An Open Letter to the Community - HF22.5

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An Open Letter to the Community

On February 22, 2020, Steem Witnesses launched Soft Fork 22.2, with the sole intent to freeze the original stakes owned by Steemit, Inc.

Originally, as the core development team behind the Steem blockchain and key contributor to the ecosystem, Steemit used their stake for continued development of the Steem blockchain, onboarding users, and not voting for witnesses. The TRON Foundation is committed to add value and grow the Steem ecosystem and intends to use part of the Steemit stake for such executions. With that in mind, on February 13th, both TRON and Steemit planned to meet to discuss the future road map, with respect of the Steem community. Unfortunately, the Witnesses’ decision created a need to reclaim the stake and vote in new witnesses to usher in new policies for a healthier ecosystem and community.

Soft Fork 22.2 was maliciously structured, intending to freeze a handful of very targeted accounts and taking away their rights and possession to their owned asset, and may be deemed illegal and criminal. The group behind this could essentially do this kind of attack to any Steem community member, on any terms they want. They even threatened to hard fork, and nullify all existing STEEM token, putting every good STEEM holder, developer and community interest at danger. This is very much against every aspect of the original purpose of decentralization and the core value of the Steem blockchain and community. We can’t let it happen.

On March 2, 2020, Steemit regained the staked accounts, so as to course correct the hostile behavior led by a small group of people, and resume the order of the community.

Commitment to the Community

  • The Steem blockchain will not be abandoned or merged to TRON unless the community decides so.
  • Deploy in the next Hard Fork as soon as possible to reduce power down time to 1-3 days in alignment to other mainstream blockchains, while open for discussion for better economic implications.
  • For the next 4-6 weeks, the Steemit team will be using the voting rights to resume the order of the community while having an open channel for meeting community members and Witnesses. The goal is to protect the Steem blockchain from bad actors, add transparency, and receive community suggestions and advice.
  • After the 4-6 weeks period, the Steemit team will give the governance back to the community when it’s back in order and mutual agreement.

Product Roadmap

The Steemit team had a very productive and exciting conversation with TRON on the future roadmap and we can’t wait to share this with everyone. The following features are what we will be focusing on:

  • Maintain Steem blockchain running in parallel with TRON
  • Launch Smart Media Tokens
  • Launch Cross Chain Atomic Swaps
  • Improve Overall User Experience And Onboard More Users

Smart Media Tokens (SMTs)

SMTs are on our public testnet. We have GitHub testing issues created that once completed will ensure confidence in the release.

Alongside the SMT release is the SMT Wizard, a simple front end for creating SMTs, and client libraries. Client library work is mostly done except for small changes being made to the protocol during testing and is awaiting testing.

Cross Chain Atomic Swaps (CCAS)

CCAS will use a combination of Hashed Timelocked Contracts (HTLC) and Header Only Verification (HOV) to seamlessly move tokens (STEEM, TRC-20s, and SMTs) between TRON and Steem. User Experience Improvements is an opportunity to onboard massive numbers of users into our ecosystem through a social network / viral media model, now with TRON’s ecosystem and resources, this goal is more achievable than ever.

We are on target for feature parity with With communities core launched, we are very close to this goal. The remaining tasks are around onboarding, including an invite system for new accounts, and optimizing content discovery.

Specifically, our primary goal is to emphasize the organic and sustainable models for growth that enables. We plan on doing this by:

  • Lowering the barriers to entry by streamlining the signup and first-use experience on and on the Steem blockchain.
  • Contributing to the quality and authenticity of the user base by implementing an invite / referral signup system.
  • Enhancing the quality of user experience on by removing ads, optimizing the front page, making the rewards system easy to use through browser extensions, and integrating the wallet with the main site.
    Enhancing the mobile experience.

More Rewards to Witnesses

Community is the core to the Steem ecosystem, and Witnesses should earn rewards accordingly given how important their roles are. We will come up with a plan to reward Witnesses privileges in Steemit like staking rewards.

More Users

TRON is known for its thriving ecosystem, and now Steemit has access to TRON’s active 15 million user community, a distribution network of over 600 million DAU, meanwhile leveraging TRON’s powerful marketing resources as well as some top industry leaders.

