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As the rhetoric increases and the MSM ramp up the fear porn, it's looking more likely that North Korea may be the next country targeted by the 'Forces of Freedom' for liberation from oppression. The Pyongyang power structure is indeed a brutal and oppressive regime however the last thing the world needs now is another Korean War.

For a number of reasons I'm convinced it will not come to that however just in case I'm wrong, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the history of the family that has managed to rule over North Korea unopposed for nearly 70 years. A family that now appears to be America's next target for regime change.

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The Korean Peninsula is an incredibly strategic area. North Korea shares a 1420km (880mile) border with China, a 17km (11 mile) border with Russia the shortest international border and it is a short hop across the Korean straight to Japan.

It is for this reason that the western powers have an interest in the goings on of North Korea. If not for this proximity to two great economic and military rivals and one ally I'm pretty sure you'd almost never see any news regarding this closed country.

It is fairly well documented that the people of North Korea are suffering terribly when compared to the South Koreans who enjoy a much better standard of living, a standard comparable to the west.

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Why would the people of North Korea put up with such terrible living conditions? How has this brutal dictatorship managed to keep hold of the reigns of North Korea for three generations?

The answer lies in the constant propaganda, brilliantly 'created' history and merciless brutality. The Noth Korean people have been subjected to this for over seven decades now. Is it any wonder they believe they are ruled by a divine family?


Kim Il-Sung.

The Kim dynasty is officially known as the Mount Baektu Bloodline, which has become a now three generation lineage starting with the first leader Kim Il-Sung in 1948.

The Japanese had ruled over Korea until the end of WWII in 1945. At this point the country was split and several years later Kim took control of the north. Kim Il-Sung had a history of rebellion having fought against the Japanese rule over Korea in the 1930's after which he was involved with and trained by the Soviet Union. Once the country was divided Kim led the Soviet backed provisional government in the North. This led to him becoming the first premier of its new government, the DPRK in 1948.

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He started the Korean War in 1950 in an attempt to reunify the country with the South. However the war ended up in a stalemate after three years of fighting.

It was at this juncture that he started the 'personality cult' that led to him ruling for 46 years.

In this brilliant article from The Guardian we can see how it was achieved. Please take the time to read it all as it is fascinating to see the subtle propaganda and not so subtle used to achieve his aim of becoming a 'divine' leader.

The article starts....

In 1994, as it descended into famine, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) spent millions of dollars raising a ziggurat on top of the mausoleum of Tangun, the founder of the ancient Korean Kojoson dynasty. Despite other more pressing matters, the regime felt it had urgent reasons to commemorate the life of a man whose reign began in 2,333 BC.

Unlike later Korean kingdoms, Tangun’s capital was close to Pyongyang, not Seoul. And so, in 1994, as South Korea blazed ahead in the battle for economic and political legitimacy on the Korean peninsula, the North reached into the past to claim its own.

It was said Tangun’s father had come to earth from heaven near the holy Mount Paektu on North Korea’s border with China. And despite all evidence to the contrary, it was also claimed as the birthplace of North Korea’s late leader Kim Jong-il, and its “founding father” Kim Il-sung’s base for his anti-Japanese guerrilla struggle.

When it came into being in 1948, official history writers dated Kim Il-sung’s Korea back to the year of his own birth. The now familiar Juche calendar, inaugurated in 1997, recalculated time from the year Kim Il-sung was said to have come to earth from heaven in 1912. Like some ancient creation myth newly minted, time itself began, or was renewed, with the birth of Kim Il-sung.

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Equally importantly, in 1994 the renovation of Tangun’s Tomb coincided with another multi-million dollar renovation of the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, in which the embalmed body of Kim Il-sung would be displayed, preserving him as the country’s Eternal President.

So as we can see very early in his reign he was rewriting North Korean history and his own. As soon as you see someone claiming to have come down from heaven you know you're in trouble! It's an interesting phenomenon how dictatorships throughout history and the world over have no problem spending vast amounts of money on extravagant building projects that immortalise their lives while the citizens suffer in abject poverty.

