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RE: An Open Letter to the Community - HF22.5

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It is interesting that nobody complain when witnesses did same thing 2 weeks ago :D
Comments fiesta!


Really? You like dictatorship?

How is that a same thing when you had consensus witnesses with an intention of preserving Steem and now one centralized entity trying to force things?

P.S. They downvoted most opposing comments here.

It is not what I like, just how I see the situation.

Because they are teaching people a lesson in being not hostile. Should have not started this war in the first place. The witnesses didn't preserve steemit. They were on the verge of killing it.

Ass kiss much?

He really thinks Justin will pick him up in his new Steem order.

Can't write much?

I write a lot actually. Thanks for noticing.

I just noticed you got a thriving blog. Keep writing and one day you got enough pennies!

Thanks so much for your facetiously kind words. Hopefully all your ass kissing disinformation earns you some pennies as well.

I already got plenty of pennies. You kissed the ass of witnesses before, you did. But because you can't see the reality you probably don't even notice.

This is in no way similar. A witness consensus voted by community stake is a decentralized action.
Exchanges taking customer funds to do a hostile takeover and completely centralizing the chain is an abomination of crypto.

Steem, at this moment is 100% centralized.
There is no point in it being a blockchain.

Community stake ? You needed what ?blocktrades and or freedom vote to be in top 20 ? Is that the community consensus ?
I seriously don't know if that's the case

Vast majority of witnesses and community members were on board with the SF. This is an action by 1 guy that bought himself a blockchain by telling his friend CZ to use customer funds to takeover the chain for him.

Has this not always been the case though? I've maintained since forever that all it takes is one wealthy bad actor, a youtuber prank or something and bam, centralised on a whim. Decentralization has always seemed somewhat of an illusion mixed with a pipe dream to me that only really functioned because Steem isn't popular or known

not really, because you can't buy that much from exchanges and not skyrocket the price.

It was only really ever as decentralized as @ned wanted it to be. Perhaps it will dawn on folks that @ned never did this, even though he could have at will, at any point in time.

All of us only ever spoke freely because @ned wanted us to, and that includes all the admiration for his hair.

Miss him yet folks? I sure do.

Don't miss him at all; he set this up as an inevitability from the very beginning and made no effort to fix. People on twitter have predicted such a 'coup' via exchanges specifically for years. I ain't wishing back anyone who created such a scenario

I have long shouted from the rooftops this vulnerability. No one competent to run a witness could have failed to understand it, and be aware of it's existence. That they did nothing to resolve the problem is not @ned's fault.

This is the fault of those witnesses and substantial stakeholders that continued to benefit from the gross inequity of distribution and did nothing to fix the problem until @justinsunsteemit bought @ned out. When trustworthy @ned was no longer standing between them and total centralization of 'their' blockchain, suddenly they blame @ned for creating the problem.


Welcome to capitalism!

Customer funds?
Exchanges bought a lot of STEEMs 2 days ago causing +25% price pump...
They literally bought blockchain.

They didnt buy 100 million Steem. The price would have gone up much higher.

I di mys because it was like taking an aggressive stance and blowing the first strike. Fear is never a good advisor and the results are obvious. The other has to strike back if not intentionally than just in order not to lose his face.
Now please could we just go back to the table and try to deescalate before everything gets totally out of hand ?
Yours Jan

Now that's an optimist when you don't think things are totally out of hand now.

Too bad Justin didn't have the courage to sign the post instead of using the Steemit Inc team as cannon fodder. Cowardly to say the least.

I still do have hope. Because when we are really spiralling into an all out war then we are all going to lose big time. Just like in every other war. And I seriously can not believe that we are really wanting this to happen.

How do you not get that this is war? This was a complete takeover. This is exactly why Bitcoin and Ethereum are not allowing on-chain governance. It always gets corrupted, just like on EOS and TRON, on-chain governance never works.

Don't you remember what a shitshow in eth went down in 2017 ?

It was not a shitshow. People had freedom to choose, which is not a shitshow. On-chain governance is worse (read: coercive) than vote-by-node. Ethereum Classic is technically the original Ethereum chain and they are very free to remain doing things as they wish. However, the majority of people and projects chose the chain known today as
"Ethereum" because they felt different about the decision.

Steem is different. Because a very small number of nodes decide everything, all you have to do is hijack the nodes, which happened here, and boom, chain is officially centralized and under the control of one corporation. Consensys does not have that kind of power.

How do you not grasp that Steem is now @justinsunsteemit's personal possession? There is no war. He won.

Victori spolia.

He didn't write it.

how do you figure he didn't write it? well his people at his instructions would be more accurate... it's clearly not been written by the Steemit team we all know even though it has been written to appear it was.

Did you expect anything different from a one-percenter shitheel?

Exactly de-escalation is what we need. Things usually go south when people get emotional and let emotions rule over common sense. The emotional response has been impressive and has been resulting in an impressive escalation

What would be the point of negotiations? @justinsunsteemit has all the power. What can you offer him? Who would take his word?

Not me. Who will use those exchanges? Not me.

All the negotiations are done.

Steem is over.

He has got the chain in his grip but he already got others so that is not really what he wanted I guess. The community and ppl he has absolutely not, steem is more than just the technical topics behind the Blockchain. And by the way even though it was not that clear I yesterday it was not Justin nut blocktrades and freedom who decided the witness and in the end what code the chain is running.

Wtf? Ben’s account who has been inactive since...forever, now upvotes those comments? Controlled by Justin? Wtf is going on?

Who knows...maybe @mottler jumps in too...or even @freedom if he pulls back the delegations...




The ownership was updated several hours ago if you check Steemd.

looks like it belongs to steemit.

A few people did.

where were you? There were tonnes of heated debates after the soft fork.

Witnesses were going to protect the blockchain from ninja-mined stake and centralization of the blockchain.

Now it's centralized power.

Don't go full retard.

Why they didnt protect before? Because Ned told them he will not use it? It is laugh

@ned didn't use it.

Think about that.

YES, controlled by the second largest name in the whole crypto industry. And you just unleashed the beast. We should be proud of ourselves.

Witnesses were going to protect the blockchain from ninja-mined stake and centralization of the blockchain.

Lol. After all, a lot of whales are whales because they were involved in ninja mining. You didn't block their accounts, so...?

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