More Content

A social network without content won’t go far. has a perfect foundation and we will reward more to the content creators and/or curators to feed the users.

More Development

More developer support will be provided. Not only do we have access to more engineer support, but also we can run more hackathons and devote more capital to support the development of community projects.

More Liquidity

We’ll be learning a lot from TRON’s team on how to build a healthy exchange relationship and we’ll be having more conversations with exchanges to learn the best way to get listed and have more trading pairs.

A Brighter Future

Steemit and the Steem community is one of a kind within the current blockchain landscape. It had its own history, but now with TRON’s resources and ecosystem behind it, it’s time to course correct and build a healthier and thriving ecosystem around this dynamic community.

This will be nothing but an exciting future.

The Steemit Team


So basically you hostile takeover Steem's governance claiming it's because you're striving for decentralization, and yet you do it by centralizing governance by voting the top 20 witnesses with one super powered up account.

But screw the 4 years and thousands of witness votes from the community that's been here every day for years, right?

And the fucking exchanges used customer funds! Its beyond unethical.

you know the old saying... not your keys not your coins.

Not long ago I found this brillant operation in steem docs: - the community should have required any exchange to do precisely that on their technical accounts, so such things cannot happen.. too bad I learned about that op a week ago and I myself didn't consider the exchanges when SF was being prepared :|

AIUI, that op was explicitly created to render whale stake nonvoting to be able to remove the centralization of power risk to the chain. Today, that risk became non-theoretical. (That's actually also a pun. Hi @ben!)

AIUI: Exactly. Today: actually, I'd say it also prooved that this op was very much needed, and very much forgotten, and probably it's mostly rendered useless now :)

Buy more STEEM and vote for your witness. It's really that simple! STEEM was DPOS from the beginning.

I'm kind of happy they showed their hand and that the soft fork happened. We had till the town hall to discuss all of this and they pulled a fast one. There's not going to be discussions, just dictating.

I initially thought that the supposed 'town hall' was just a tactic to delay the valid witnesses while they (Steemit Inc.) re-grouped and implemented a takeover. Sadly I was correct.

Edited for clarity.

I honestly didn't think that lol how naive I was, here I was thinking okay we can now bring parties to the table but it looks like we're as divided as ever. I wonder if any of the witnesses will stick around for the great handing back of the chain

I doubt there will be any handing back. Justin Sun did the same thing to the Tron blockchain recently (with the aide of Binance) and has not 'handed it back' either.

I admit I know zero about Tron and never been interested in it. I don't get why people like these want to get into decentralised projects? Why not focus on something you can control then if thats what you want.

I think that calling something 'decentralized' has marketing appeal for someone only interested in making money.

Perhaps also Mr. Sun has control issues and can never quite deal with a truly decentralized platform but likes to be looked upon as a pioneer in the field for more complicated and perhaps narcissistic/megalomaniac reasons.

I think you're spot on there its more about the narrative and selling people on the idea and then obfuscating the implementation like oh we're not as shit as banks but low key we are exactly the same. Lets not forget the VC money Justin throws around naturally comes with conditions

Manipulators see lotsa potential victims when looking at something decentralized. It's what they do for a living.

Is time to grow in other decentralized social networks such as Witnesses! Here is a tutorial to create a node in this community. The consensus it is 25 witness nodes. tutorial


Good luck! You just lost
Whole community, the most
Valuable thing here.

                 - jacekw

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Holy shit, didn't see that coming. You're actually trying to establish an order with premined stake while talking about decentralization? Did you have stroke in the meantime or what?

Fuck this shit, you actually showed that soft fork was absolutely neccessary.

Btw i dont think you have 15 mil active users, whole crypto combined doesn't have that much😂😂😂

By removing our witnesses you have proved to be not worthie of our trust. We should have forked you out completely.


we know who's behind his ass

What's next? All steemians to be quarantined?

Forcibly removed with drive-bys.

🤓 That ^^.

What the hell?!
"New witness" accounts were created yesterday and today they are steem witness? How? Everything is on the blockchain.
What we can learn from TRON? How to centralize the ecosystem? How to impose censorship?
Only #SteemClassic

you think that this place is censorship free? lol
there are plenty of censored accounts here for sharing inconvenient truths !
one of them is mine

It is interesting that nobody complain when witnesses did same thing 2 weeks ago :D
Comments fiesta!