The rewriting of Korean history and that of his own life continued and was disseminated throughout North Korean 'education systems' until it becomes the truth to an oppressed populace. The scenes of grief displayed by a traumatised North Korean public on the death of Kim Jong Il in 2011 were a testament to the national psyche. Were they really that distraught? Or were they just too afraid to not be seen as devastated at the death of the 'glorious leader'? I suspect it was the first for some and the second for others. You can't brainwash everyone, can you?

Continuing with the article.....

To this day, the childhood hagiography of Kim Il-sung remains one of the key didactic tools of the North Korean state. The stories of his childhood resound from the walls of “Kim Il-sung Research Institutes” in schools, to the books children enjoy, to the texts electronically loaded on their Samjiyeon tablets.

He was born an ordinary man named Kim Song-ju on 15 April 1912, at the zenith of western and Japanese imperialism. In the first of his eight-volume memoir, he describes the era before his birth as a time of subjugation and national humiliation for the Korean race, and trumpets the new era of his guerrilla struggle.

Yet his birth also coincided with an omen of imperialism’s doom; it was the day the Titanic disappeared beneath the waters of the North Atlantic. In North Korea’s revolutionary cosmology, there is no such thing as chance. There is only destiny.

According to Kim Il-sung, his great-grandfather moved from North Jeolla Province, settling his family in Mangyongdae, then a village on the outskirts of the capital Pyongyang. For generations his family laboured there as farmers and grave keepers, and their suffering would come to symbolise the Korean nation under feudalism and Japanese imperialism. Kim describing them as “the epitome of the misfortune and distress that befell our people after they lost their country”.


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In the memoir, Kim Il-sung’s childhood reminiscences lurch from affectations of modesty to statements of self-aggrandisement. In his preface, for example, the Great Leader claims: “I have never considered my life to be extraordinary.” Two pages later he declares: “my whole life… is the epitome of the history of my country and my people.”

Kim even insists it was his own great-grandfather who led the attack on the General Sherman when it sailed the Taedong into Pyongyang in 1866, achieving one of Korea’s first great victories against western economic and military might. Kim’s ancestors glories foreshadow the greater ones to come.

The greatest influence upon the young Kim Il-sung is said to be his father, Kim Hyong-jik. A charismatic teacher and self-taught physician, Kim Hyong-jik becomes a prophetic figure in the history of his nation, raising an heir who will return as saviour to a liberated homeland.

From this point the article goes deep into the back story of the family carefully laid out and disseminated to the North Korean people. Creating what could be considered a legendary story of heroism and self sacrifice on behalf of North Korea and it's people. All created to ensure the devotion of the masses and party officials, of course with a healthy amount of brutal oppression to ensure compliance. This ingenious back story made it so succession of the family line was assured. With the ground work done the succession of Kim Il-Sung's son Kim Jong-Il was inevitable.


Kim Jong-Il.

Nicknamed 'The Dear Leader' Kim Jong-Il took control as 'Supreme Leader' of North Korea upon the death of his father in 1994.
He held many posts, amongst which included General Secratary of the Workers Party, Chairman of the National Defence Commitee and Supreme leader of the Korean People's Army which is the fourth largest standing army in the world.
Even though he had been designated the successor to his father in 1971 and undisputed heir apparent since 1991it still took three years to consolidate his power.
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This article found at gives a fantastic overview of the man although it was written during his lifetime and speaks of him in the present tense who took charge and led North Korea from 1994 until his much publisised death in 2011.

It reads....

Born in either 1941 or 1942, much of Kim Jong Il's persona is based on a cult of personality, meaning that legend and official North Korean government accounts describe his life, character, and actions in ways that promote and legitimize his leadership, including his birth. Over the years, Kim's dominating personality and complete concentration of power has come to define the country North Korea.

