, creo que esto se debe a esta actualización reciente.

Disculpa mi falta de velocidad de comprensión.

Copio lo que estas despues del ··/·· y lo pongo como etiqueta?

okey me fui al editor y coloque esto en la zona de etiquetas hive-111825

me dio el mensaje de que debería eliminar hive-

lo elimine y luego me dice que debo comenzar la etiqueta con una letra en ves de los números

¿Que me sugieres? ¿Coloco la direccion completa?

Gracias por el apoyo.

Disculpa que haya tardado amigo, pero el internet no me ayuda... En caso de publicar en la comunidad Xpilar que es desde te pongo el ejemplo deberias de usar esto como primera etiqueta: hive-185836 sin espacio ni nada.

Avisame si te funciona.

Es esto lo que te aparece??


Re entiendo con lo de la conexión. Esta de un malo y si le sumamos esto de los de steam, bueno, que te puedo decir.

Si. eso es exactamente lo que me aparece.... ¿Que hago en ese caso con ese mensaje?

Es porque al escribirlo en la parte de las etiquetas se te "desapareció" y volviste a escribirlo.
Cuando lo escribes por primera vez ya lo toma, y estarás publicando desde la comunidad que deseas.
Escribe la etiqueta y verifica en esta parte (Que te subrayo) para que veas que ya estas en la comunidad


Funcionó muy bien @anasuleidy.

Muchisimas gracias por el asesoramiento y el apoyo.

Muy pero muy agradecido.

Hasta la proxima...

Hola @steemitblog, primero que nada felicitarlos por la integracion del trx que nos tiene a todos con muchas espectativas positivas. Por otra parte quiero participarles que desde la actualizion e integracion de trx al sistema, al parecer no puedo realizar publicaciones en las comudidades, y esto no me pasa a nada mas a mi si no a varios usuarios con lo cuales he hablado, por mas que apretemos postear en la comunidad, no sale el editor del articulo... quisiera que cuando tengan un tiempo vean eso y disculpen la molestia... siempre he publicado desde el celular, y hablando con un amigo stemians me dijo que se tuvo que meter desde su computadora para poder publicar, cuando el siempre lo hace por el celular.

Hi @rodolfmandolina I hope you have found this post on how to post into the community using your mobile phone, Tutorial |Community post button not working | Learn how to post directly into communities Hopefully, Steemit will fix this soon.

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Definitely a good news.

This challenge is good news!It's a way to spread Steem to the world and bring in more users.
I support this

In my opinion it's awesome news. Let's make steemit a great independent platform

Cool and resteemed :-)

@lichtblick will you share your opinion on it? resteemed too :)

Check my comment below.

Wow @steemitblog, this is amazing.
I had been rejoicing and spreading the news of this integration to so many friends since yesterday, i am glad to see this contest.
Expect my entry.

Wow, this is an awesome opportunity. I have been HODLing on my TRX for a while and joining different communities, I am glad that steemit and tron are working together because for sure there will be a benefit for each parties. I would love to participate in this challenge not only for the reward but for really supporting this step forward! Sending steemit lots of power!! :)

as i said this is the biggest news in steem blockchain history and i think if the big crypto news site cover this update then it is gonna be a very good promotion.

A great opportunity to tell the world about steem and to learn more about this integration from others. Thanks for the challenge

I've written up my post. Check it out and give me a follow! Especially if you're into software and crypto!

Muy buena noticias, todos estaremos participante a este gran proyecto.

Excelente concurso pronto estaré por acá amigos!

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You are totally awesome and you are hosting an awesome challenge too.

This way uld actually be my opportunity to create a solid financial future for me. I have actually heard of TRX but i would cease this opportunity to learn and also learn more...

Expect my entry soon

incentivize - staking - locking up coins...simple..

Greetings friends.

I present my second participation for the contest.

I hope you see it.

Thank you for your attention.

Now this is quite interesting, does this apply all steemit dapps or just portal?

What integration?

А почему трон падает в цене постоянно?

This challenge is very interesting

This is a very big news

This is awesome,am so in for this challenge. Thank you @steemitblog for this great opportunity.

I have shared this news with my Twitter friends 700+ followers Here is a link to my Tweet:

TRX integration is encouraged me to come back to Steemit.

The good news shared with my 6000+ twitter followers:

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