Really? You like dictatorship?

How is that a same thing when you had consensus witnesses with an intention of preserving Steem and now one centralized entity trying to force things?

P.S. They downvoted most opposing comments here.

It is not what I like, just how I see the situation.

Because they are teaching people a lesson in being not hostile. Should have not started this war in the first place. The witnesses didn't preserve steemit. They were on the verge of killing it.

Ass kiss much?

He really thinks Justin will pick him up in his new Steem order.

Can't write much?

I write a lot actually. Thanks for noticing.

I just noticed you got a thriving blog. Keep writing and one day you got enough pennies!

Thanks so much for your facetiously kind words. Hopefully all your ass kissing disinformation earns you some pennies as well.

This is in no way similar. A witness consensus voted by community stake is a decentralized action.
Exchanges taking customer funds to do a hostile takeover and completely centralizing the chain is an abomination of crypto.

Steem, at this moment is 100% centralized.
There is no point in it being a blockchain.

Community stake ? You needed what ?blocktrades and or freedom vote to be in top 20 ? Is that the community consensus ?
I seriously don't know if that's the case

Vast majority of witnesses and community members were on board with the SF. This is an action by 1 guy that bought himself a blockchain by telling his friend CZ to use customer funds to takeover the chain for him.

Has this not always been the case though? I've maintained since forever that all it takes is one wealthy bad actor, a youtuber prank or something and bam, centralised on a whim. Decentralization has always seemed somewhat of an illusion mixed with a pipe dream to me that only really functioned because Steem isn't popular or known

not really, because you can't buy that much from exchanges and not skyrocket the price.

It was only really ever as decentralized as @ned wanted it to be. Perhaps it will dawn on folks that @ned never did this, even though he could have at will, at any point in time.

All of us only ever spoke freely because @ned wanted us to, and that includes all the admiration for his hair.

Miss him yet folks? I sure do.

Don't miss him at all; he set this up as an inevitability from the very beginning and made no effort to fix. People on twitter have predicted such a 'coup' via exchanges specifically for years. I ain't wishing back anyone who created such a scenario

I have long shouted from the rooftops this vulnerability. No one competent to run a witness could have failed to understand it, and be aware of it's existence. That they did nothing to resolve the problem is not @ned's fault.

This is the fault of those witnesses and substantial stakeholders that continued to benefit from the gross inequity of distribution and did nothing to fix the problem until @justinsunsteemit bought @ned out. When trustworthy @ned was no longer standing between them and total centralization of 'their' blockchain, suddenly they blame @ned for creating the problem.


Welcome to capitalism!

Customer funds?
Exchanges bought a lot of STEEMs 2 days ago causing +25% price pump...
They literally bought blockchain.

They didnt buy 100 million Steem. The price would have gone up much higher.

I di mys because it was like taking an aggressive stance and blowing the first strike. Fear is never a good advisor and the results are obvious. The other has to strike back if not intentionally than just in order not to lose his face.
Now please could we just go back to the table and try to deescalate before everything gets totally out of hand ?
Yours Jan

Now that's an optimist when you don't think things are totally out of hand now.

Too bad Justin didn't have the courage to sign the post instead of using the Steemit Inc team as cannon fodder. Cowardly to say the least.

I still do have hope. Because when we are really spiralling into an all out war then we are all going to lose big time. Just like in every other war. And I seriously can not believe that we are really wanting this to happen.

How do you not get that this is war? This was a complete takeover. This is exactly why Bitcoin and Ethereum are not allowing on-chain governance. It always gets corrupted, just like on EOS and TRON, on-chain governance never works.

Don't you remember what a shitshow in eth went down in 2017 ?

It was not a shitshow. People had freedom to choose, which is not a shitshow. On-chain governance is worse (read: coercive) than vote-by-node. Ethereum Classic is technically the original Ethereum chain and they are very free to remain doing things as they wish. However, the majority of people and projects chose the chain known today as
"Ethereum" because they felt different about the decision.

Steem is different. Because a very small number of nodes decide everything, all you have to do is hijack the nodes, which happened here, and boom, chain is officially centralized and under the control of one corporation. Consensys does not have that kind of power.