Born February 16, 1941, though official accounts place birth a year later. Some mystery surrounds when and where Kim Jong Il was born. Official North Korean biographies state that his birth occurred on February 16, 1942, in a secret camp on Mount Paekdu along the Chinese border, in Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province, in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). Other reports indicate he was born a year later in Vyatskoye in the former Soviet Union.

His official government biography claims Kim Jong Il completed his general education between September 1950 and August 1960 in Pyongyang, the current capital city of North Korea. But scholars point out that the first few years of this period were during the Korean War and contend his early education took place in the People's Republic of China, where it was safer to live. Official accounts claim that throughout his schooling, Kim was involved in politics. While attending the Namsan Higher Middle School in Pyongyang, he was active in the Children's Union—a youth organization that promotes the concept of Juche, or the spirit of self-reliance—and the Democratic Youth League (DYL), taking part in the study of Marxist political theory. During his youth, Kim Jong Il showed an interest in a wide range of subjects including agriculture, music, and mechanics. In high school, he took classes in automotive repair and participated in trips to farms and factories. Official accounts of his early schooling also point out his leadership capabilities: as vice chairman of his school's DYL branch, he encouraged younger classmates to pursue greater ideological education and organized academic competitions and seminars as well as field trips.

Kim Jong Il graduated from Namsan Higher Middle School in 1960 and enrolled the same year in Kim Il Sung University. He majored in Marxist political economy and minored in philosophy and military science. While at the university, Kim trained as an apprentice in a textile machine factory and took classes in building TV broadcast equipment. During this time, he also accompanied his father on tours of field guidance in several of North Korea's provinces.
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Rise to Power.

Kim Jong Il joined the Workers' Party, the official ruling party of North Korea, in July 1961. Most political experts believe the party follows the traditions of Stalinist politics even though North Korea began distancing itself from Soviet domination in 1956. The Workers' Party claims to have its own ideology, steeped in the philosophy of Juche. However, in the late 1960s, the party instituted a policy of "burning loyalty" to the "Great Leader" (Kim Il Sung). This practice of personality cult is reminiscent of Stalinist Russia but was taken to new heights with Kim Il Sung and would continue with Kim Jong Il.

Soon after his 1964 graduation from the university, Kim Jong Il began his rise through the ranks of the Korean Workers' Party. The 1960s were a time of high tension between many Communist countries. China and the Soviet Union were clashing over ideological differences that resulted in several border skirmishes, Soviet satellite nations in Eastern Europe were simmering with dissention, and North Korea was pulling away from both Soviet and Chinese influence. Within North Korea, internal forces were attempting to revise the party's revolutionary message. Kim Jong Il was appointed to the Workers' Party Central Committee to lead the offensive against the revisionists and ensure the party did not deviate from the ideological line set by his father. He also led efforts to expose dissidents and deviant policies to ensure strict enforcement of the party's ideological system. In addition, he took on major military reform to strengthen the party's control of the military and expelled disloyal officers.

I suspect that 'exposing dissidents' and 'expelling disloyal officers' was an exercise in extreme brutality for both the unfortunate souls and their families who were deemed to have gone against the regime. And I'm fairly sure that the 'revisionists' that sought to deviate from the party's ideological system were dealt a similar fate.

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Kim Jong Il oversaw the Propaganda and Agitation department, the government agency responsible for media control and censorship. Kim gave firm instructions that the party's monolithic ideological message be communicated constantly by writers, artists, and officials in the media. According to official accounts, he revolutionized Korean fine arts by encouraging the production of new works in new media. This included the art of film and cinema. Mixing history, political ideology, and movie-making, Kim encouraged the production of several epic films, which glorified works written by his father. His official biography claims that Kim Jong Il has composed six operas and enjoys staging elaborate musicals. Kim is reported to be an avid film buff who owns more than 20,000 movies, including the entire series of James Bond films, for his personal enjoyment.

Kim Il Sung began preparing his son to lead North Korea in the early 1970s. Between 1971 and 1980, Kim Jong Il was appointed to increasingly important positions in the Korean Workers' Party. During this time, he instituted policies to bring party officials closer to the people by forcing bureaucrats to work among subordinates for one month a year. He launched the Three-Revolution Team Movement, in which teams of political, technical, and scientific technicians traveled around the country to provide training. He was also involved in economic planning to develop certain sectors of the economy.

