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RE: An Open Letter to the Community - HF22.5

in #tron4 years ago

So basically you hostile takeover Steem's governance claiming it's because you're striving for decentralization, and yet you do it by centralizing governance by voting the top 20 witnesses with one super powered up account.

But screw the 4 years and thousands of witness votes from the community that's been here every day for years, right?


And the fucking exchanges used customer funds! Its beyond unethical.

Not long ago I found this brillant operation in steem docs: - the community should have required any exchange to do precisely that on their technical accounts, so such things cannot happen.. too bad I learned about that op a week ago and I myself didn't consider the exchanges when SF was being prepared :|

AIUI, that op was explicitly created to render whale stake nonvoting to be able to remove the centralization of power risk to the chain. Today, that risk became non-theoretical. (That's actually also a pun. Hi @ben!)

AIUI: Exactly. Today: actually, I'd say it also prooved that this op was very much needed, and very much forgotten, and probably it's mostly rendered useless now :)

Buy more STEEM and vote for your witness. It's really that simple! STEEM was DPOS from the beginning.

I'm kind of happy they showed their hand and that the soft fork happened. We had till the town hall to discuss all of this and they pulled a fast one. There's not going to be discussions, just dictating.

I initially thought that the supposed 'town hall' was just a tactic to delay the valid witnesses while they (Steemit Inc.) re-grouped and implemented a takeover. Sadly I was correct.

Edited for clarity.

I honestly didn't think that lol how naive I was, here I was thinking okay we can now bring parties to the table but it looks like we're as divided as ever. I wonder if any of the witnesses will stick around for the great handing back of the chain

I doubt there will be any handing back. Justin Sun did the same thing to the Tron blockchain recently (with the aide of Binance) and has not 'handed it back' either.

I admit I know zero about Tron and never been interested in it. I don't get why people like these want to get into decentralised projects? Why not focus on something you can control then if thats what you want.

I think that calling something 'decentralized' has marketing appeal for someone only interested in making money.

Perhaps also Mr. Sun has control issues and can never quite deal with a truly decentralized platform but likes to be looked upon as a pioneer in the field for more complicated and perhaps narcissistic/megalomaniac reasons.

I think you're spot on there its more about the narrative and selling people on the idea and then obfuscating the implementation like oh we're not as shit as banks but low key we are exactly the same. Lets not forget the VC money Justin throws around naturally comes with conditions


When you look at the comments i this posts you can see that there is an obvious play being made to control the narrative.

I would also say 'to save face' but obviously @justinsunsteemit does not have any 'face' to save to begin with.

Manipulators see lotsa potential victims when looking at something decentralized. It's what they do for a living.

Is time to grow in other decentralized social networks such as Witnesses! Here is a tutorial to create a node in this community. The consensus it is 25 witness nodes. tutorial

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