How do you not grasp that Steem is now @justinsunsteemit's personal possession? There is no war. He won.

Victori spolia.

He didn't write it.

how do you figure he didn't write it? well his people at his instructions would be more accurate... it's clearly not been written by the Steemit team we all know even though it has been written to appear it was.

Did you expect anything different from a one-percenter shitheel?

Exactly de-escalation is what we need. Things usually go south when people get emotional and let emotions rule over common sense. The emotional response has been impressive and has been resulting in an impressive escalation

What would be the point of negotiations? @justinsunsteemit has all the power. What can you offer him? Who would take his word?

Not me. Who will use those exchanges? Not me.

All the negotiations are done.

Steem is over.

He has got the chain in his grip but he already got others so that is not really what he wanted I guess. The community and ppl he has absolutely not, steem is more than just the technical topics behind the Blockchain. And by the way even though it was not that clear I yesterday it was not Justin nut blocktrades and freedom who decided the witness and in the end what code the chain is running.

Wtf? Ben’s account who has been inactive since...forever, now upvotes those comments? Controlled by Justin? Wtf is going on?

Who knows...maybe @mottler jumps in too...or even @freedom if he pulls back the delegations...





The ownership was updated several hours ago if you check Steemd.

looks like it belongs to steemit.

One of many sock puppets.
Ned said he would hide his stake and seems to suffer from little man's disease enough to burn us all down with it.

A few people did.

where were you? There were tonnes of heated debates after the soft fork.

witnesses started this by blocking accounts. This is action-reaction, and they should've seen this coming.

Anyways, a hardfork in inevitable IMO, could've gone much smoother without the 222 drama though

100% behind your statement. Justin/Steemit/Tron, none of them started this. I call it karma

The very first thing he did as the owner of Steemit, Inc was to declare he was going to dismantle the chain.

but if he really had no intention to use that stake to vote for witnesses then there was no problem with that. He could wait till the meeting, make an agreement, where it would say he will not us it for voting witnesses... But he wanted to do this, he does not like to not be in charge...

Witnesses were going to protect the blockchain from ninja-mined stake and centralization of the blockchain.

Now it's centralized power.

Don't go full retard.

Why they didnt protect before? Because Ned told them he will not use it? It is laugh

@ned didn't use it.

Think about that.

YES, controlled by the second largest name in the whole crypto industry. And you just unleashed the beast. We should be proud of ourselves.

Witnesses were going to protect the blockchain from ninja-mined stake and centralization of the blockchain.

Lol. After all, a lot of whales are whales because they were involved in ninja mining. You didn't block their accounts, so...?

How compatible with TRC10, TRC20 and various ERC standards does SMTs intend to be?

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I think one ERC1155 multi-token contract for all Steem tokens could work

I shall follow you in just sit back and relax on my large coach and view the war unfolding :)

U got the best idea on how to react to this mess!

If it has been your intent all along to use the Steemit stake for further Steem blockchain and community development according to what has been promised to the investors and users who have stayed here for 4 years, then why not just commit to it in a trustless way?

This was the absolute worst way to build trust with the community going forward. A sad day for decentralization.

Why do we need to cast stones anyway ? Out of fear ? Out of whatever ? Damn we are not learning at all

Steemit did.

Are you stupid or just pretending to be?

Look at this @ben doing some downvoting, piece of shit

Was this written by the CCP?

Immediately threatening the top witnesses, whose responsibility is the integrity of the blockchain and community, with legal ramifications while using OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY WITHOUT PERMISSION to gain voting power to undermine those witnesses by using funds on exchanges is as authoritarian and fraudulent as it gets. I can't believe how long we've been contributing and advocating for Steem as a decentralized, censorship resistant chain. I'm very disappointed. A little embarrassed actually.

Soft Fork 22.2 was maliciously structured...

HOW IS THIS ACTION NOT MALICIOUS!??! It was done to prevent this exact action by Sun which by its very nature betrays and corrupts the system by centralizing it. This is actually causing harm to everyone on the chain. This is the actual, malicious act.

intending to freeze a handful of very targeted accounts and taking away their rights and possession to their owned asset, and may be deemed illegal and criminal.