By the 1980s, preparations were being made for Kim to succeed his father as the leader of North Korea. At this time, the government began building a personality cult around Kim Jong Il patterned after that of his father. Just as Kim Il Sung was known as the "Great Leader," Kim Jong Il was hailed in the North Korean media as the "fearless leader" and "the great successor to the revolutionary cause." His portraits appeared in public buildings along with his father's. He also initiated a series of drop-in inspections of businesses, factories, and government offices. At the Sixth Party Congress in 1980, Kim Jong Il was given senior posts in the Politburo (the policy committee of the Korean Workers' Party), the Military Commission, and the Secretariat (the executive department charged with carrying out policy). Thus, Kim was positioned to control all aspects of the government.

So here we have a man who has spent his whole life being trained to be a brutal dictator, University educated, skilled in the workings of the party, venerated as a fearless leader and aversed in the art of propaganda and media manipulation. The lot of the North Korean citizens was never going to get any better under his guidance, in fact it got worse. After all who was going to question his authority? The regime had been grooming him his whole life and citizens had been trained to see him as a divine leader. There was however one aspect of his leadership that wasn't polished, the military.

Unlike his father had no military experience at all, although this was not going to be allowed to become a stumbling block to his ascendancy to the leadership of North Korea.

The biography explains how he overcame this potential issue.....

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With the assistance of allies in the military, Kim was able to gain acceptance by the army officials as the next leader of North Korea. By 1991, he was designated as the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, thus giving him the tool he needed to maintain complete control of the government once he took power.

Following the death of Kim Il Sung in July 1994, Kim Jong Il took total control of the country. This transition of power from father to son had never been seen before in a communist regime. In deference to his father, the office of president was abolished, and Kim Jong Il took the titles of general secretary of the Workers' Party and chairman of the National Defense Commission, which was declared the highest office of the state.

The direction North Korea took under Kim Jong-Il's leadership is well documented, a more aggressive stance towards the West, missile tests and nuclear ambitions put the country on a collision course with the western powers. Towards the end of Kim Jong Il's reign as leader North Korea was well and truly on the way to being a serious nuclear power and a potential target for western instigated regime change.

Kim Jong-Il died in 2011 leaving the country grief stricken. The scenes of public mourning for the 'Dear Leader' were shown around the world and while western commentators speculated about the power structure being in disarray there was never any doubt that the reigns of North Korea was yet again going to be passed from father to son.


Kim Jong-Un.

Kim Jong-Un took the reigns of power following the funeral of his father on 28th December 2011. Surprisingly little was known about the second son of Kim Jong-Il prior to his ascendancy to the top of the North Korean power structure.

Confirming his education history has proven difficult and it is unknown whether he attended an overseas school or University under a pseudonym.

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He was however bred to take over the dictatorship from his father and grandfather before him in what was now without a doubt a family business. Western media have been replete with outlandish stories allegedly emanating out of North Korea which tell of a genius boy who could drive at three year so old and score 18 holes in one in a round of golf! Ridiculous to say the least and whether they are North Korean propaganda designed to impress the people to western propaganda to make the regime comical to the outside world, they are clearly not true. offer an insight into the what is known about North Korea's latest offering from the Kim family dynasty.

Much of the early life of Kim Jong-un is unknown to Western media. Presumably born in North Korea, Kim is the son of Ko Young-hee, an opera singer, and Kim Jong-il, who was the dictatorial leader of the country for over a decade until his death in 2011. Although Kim Jong-un has implemented some economic and agricultural reforms, human rights violations and brutal suppression of opposition have continued to be reported under his rule. He has also continued the country’s nuclear testing and what is believed to be the development of missile technology despite widespread international disapproval.

Early Life.

