Steem Foundation Statement - Together We Are Stronger

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Together We Are Stronger

Change is a normal part of the flow of our lives yet, it is often difficult to manage. When changes arrive suddenly amid considerable confusion they become even more difficult.

The Steem Foundation’s Board of Directors (The Board) has been actively working toward discerning the implications of the sale of Steemit Inc to the Tron Foundation. We’re acutely aware of the role Steemit Inc and the dapp has played in the development of Steem. Changes there will have an effect on the Steem ecosystem.

Our Mission

The Board was formed and empowered by you, the Steem Community. Our primary mission is the growth, protection, and strengthening of the Steem platform and the community so passionately attached to it.

Our View On The Steemit/Tron Partnership

The Board looks forward to finding ways to work with the Tron Foundation in furthering our mission to the benefit of the Steem ecosystem.

Justin Sun has stated a desire to invest more into marketing Steem and supporting its growth and development. We're very interested in seeing this happen.

Our goal as an entity is as always to support the vision of the decentralized Steem Blockchain and its ecosystem. We are 100% committed to the Steem Community and its stability, autonomy, and prosperity.

The Steem Core Developers

We have read the posts from @vandeberg, @gerbino, @andrachy and most recently @steemitblog. We've also listened to the two interviews done with @andrachy -- here and here

Based on the information shared from those sources it's clear they remain committed to Steem retaining its core culture and finding ways to make this partnership with TRON benefit us all.

The Board looks forward to the retention of the core culture and seeing the Tron Foundation's contribution to those goals.

Community Driven Marketing

The Board has been working toward forming a community-driven marketing plan. We’ve hosted two Marketing Rambles in The Ramble discord. Another is planned for Sunday, February 23rd at noon EST / 5pm UTC.

The input received from the community during the rambles have been put to work in developing a website to reflect the identified needs. It will be an ongoing process.

Beyond the Marketing Rambles we invite people interested in assisting with this marketing effort to step forward and take part. @aggroed has taken the lead with the group.

Protecting Steem Repositories

Over the last several weeks The Board has been discussing establishing a github to mirror the repositories currently held in the Steemit github. The purpose has been to ensure there are always true copies available should something unexpected arise.

In the interest of transparency on our part, we believe now is the time to disclose this to the community so you are aware of its existence.

Steem Life Carries On

The members of The Board are actively engaged in the community. Like you, we will be watching developments closely and will always work toward upholding our mission for you.

While we watch for further developments taking place, life on Steem will carry on as it has. We are seeing some members of the Tron community arriving on Steem. We urge all Steemians to welcome these new members, help them to understand what we love about Steem and be open to learning what they love about Tron.

'Together we are stronger.'

In Service to the Community
@ShadowsPub -- Foundation Chair

@Aggroed, @Snook, @Alexvan, @Guiltyparties, @Inthenow, @Phage93, @Transisto


I think that a good idea would be to have the foundation be in charge of the listing of steem on exchanges. It is not a good idea to have just one private entity (such as steemit inc) be the one in charge of such an important component of the viability of the blockchain.

Going forward, increasing the burden of responsibility on the foundation should be expected, but I reckon that will increase the financial burden on the foundation and require means it has not yet been provided.


Very true observation @valued-customer ... the Foundation will continue to evolve for the benefit of Steem but it will be very dependent on its financial resources.

I imagine this sale has somewhat affected our vision for Steem. I am hopeful ya'll can work with the Tron Foundation, and that going forward greater communication availing clarity regarding impacts on our little community are undertaken. You folks have stood in the breach, as it were, when @ned saw he wasn't going to anymore, and what becomes of Steem now may largely be in your hands.

I am glad you have the vision and desire to take on this role, that enables you to bring the strength of voluntarist and decentralized society to a world still in the grip of overlords and centralized financial control. I still believe Steem can be a revolution. I hope recent events increase your ability to prosecute that paradigm shift.


It seems we share a similar view for the role of the Foundation but we'll need to sort out a lot as we move forward. We'll see what new developments shapes those choices.

When are the new elections?

The elections are every 6 months and we just had them.

If memory serves me correctly.. the next round will be in May.