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RE: An Open Letter to the Community - HF22.5

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Do you understand this is exactly what we wanted to prevent?

With this move you:

  • literally killed Steem.
  • used Customer Funds, called your "friends" at exchanges. And without customer knowing, used funds residing on exchanges, to power up and vote.
  • centralised the Steem chain.

Preventing this is the reason why softfork 22.2 was implemented in the first place. But how stupid where we to not include befriended exchanges. We discussed it but we could not believe crypto-world would be so stupid. Apparently exchanges pick a side.

Please understand you have killed a wonderful community of four years. Real people. From all over the world. Not bots or gambling apps.

Maybe your chain will continue, but it will be an empty shell. Happy pumping.


seriously, they used the stake to downvote comments....

@ben is a steem whale. Early Adopter. Not sure how he is aligned to Steemit....

That account has been sold.

The changing of the private keys does support this inference

@ned is/was a steem whale. Early founder.

And changing the powerdown to 24 hours for what reason? That doesn't make sense and obviously won't be a community decision! Centralization at it's best!

So his exchange buddies can power down all the customers' funds they powered up to save STINC stake.

And changing the powerdown to 24 hours for what reason?

After centralizing the chain so totally and all of the dapps shutting down in protest, it would otherwise take weeks for every single user to rush to the exits as fast as possible and the price of STEEM to tank to zero. This way, the dumping can commence the day after they unilaterally change monetary/issuance policy of their centrally-managed, centrally-issued, unregistered publicly traded security.

I think it's more likely that they had to agree on doing this in order to have the exchanges move along with powering up all of their user's STEEM.

They knew that as soon as the SP on the exchanges was used to give back voting rights to the Steemit Inc accounts, those in turn can implement the new fork and they wouldn't need to use the tokens on those exchanges for voting anymore.

So the power down is likely added to allow the exchanges to power down quickly again once everything is "back in order", so that their users won't be too mad.

Why? Of course to un-power all what's recyclable, and probably to somewhat defend against any attempt to enforce things like with its 30 day period, but of course that one is dead anyways, as it can be issued ONLY by the owner of given account (owner decides to do a self-locking). It's dead because no malicious user will ever decide to self-lock the voting rights, and I don't expect steemit or justin or exchanges to do that, especially now. Considering that the steem API probably doesn't have any "lock that bad guy" ops (that could be easily misused), then changing the power-down period now can only mean one thing: INCOMING RAPID FUND DRAIN.

Changing the power down is being done so the exchanges that unethically, if not illegally powered up their clients Steem and voted with it can power it down quick and replace their clients Steem before SHTF.

Which would conclude the prediction I made about 2 years ago; steem/steemit/dapps were structured in the same way that a ponzi scheme is structured.

Start with an idea; get investors in on the idea, the future value of that investment increases with new investments (users, witnesses, content creators) that increase is used to payout early investors.

Eventually, either a) the value is no longer sufficient to payout the investors, or b) the main investor pulls their money out, leaving all the rest holding an empty bag.

He proves what he is: a pirate?

When Steem Inc held the most coins and Freedom could decide who can go to top 20, we already knew steem chain is centralized.

For the exchange, if the users can withdraw the coins as will, then there is no problem for the exchange to use the coins. If the exchange prevents users to withdraw, then it's another story.

When firepower the spammer retaliated me just because I reveal the truth and cleaners refused to help, none of your witnesses willing to help. When the whales put the upvotes for sale and the front page is filled with garbage, none of you witnesses care. Now you witnesses realized that you may not be able to collect money without doing anything, you guys acted super fast. Yes, I agree some of the top witnesses have contributions to Steem, but what you did is far less than what you paid for.

Let me tell you, the spirit of Steem had already dead long time ago.

I wonder how many of that so called 15 mil users on Tron are bots, proxy and bag holders who just go with the flow. Does anyone in their community even contest things? We might not be the most pleasant bunch but at least we're not just yes men for everything

They don't exist.

There's exactly one person from Tron that's commenting here and it's @will-richards.