The birthdate and early childhood of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is shrouded in mystery. It is known that he is the third and youngest son of Korean military leader Kim Jong-il (also written Jong Il), who, under the Communist Worker's Party, had ruled North Korea since 1994; and the grandson of Kim Il-sung, his father's predecessor.
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Kim Jong-un's mother was opera singer Ko Young-hee, who had two other children and is thought to have campaigned for Kim Jong-un to be his father's successor before her death in 2004. Kim Jong-il reportedly took a liking to Kim Jong-un, noting that he saw in the youth a temperament similar to himself. It is also thought that Kim Jong-un may have been educated abroad in Switzerland before attending the Kim Il-sung Military University (named after his grandfather) in the capital of Pyongyang in the mid-2000s.

Kim Jong-il began to prepare Kim Jong-un for succession to leadership in 2010. Upon his father's death in December 2011, Kim Jong-un assumed power. He was believed to be in his late 20s at the time.

Suppression of Opposition.

After Kim assumed supreme leadership of North Korea, he reportedly executed or removed many senior officials that he had inherited from his father’s regime.
Among those purged was his own uncle, Jang Song-thaek (also known as Chang Sŏng-t'aek), who is believed to have played an important role during Kim Jong-il’s rule and had been considered one of Kim Jong-un’s top advisers.

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In December 2013, Jang was reportedly arrested and executed for being a traitor and plotting to overthrow the government. It is also believed that members of Jang's family were executed as part of the purge.

In February 2017, Kim's older half-brother Kim Jong-nam died in Malaysia. Although many details remained unclear, it was believed he was poisoned at Kuala Lumpur airport, and multiple suspects were arrested.

Kim Jong-nam had been living in exile for many years, during which time he served as a vocal critic of his half-brother's regime.

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As you can see when it comes to brutal oppression of any opposition Kim Jong-Un has carried on the family business with aplomb. With an uncle and a half brother paying the ultimate price for perceived treachery. As his reign continues it isn't hard to imagine that the body count will go up, after all isn't that what crime families do? They murder the opposition to protect the family business.

Suspected Weapons Testing.

Under Kim Jong-un's authority, North Korea has continued what are believed to be weapons-testing programs. Though agreeing in February 2012 to halt nuclear testing and to a cessation on long-range missile launching, in April 2012 the country launched a satellite that failed shortly after takeoff. Then, in December of the same year, the government launched a long-range rocket that put a satellite in orbit. The U.S. government believed that these launches are meant to cover up work and testing on ballistic missile technology.

In February 2013, North Korea held its third underground nuclear test. The act was roundly condemned by the international community, including the United States, Russia, Japan and China. In the face of further sanctions, analysts have stated that Kim's continued focus on armament while calling for U.S. peace talks is a strategy of positioning North Korea as a formidable entity and cementing his standing as a regional leader.

By September 2016, the country reportedly conducted its fifth underground nuclear test, despite a history of sanctions imposed by the U.S. Other countries staunchly denounced the move and called for North Korea's denuclearization, with South Korean president Park Geun-hye particularly concerned about the security implications of the continued weapons testing and Kim's mental state.

In February 2017, North Korea launched what its state media described as a medium long-range ballistic missile, with Kim said to be present at the site to supervise. The test sparked more outrage from the international community and calls for an urgent U.N. Security Council meeting.

Public Persona.

In the summer of 2012, it was revealed that Kim had taken a wife, Ri Sol-ju. While the couple's exact wedding date is unknown, one source reported it as 2009. In the months since the marriage was uncovered, the country's first lady has frequently appeared in the media—a striking departure from previous protocols. It has also been speculated that the couple have a child.

Kim Jong-un, part of the cyber-generation, is seen as having a more mediagenic style then his father, with the younger Kim having given a New Year's broadcast, taking in musical performances with his wife and being seen as more engaging with soldiers and workers.

He has also embraced more Western cultural tastes, notably highlighted when former American professional basketball player Dennis Rodman paid North Korea a two-day visit in February 2013.