No rights were diminished and no property was taken away. What a bunch of emotional pandering.

QuoteThey even threatened to hard fork, and nullify all existing STEEM token, putting every good STEEM holder, developer and community interest at danger. This is very much against every aspect of the original purpose of decentralization and the core value of the Steem blockchain and community. We can’t let it happen.

Again, was this written by the CCP? The gall! To claim that centralizing a chain to save it from centralization is just about as close to double speak as you can get. By betraying the mission and nature of the chain YOU have put every Steem holder, developer and community interest at danger.

I guess I'll just have to wait until the discussion on March 6th, but I can't continue to promote Steem while this Civil War takes place.

For what it's worth, I'm for a hardfork to a new Steem chain. Maybe Steem Classic isn't the right name for it, because it'll be too closely tied with Steem Tron.

we could call it "not-steemy"


Go fuck yourself Steemit inc!

I will NEVER support you anymore nor develop for your proprietary blockchain!
You finally revealed your true face: FAKE decentralization advocates!

as expected...

A day that will live in infamy. A small community stood against a tyrant. Few stood up to the collusion of centralized exchanges to try and overtake a chain.

STEEM is not the tech, STEEM is the community. I suggest you stop your attack, let the community vote in the witnesses, not centralized exchanges using MY and other Steemians funds to hurt their investment.

Whatever u signed up for this, stake is stake, this is the law if the land. If you don’t like it now, leave! U should have known what you have been investing in the whole time. Quit bitching and moaning and grow up! I’m a steemian too and i’m happy as pie to see this change. Speak for yourself, don’t let the door hit you in the but on the way out! cya! I’m staying now, like your post said weeding out the week! bye

Calm down, people!
Without community, these boys are worth nothing. Let them enjoy their shit show!



Do you really think you can take over this chain??? Don’t be stupid!!!


Now we will wipe out your stakes for sure!!!

I understand your shock, I'm surprised as well, but the plan you've just stated won't help in anything but further escalating the conflict.

I didn’t state any plan. I am not a plan stater or executer. Just super disappointed.

I'm referring to "Now we will wipe out your stakes for sure!!!". That's what they were afraid of. That's a pretty hefty amount of money, and I'm sure the now-main-investor wasn't happy about losing control over this pool of money. IF the wittnesses were clear about their intents and IF they were super-transparent that they absolutely will not erase it, then maybe today's takeover weren't happening. Just maybe. But I'm sure that agitating the crowd to erase those funds will not make the situation lighter. That's all what I wanted to say.

I am pretty sure we will end up with two chains now. 100% centralizing the chain was not the way to go.

At this point Justin is worthless in the blockchain space. Tron will tank after these actions. What a scammer!

Yup. Everything looks like this is going to happen. Especially 100% wittness pool + 24h powerdown. I'm actually pretty surprised that it's 24h, not 1 minute or "immediate". I wonder why did they even considering leaving any delay. But, we'll see. There's some slight chance that this will actually be positive. Wanna a lotto ticket, anyone?

What do you mean 24hr power-down? I just tried, it is still 13 weeks. or is it only for their accounts?

In this article under which we're commenting now ( there is a note in "Commitment to the Community" stating that they are going to reduce the power-down time to 24h. Now this article has been edited and the same note states

Deploy in the next Hard Fork as soon as possible to reduce power down time to 1-3 days in alignment to other mainstream blockchains, while open for discussion for better economic implications.

They changed 24h to 1-3 days, probably it sounds now less outrageous :)

Further escalating what??? He already took over the chain. Its like i beat you with a bat and someone comes in and tell you: "Hey dont be mad, youll further escalate the situation".
Its already escalated dumbass

If you are lying on the floor bleeding becuase you just got your shit beaten out of you, will you further shake your fists at the attackers? That's how you get killed IRL by an angry mob. It works only on the movies where some superhero in a plastic suit may rescue you and congratulate you your courage in dire times. I absolutely agree that it's just about as escalated as it could ever be. But will shouting empty threats help in anything? If I shout Im gonna erase them all, will that fix anything? If we all shout this, will that fix anything? The best we can do now is to either GTFO to another medium/chain so they loose all their customers and momentum, or to somehow get it all on a more diplomatic/al way instead of kicking around and stealing candies one from each other.