For the record, I kidnapped @will-richards from a Tron discord.

Simple: all of them.

Sure looks like it, I've never heard a bag holder of Tron shit on anything they do.

You answer yourself ... It is not exactly Steemit, the most crowded platform of being human.
Nor is it the platform that most helps human beings to enter and participate.

In fact. To all the people to whom I have invited Steemit, they have escaped.

After verifying the content they found here. For them it was more like a conversation between aliens. That a conversation between human beings.

What makes it impossible to retain users... Tron will be crap. Personally, I don't know him.

But Steemit, I know him; and for a new user or person who is not a blockchains fan. I can assure you that Steemit is absolute bullshit. Equally.

And I have already checked with many people.. Trust me.

Both need the ideal change. At least Steemit. That is the platform that I know.
It must become a simpler, natural and realistic platform.

It is required not to talk so much about Steem, Steemit or blockchain applications, to let in other more normal problems for society in general. Other themes that in Steemit in many cases are prohibited or very badly received.

And facilitate understanding and use at the slightest expression..

but at least we're not just yes men for everything

haha that is funny

justin sun loves bots and gambling dapps so he can't understand our feeling

What if Justin is a bot masquerading as a human?

Dun dun dunmnnn

Brought to you by the CCP Android department. No relation to the mobile operating system.

lol now they are downvoting!! Stupid!!

You did this to Steem. It's exactly an accurate description but it fits well enough.

Streisand effect
The Streisand effect is a phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. It is an example of psychological reactance, wherein once people are aware that some information is being kept from them, their motivation to access and spread it is increased.It is named after American entertainer Barbra Streisand, whose 2003 attempt to suppress photographs of her residence in Malibu, California, inadvertently drew further public attention to it. Similar attempts have been made, for example, in cease-and-desist letters to suppress files, websites, and even numbers. Instead of being suppressed, the information receives extensive publicity and media extensions such as videos and spoof songs, often being widely mirrored on the Internet or distributed on file-sharing networks.

" But how stupid where we to not include befriended exchanges." I rebutt that this question is not accurately worded. Perhaps something more along the lines of "How could we not have thought about all the multitudinous "tricky" ways required for dealing with a Chinese person in business relations - based on ASSUMPTIONS we make as "non-Chinese" as to what is "fair play", versus wat is "beyond the bounds" of fair play?"

I am actually finding this all very entertaining, in a twisted way, because it vindicated my original gut feeling about this as soon as I heard the news of the "partnership". Aside from all of the "scammy" top dApps on the Tron blockchain (which is PROOF that this dude is not exactly the must trustworthy/straight-forward guy in blockchain) I just find it humerous that as China is literally on lockdown right now we're seeing this sort of thing play out in the microcosm. The bottom line is that, Chinese people "do business" in a totally different way. And so when you ENGAGE them in business dealings you're simply going to be "tacitly agreeing" to dealing with their "tactics". I have not doubt in my mind that Justin Sun BELIEVE that what he is doing is "the best option at this time". And it may ultimately lead to "progress" of some sort. But everyone is going to have to ACCEPT, going forward, that by engaging with Steemit we are all now "tacitly agreeing" to this kind of managemet behavior. As for me, I initiated the 13-week "power down" of all of my ~ 2,600 Steem, with the understanding that the "13 weeks" will be a "trial period" for Justin Sun to prove to me that it is BETTER for me to keep my Steem staked in Steeit versus converting [that] Steem to DEC and putting it all into the @splinterlands game, whose admins' ethics and business practices I have MUCH more confidence in, because they have EARNED that confidence through transparency and fairness over time. Steemit is just ONE dapp. There ARE - and WILL BE others. I find this situation to be more ENLIGHTENING than anything else at this time. Everyone needs to make their own choice. I am still willing to give Justin Sun the next 12 weeks to "show me what he's got". But I'm also wise enough to do my due diligence. Either way, I think things will work out in the grand scheme...

Just here to read the comments 🍿 nomnomnom

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