During Rodman's stay, Kim accompanied him to watch a basketball game. Rodman claimed that he wanted to help improve relations between the United States and North Korea.

Image Source

Now here we are in the back end of 2017 and the leader of North Korea is in a war of words with the leader of the USA, where will it go from here? The media are reporting daily on the hostile activities of the North Korean military and the US military has been performing military manoeuvres with the South Korean army just across the border.

Does anyone believe that the Kim Jong-Un will back down? Will Trump?


Final thoughts.

The situation in the Korean Peninsula is definately hotting up on a daily basis. It is my hope that cooler heads will prevail. The power structure in Pyongyang is ingrained and the Kim family won't go easy. They have the backing of a massive military and a brainwashed, downtrodden, oppressed population, many of which believe in the divine right of the Kim family to rule over them.

I suspect many would happily lay down their lives for their leader although I suspect there are many who wish for change but currently have no voice. I don't know what the answer is but I do know that another Korean War would be devastating to the country and the region and if North Korea are able to deploy WMD's the situation could go really bad really quick. If the people of North Korea are ever going to be free of this stranglehold the Kim family have on them then a very different approach is going to be be needed. I don't believe threats from the US or the UN will ever work.

It is my sincere hope that one day in the not too distant future we will see this horrific regime ousted, the Korean Peninsula unified and peace come to the region. Until that day we ALL need to hope that the situation calms down for if it doesn't we may well see a war begin that there is no coming back from.


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When it came into being in 1948, official history writers dated Kim Il-sung’s Korea back to the year of his own birth. The now familiar Juche calendar, inaugurated in 1997, recalculated time from the year Kim Il-sung was said to have come to earth from heaven in 1912. Like some ancient creation myth newly minted, time itself began, or was renewed, with the birth of Kim Il-sung.

I had no idea! This was interesting to me....Re-writing time! BAH! :')

Kim Jong Il oversaw the Propaganda and Agitation department, the government agency responsible for media control and censorship. Kim gave firm instructions that the party's monolithic ideological message be communicated constantly by writers, artists, and officials in the media. According to official accounts, he revolutionized Korean fine arts by encouraging the production of new works in new media. This included the art of film and cinema. Mixing history, political ideology, and movie-making, Kim encouraged the production of several epic films, which glorified works written by his father. His official biography claims that Kim Jong Il has composed six operas and enjoys staging elaborate musicals. Kim is reported to be an avid film buff who owns more than 20,000 movies, including the entire series of James Bond films, for his personal enjoyment.

Wooooahhhhh! The dude has a personality outside of the MSM picture of him shooting rockets all the time!!! Sounds like he might use be more learned than 90% of our P.O.T.U.S's :')

Your amazing. Good job and much needed imho <3

Aw, thanks babe.
There is much in the western press about this family and they are looked upon as imbeciles or insane, the latter may be true but they're certainly not stupid. They have that 'Bond Villain' aura IMO. Just look at how they've taken the Stalinist personality cult to the next level, horrific for the people but brilliant in its excecution.
Makes me wonder about the deluded souls in the west who love the idea of extreme socialism or even communism. This is where is always ends up, without fail. Thanks for reading and commenting babe ❤️

Excellent work! I have written previously about how Korea (CORE-A : of the core) is a karmic and holographic reflection of the general imbalance within humanity as a whole. I find the aspect of starting a new calendar from the birth date of 'the divine one' to be a direct reflection of the Christian control programming that permeates much of the not so free world.

I feel that the control that can be so obviously seen in that society is a reflection of the control that is forced by so many parents around the world onto their children - including the 'great leader' when he was a child. Such imbalance manifests in new forms as time goes by and I feel that in the case of North Korea it has become a grotesque 'father'/'children' image, where the 'great father' (in heaven) controls everything and knows what's best for 'his children' (some of whom are more than twice his age).

It has been said that all the world is a stage and in this case it's a stage that includes a hall of mirrors.

The whole world is a stage buddy. This story is so much deeper than were told and the country is being used as a way to keep the region permanently at odds a bit like the situation in the Middle East.
I've not really looked at it from the perspective you do however it's an interesting take on the situation.
Thanks for reading and commenting buddy.