Well, now you did exactly what the community feared you would do and what was the reason for this softfork all along.
You have just proven all of them right.

I wonder how the government regulators will feel about a single organization unambiguously unilaterally dictating the price feeds for the SBD conversion.

Now that the blockchain has a single operator, they can manipulate the SBD conversion rate to whatever they like.

Right now, the only thing getting pegged are the existing holders of STEEM.

2 Mar 2020: The day we learned that @dan's DPoS experiment is finally and incontrovertibly a failure.

with Exchanges, which can vote with not their funds.... from now every PoS can be considered as failure

It seems that they can and did. I don't even think there is a reasonable presumption that they should not. After all, the money is entrusted to them and is under their control. Why shouldn't they vote it?

Because it deprives the actual owners of the funds, to whom they have a fiduciary trust, of their private right of ownership of those funds, which includes the sole and exclusive right to vote with those funds.

No part of their contracted arrangement with exchanges forfeited that lawful right of ownership. The exchanges seized those funds and exercised ownership of them in violation of their fiduciary trust. Hanging's too good for 'em.

Remember your legal theory when you have a daughter in school, under the control of authority figures there.

Surrendering the funds to a second party by depositing them to an exchange deprives the "actual owners of the funds" their right of private ownership of those funds.

Money in the bank isn't your money. It's the bank's money, and a corresponding liability to you.

Money isn't voting rights, and Steem is. Powering it up does prevent it's use by it's rightful owners, and violates the fiduciary trust these exchanges undertake.

Banks are thieves, which is why I don't use banks.

Possession is nine-tenths of the law
Possession is nine-tenths of the law is an expression meaning that ownership is easier to maintain if one has possession of something, or difficult to enforce if one does not. The expression is also stated as "possession is nine points of the law", which is credited as derived from the Scottish expression "possession is eleven points in the law, and they say there are but twelve."Although the principle is an oversimplification, it can be restated as: "In a property dispute (whether real or personal), in the absence of clear and compelling testimony or documentation to the contrary, the person in actual, custodial possession of the property is presumed to be the rightful owner. The rightful owner shall have their possession returned to them; if taken or used.

Maybe they should be able to do that, maybe not. But for sure, locking up stake of their clients by converting to Steem Power (with all implications of that) IMO is a crime.

not your keys... etc. by sending DPoS tokens to an exchange, you give up your voting rights, and make them your "proxy".

I hate it too, but those are the rules.

Crimes aren't generally matters of opinion, and most cryptocurrency exchanges have "locked up" their customer funds offline for safety purposes, taking several days to access them from cold wallets. This doesn't seem that different to me.

What laws do you think have been broken, in which countries?

Philosophically I agree that whoever owns a token should be able to vote with it. (Nevermind the discussion of whether or not STINC was bound by their promise not to vote).

But any DPoS chain that wants me involved going forward need to have some sort of mechanism that still prevents this type of take-over from being possible.

Maybe a delay in time from when tokens are staked to when they can be used to vote for witnesses/BP combined with max votes being reduced to 5 would be sufficient.

"Right now, the only thing getting pegged are the existing holders of STEEM."

Kudos! I confess to admiring your way with words here.


Decentralised means freedom of speech mate. Obviously that's not a thing here anymore...Nice $18 downvote on my previous comment.

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 10.21.03 pm.png

@justinsunsteemit studied in the typical #mkultra inductee universities and became the new trojan horse for Gen Y wannabee trusted Knight Steemplars of the CCP & PLA.


A fantasy journey of "post-90s entrepreneurial leaders"
This is the longest push of GQ24 in history. It gathers two character reports published in the August issue, which respectively record the growth path and spiritual world of the two "time youths". One of them is Sun Yuchen from Peking University and the other is Liang Zhi from Tsinghua University.

On March 2, 2020, Steemit regained the staked accounts, so as to course correct the hostile behavior led by a small group of people, and resume the order of the community.