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Hey @tremendospercy thanks for sharing such a great post!! I'm not going to even try and pretend that I held any more than a rudimentary knowledge relating to the history of this family and as such I read this post with great interest. The brainwashing of the North Korean public reminds me of the old Jesuit quote: "Give me the child for seven years and I will give you the man" and it's so true! If you build a nation on shaky foundations and false realities what else to they have to believe in? their minds are owned and you can mold their perceptions like clay. Much food for thought in this post my friend so thanks for giving me a Monday feast!! As always, excellent work :)

Thanks buddy, I trust you had a great weekend.
I think Stalin made a similar statement. NK has lots going on we don't ever here about, I'm still not convinced they're not back by US entities to keep the region in turmoil to ensure their military presence.
Thanks for redingote and commenting mate.

OMG TP - you are a Political Historian too. Mate is there anything that you can't do? Well researched post mate. SK.

Haha, thanks mate.
I just write about whatever comes to mind, there is a lot being written about the NK situation and thought 'who are they' how did they get power' and it went from there. It was just going to be about Kim Jong-un but I think the back story is important to understand the situation in NK.
Cheers for the support buddy.

A Pristine piece, from a phenomenal mind.

Therefore, in addition to my own meager offering, I call upon thee, O Great @originalworks to bequeath this magnificent work with your stellar tribute.

Babe, you make me blush 😊
Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
You're a smart cookie yourself Kitten, with the added bonus of being a 'hottie' 😉❤️
Haha, it's difficult to keep Lord Percy in check 😂

You're my people, Percy. I honestly have envisioned us as whales together- no lie ;)

You're stuck with me!

And thank you for the compliment, Sir <3 My cheeks are a bit warm as well!

Wow!!! What a super well researched interesting post! So historical politics is one of your thing too now!! Im always amazed at how a whole nation can be so completely brainwashed. Dictatorship is a scary thing!

Thanks for the kind comment.
Yes it's amazing how a people can be so brutally oppressed and worship the man that does it to them!?
Dictatorships don't have to be malevolent but they most often are.

The key word to me in all this is "strategic".
I we look at the shift of "powers" heading into Europe, with an inevitable change of voting powers within this century and the facts that this part of Asia can always be an excellent buffer zone between "East and West" it is now actually not only in best interest of The USA to ensure "harmony" in this part of the world but also in China's best interest too.

No matter what happened during 'The Cold War', China and The USA are now interlocked financially and this can only mean that these two nations share common interests, that didn't necessarily exist in the past.

So the question to ask is:

Who wins if Korea reunites and the bloody totalitarian cult regime gets overthrown and the people of North Korea see the day of light as far as freedom of information goes?

China? YES.

and the list goes on.

Who loses?

A totalitarian cult regime in the northern half of Korea.

& who else?

Maybe those eastward who may have ambitions of taking over the world.

Again, you used the right word there.


Hmm, I agree with some of your statements however I think there is another aspect in play.
This regime is the perfect excuse for the US to keep its military presence in both South Korea and Japan. It's a very serendipitous situation for the DC neocons who wish to contain Russia and China, and keep a military presence on their Eastern borders.
I think there is a potential PsyOp in play here.

PsyOps do their thing no matter how the tides may turn.

What seems to be a potential move now for the moment at hand could very well be a move preparing the path to something much bigger in the future.

If you look at it in a strategic aspect on a global level, Korea shall have to be reunited in order to "draw the line" one day during this century.

It's a shame that people in North Korea have had to suffer so much just because of one family. I've lived in South Korea for ten years and my family in America always worries about me here, however when you talk to South Koreans you quickly realize they don't view North Korea as a threat. They know the Kim Dynasty only want to live like kings in their bubble of luxury. The last thing Kim Jong-un would want is a war, and to be honest he's more scared than anyone of a war with America breaking out. Just look at the guy, severely overweight, he can barely walk, spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year on food, alcohol and other luxuries. His father Kim Jong-il was known to be an alcoholic and would show up drunk at important meetings with diplomats all the time. It's all just a game of pleasure to this family. They are psychopaths and will continue to let their people suffer so they can live their decadent lifestyles.

I completely agree, you find throughout history these 'Royal bloodlines' getting further away from the original revolutionary ideas of their forebears. Descending into a life of decadence and self indulgence is par for the course. Just look at the way the Roman Emperors decended into insanity with the likes of Caligula and Nero.
It always goes the same way, look at the US with that utter halfwit George W Bush. I'm pretty sure he thought North Korea was a US state 😂
Thanks for reading buddy and leaving a great comment.

Even as I'm somewhat troubled by what your avatar represents to me as a center-libertarian, this is a very well written post. gives a nod to excellence and resteems

Thanks for reading and the resteem 😉

My avatar is the English flag. I'm English, nothing more than that.
Why? What do you think it represents?

Religion and/or the state I guess, at best. There is an uncomfortable correlation between use of similar symbols and nationalism or more particular and worse (real) fascism on the internet these days, so because of that I have to say I'm hesitant to promote. Still, the post itself was worth it.

I'm not promoting anything, another Steemian made it for me so I use it. I don't care about the symbolism people take from it that's not my message. Check out my blog, you'll see how I feel about government and the lies they perpetrate, I have no religious or political affiliations. They're all parascitic control mechanisms I'd like to see removed from our paradigm. It's just an avatar!

Good to hear and great post again.

I am so glad you did all the work so i could just be lazy and read. This was extremely informative and depressing for these oppresssed people. Thank you for your very insightful look at this regime. Resteemed.

Thanks Janelle 😉
This is an example of how bad it can go for a people if checks aren't kept on their leadership. By all accounts the people believe the most ludicrous lies told to them about the outside world. A lesson for us all in vigilance. Our own countries could easily be two generations away from a similar existence if we don't stay on top of our own leaders.
Cheers for reading and commenting babe. 🌹

North korea runs one of the most successful propoganda and personality cult in the world. The ladies in north korea loves kim like there is no other man...

That's the brilliance of the propaganda over the last 70 years, the people will put up with any amount of misery for their dear leaders!? Amazing what people will put up with.

Well the propaganda has gave them a set of blinkers. So they are ignorant and their sense of beauty is so thwarted that Kim looks like Elvis to them. Maybe they are happy in misery. Oxymoron.

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Very informative! Loved reading your post as always!

Thanksssssss babessssss ❤️

El mundo con este chino esta en en riesgo, pareciera que esta jugando con sus misiles. ha hecho de la provocación su medio de vida, no deja de preocupar.

Muchas gracias amigo.

This is some what so much information to take in, there's a lot to absorb.
Seems like you have spent a lot of time to put this together.
Very good and well put together also, its going to take time to read and research all this but what a hell of an artickle! Great job.

Thanks buddy, I appreciate the comment.

Hey, great post.. yeah i don't really even know the history about how this got so butt backward messed up over there... i'll have to watch a good doc on it sometime,,, peace

Hopefully it will come to nothing.

I grew up watching mash, which was about the american intervention in the Korean civil war. It is interesting to get alot of the story from a non msm or T.V aspect. Great Post!! Thank you!

Thanks buddy, I grew up watching it too. Cheers for reading and commenting.

The Dangerous Tone of US Media and Revisionist History Towards Korea
Nuff Said!

Thanks dude. I love Lionel he's awesome.


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Another excellent article wonder why the regime is concealing the date of birth and place of birth of all its leaders. Does that make them divine. Whatever are the differences between the North and South may peace prevail. Being geographically close means a nuclear war will certainly affect us. With the modern weapons its going to affect everyone on this planet, but we would be the first ones to be affected.

Yes indeed. But I think cooler heads will prevail, the Kim family have no desire to lose control,and instigating a war would guarantee their demise.

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Really informative and interesting, great article.