Bullshit. Not only were these people among the most trusted and well respected members of the community but by slandering them in this way and the overwhelming majority stakeholders that vetted them with their STAKE and supported the hf in effort of keeping the integrity of our chain as intact as possible, you've revealed yourselves as two faced liars. You do not care about the integrity of the project, especillay as the hf you deem hostile was in response to direct threats of underming the entire EcoSystem by having it moved over to Tron, as numerous sources have reported Internal Communications and plans for this. You have nothing, no more thin veneer of respect, no more trust, you have forefited everything that you claim, including your stake, exactly by Undoing the CONSENSUS Fork, and we all know that Consensus is Law, you went Directly Against the code.

Not only were these people among the most trusted and well respected members of the community

Every witness that had my support and installed 22.2 lost my vote on the day it was announced. They broke the trust of the chain, regardless of what actions have followed.

Same. I couldn't abide the financial harm to a user the fork was intended to effect. They'd allowed @ned to have that power unforked for four years. Suddenly old @ned wasn't there to kick around anymore, and they took action.

Wasn't just. I can understand - and now we see - why they acted, but it was too late, and blaming @ned isn't an explanation. What are they blaming him for? He had this power for years and never used it.

@justinsunsteemit did use it. He should not have had that power to use, if this was a decentralized blockchain. It never has been - except as the party capable of solitary governance of the blockchain mandated it be, and that's what @ned mandated by not using the stake to centralize it.

RIP Decentralization !

Huobi and Binance are joining the party to overtake STEEM with their friend TRON.

Decentralization lost I guess...

Sad time for STEEM that actually proved it was decentralized when OUR witnesses resisted an hostile takeover with Justin Sun lying from the very st day !

Decentralization was lost long time ago.

It never really existed as long as the founder's stake did. The illusion of decentralization, freedom of speech, and all the rest was merely the result of @ned's largesse. Our freedom was what he wanted, so that's what he allowed.

They even threatened to hard fork, and nullify all existing STEEM token, putting every good STEEM holder, developer and community interest at danger.

Where does this statement stem from?

From an obvious disinformation campaign spearheaded by Steemit Inc!

An appeal to steemit users:

As this drama plays out, please reach out to the friends you’ve made here and make sure you stay connected even if this place falls apart. Love you all

You are dealing with more than a business here – you are dealing with a community. A community that has been here longer than you have. Steem & Steemit “Elders” have poured their passion into the site & currency over the years, and with that invested time & passion, they deserve some respect. You bought the company – not the people. Money can buy a lot of things – trust isn’t one of them.

Since the moment you took hold of Steemit (through an unannounced sudden back-alley deal), you have done very little to address the communities concerns or answer their questions. You are the new kid. You can’t come into this and expect to be accepted and earn trust by keeping everyone in the dark. The balloon drop with confetti cannons while changing every topic to “TRON” isn’t selling it. We are not the TRON community – we are the Steem community. The fireworks that light up your sky when you talk about TRON are just for you.

You have done nothing to understand and empathize with the Steem community & witnesses. You can try twisting what the witnesses did (freezing the Steem accounts you own) as much as you want, but the move the witnesses made was with a passion for protecting Steem – an act out of precaution for what they love caused by your silence on your intentions & way of shrugging off community questions. Your actions today were done selfishly, recklessly, & shows your lack of empathy and understanding. You have effectively lost any chance at trust from some of the most passionate Steem users & witnesses. You did not do your part when you entered this community to introduce yourself correctly and clearly state your intentions. You came in as a TRON salesman, and sorry, none of us were buying – we already had Steem.

I think more than your move today, the most unfortunate thing we learn from this, is the fact that you didn’t hear the community. We were talking. We had questions and concerns. You just didn’t care enough to listen. You did whatever it took to get your Steem back. Pretending you did it to gain back control of the community is “transparent” and we are seeing right through it. You have proven that you care more about the money than you do the community. You are the bad actor.

This should be a lesson to all witnesses and all fools around here who were against fork 0.22.2.

Happy now? This is what they wanted all along....

If they didn’t do that, he would not have shown his true dictator face. Now I am glad they did the soft fork. Better to know earlier who you are dealing with than later.

Oh...we knew exactly who we were dealing with. It’s just that some people are romantically naive...

Do we really expect some progress at that meeting? Sheeesh....

I didn’t. Now I know.

I was giving him the benefit of the doubt that he could have been a good guy before shitting bricks but clearly never trust a commie.

This should be a lesson to all witnesses and all fools around here who were against fork 0.22.2.

My objection to 22.2 was that it did not fix anything and in some comments even mentioned that a "...billionaire could still but majority stake tomorrow". Guess this is tomorrow. The lesson to be learned is don't take a knife to a gun fight and don't piss off a billionaire.

There wouldn’t be a consensus to freeze a giant stakeholder’s assets if they purchased their stake in the open market.

As a matter of fact this would have skyrocketed the price and would have been beneficial for everyone. Do you feel benefited now?????

This stake was mined...illegally...and transferred to the highest bidder whose intentions were unknown....or should I say...known?

My position is that, perhaps, one solution might have been a body of second thought, much like second bodies found in most democracies. IE Senates, Legislature/Congresses.

We could have a requirement of 51% of all active witnesses for code approval and only the top 20 to decide on a version for consideration as the next HF.

Anyway better minds may have a better solution.. Yet even if forked this issue must be addressed in future versions of DPoS.

"This stake was mined..."

All stake was. Every Steem was mined, except those produced by inflation and delivered as rewards - based on the mined stake.


[citation needed]

"... transferred to the highest bidder..."

You have some inside information on the negotiations? Care to share?

Assumptions aren't facts.

Exchanges voting with customer funds to remove all 20 community voted witnesses is a criminal action! This is exactly what the community wanted to prevent by temporarily freezing the ninja-mined assets of Steemit. On the plus site we and the crypto community as a whole are now learning a great lesson about the weaknesses of a DPOS system and how to improve it in the future. We need to deescalate the situation now and work an a better Steem 2.0 which is more decentralized.

This is very much against every aspect of the original purpose of decentralization and the core value of the Steem blockchain and community. We can’t let it happen.

Irony as thick as a rhinoceros' hide.

On top of the rest, Ben (one of Ned's account) is now heavily the 95% of the community that is standing to them, and upvoting the other 5% of scumbags.

Centralization : Done
Censure : Done

Good job, Steem looks more and more like China by the minute.

So basically steemit has full control over everything that goes into the steem blockchain.
1-3day powerdown. WTF!!! we never wanted that. We already had a massive debate about it saying anything lower than 4 weeks seem risky due to how account recovery works and such.

You've already thrown in a ton of things you are planning on doing without even consulting the community and we have no say now cause you've just demonstrated that at any point in time you can take full control of the blockchain.

There is absolutely no way anyone can trust the blockchain as it is now. There is no decentralized governance anymore as you've just demonstrated.

Well done.

There was never a decentralized governance system in place to begin with.

Congratulations asshole, you just alienated the whole STEEM community.

I think Ned knew just what he was doing by selling to Tron. He knew how the Witnesses would act.

JSun should have known to call steemit, steemit and not steemy at the AMA. He should have known we are Steemians and the word SMT.

Think about what all has happened from the perspective of an angry person with a toy everyone wants that you own but no one likes you.

Now it is getting even better because everyone is fighting in the comments from fear and disbelief while watching our home fall apart.

Everyone knew how much money JSun has. Take away a new toy from someone and do you think they will be happy?

Would you? if you, meaning anyone on Steem, had a billion dollars and spent some pocket change on a new toy just sit back while people took it away from you.

Okay, not all of it away, but tied you up in a corner to sit and think about what you have not done yet...

We Steemian either ALL stick together and now wait or leave. Either way, fighting in the comments with each other and calling people names brings us Steemians farther apart not closer.

Now if you had just written the post above would you want everyone fighting and not talking to each other like below OR it quiet so you do not know what is going on?

Just my thoughts.......

Exactly. There was never any confusion on their end, but they sure instilled it with a few purposefully guided word raps and fed the dogs their bones. They have been giving @ned shit for years and trying to bully him into doing this that and the other. SO, he said, fine, you don't like me, ta hell with ya. Let someone else deal with you for awhile. Now, the new guy, isn't as tolerant as the last guy. He'll take his toys back and punch you in the damn face. Just sayin. It is sad everyone calling them names and when it comes right down to it, they haven't GIVEN THEM A GODDAM CHANCE TO DO ANYTHING YET. Sorry, got stupid there for a second.